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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late ._.

Hello guys ;D Whats up?
I missed Last saturday for Death Note, no wait ._. that was blood + e,e haha nvm, i missed Blood+ not D-N. lolz, I missed D-N Earlier tonight so i stayed up l8ter to watch it come on again xD haha L vs. Light. lmao it was such a Slomo Flick. XD And Misa was all like AHAH xD and Oo XDD -falls down off a tree- holy crap was i up there? o-o

Foxy: Apparently u were shit head - -"
Foxy: -anime twitch- -big headed- DO not, -pouts- T-T..
Me: -snickers- do 2
Me: -cries-ASS WIPER DX..
Foxy: -walks outta the room and eats a piece of chicken- -mouth full- mother h8ter ._. ..
Me: e,e.. ehh i give up <.< .. haha

I'm at my grandparents house so i was able to get onto Yahoo Messenger, YAY! Although i dun have MSN on this computer so it sux e,e.. ah well o-o.. O OO OMG!! my grandma let me buy some awesome new things!! OMG I CAN;T WAIT! Okay theres
1).Volumes 8-9 of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
2).Volumes 13-16? also of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
3).A fire Grey and Black Beanie
4).Some Cargo Black Pants (RL BAGGY) (Size 40-43 men sizes) {i like baggy and tight pants <-<}
5).A Skull necklace that has 13 engraved on the skull head and it has red eyes
6).Another skull necklace but its a skull guitar
7).A BIG baggy hoodie that has a skull on it and it has a gold tooth on the right side

i thought that stuff was SOO FUCKING KEWL AND I HAD TO GET THEM! haha i just go carried away though XDD i was soo close to buying Vans shoes. lmao, wel i'm rambling like i always do ;D HAVE A AWESOE DAY! -hugs everyone-

~CCCcity Girl

P.s I bought the stuff on Amazon e,e i spent like more than $50.00 e,e.both neckales 8.77 the books aorund 12-16 bucks ._. and and e,e.. shit i cant remeber the stuff eehh!! DX anywayz bai!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hai Hai!! ;D Whats up peoplez!! Been awhile, missed chu all, and for those of you who say around the subject :oh i'm sorry for not commenting in awhile" YEA WELL DUN WORRY ABOUT IT! xD lmao, to tell ya the truth i havn't been posting <-< and i'm gonna sue myself for dat, anywayz , YES i jacked this from 311 xP lol, I couldn't find any death note midis so i went wif Boa, i think i spelled that right o.o an the song is called "Meaning of Peace". I thought it would be/sound good on this theme, I hope it does ._. .. welt my lifes been nuffin but busy, i believe i finally answered all cher PMS ;} Now when i coem from school i have to answer them all again XD lol. Well i hope u guys have a wonderful tuesday!! ^__^ -Hugs everyone like a teddy bear- ;3

~CCCcity Girl

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Hi! OKay i know late post! o-o lolz, Well just go for some questions. xD

1. How is your day?

2. How are YOU?

3. Feeling alright?

4. You betta Or i'ma come to cher house and glomp da fuck outta ya 0.o xD lmao, There IS a question in this <.< .. "Ready for School?"

Answer- NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-o lol <.< LOve chu guys, -hugs everyone- X3
Meh Button

+~CCCcity Girl

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

UN O.o
I THINK I AM OFF MEh GROUNDING O.o.. Yes, YOU READ RIGHT BISH O.o.. I'm off :] And now for those of you who comment on my post during my grounding i will visit you right after i'm outta school cuz it's almost time for meh bus O.o.. Anywayz ._.

Hows everyone doing? :3 I hope great =-D (<-- O_o THAT WAS A TYPO O.o but it looks like a dude XDD, man i love my typos e.e ..) Anywayz(AGAIN <.<) I'ma try to redo my site also after school, =] so yea e.e. g2g now MEH KITTTIES O.o LOVEZ YOU ALL o.o *hugs* 0.0

CCCcity Girl

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Grounded AGAIN -_-
I got caught on Saturday night at 6:00am in the morning. my mom caught me -.-, it's a school day and it's pretty early, It's also 6:00am in the morning. kinda weird o.e.. but anyway my mom said it was gonna be another week. but if i'm sneaky enough and good enough i can be back on sooner. BOTH my parents are asleep. I checked this time O_0. lol. i may sneak on during the week form time to time depending on if my moms asleep. g2g! O_o
CCCcity Girl

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Yes that's right i'm grounded, I've been grounded and i still am, I'm only able to tell u this now is because both my parents are asleep, so yea, As soon as i'm un-grounded i'm'a try to update more often and change my site and stuff, the usual things i guess lolz. I gotta go guys, love ya. *hugs ya*


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hey guys, How was your christmas!!? ^-^ I hope you got alot of presents and stuff, i finally got a straightener lol, (i needed one XD)
Well i want to explain to you guys that I have Charter, And apparently charter is disconnecting my/our internet. Cuz my parents havn't been able to pay the "bill" -_- WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO COST MONEY. -.- It seriously sucks, well i'm on Aol updating pluz its dial-up -.- .. My dad told me that he was going to see if he can get the regular Internet 7 Back up and running, he also said "No Promise's" That would be a maybe e.e .. OO I hate AOL So much O.o But it's the only way i can get on the internet -________-, I hope you guys are having a awesome day!! X3 AND MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS lol, I had a fun christmas, kinda disappionted but it was fun -^^-, Alright well i gotz 23 pms waiting on me O-O So i gotta go, love you guys *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey guys it's me again wooptie doo o-o, lol well i'm at school IN class typoing this so it's awesome XD My friend Y and it's pronouced as a E sound, is on myspace or going to photobucket so we dont tell the teacher on each other lol. I'm surprised that NOTHING from Otaku is blocked. XD SWEET. lolz, wll except for the pitures, they don;t show really well e.e and the music doesnt play but eh, its better than otaku being blocked :] SO how's everyone doing? X3 I'm ok, i have a 2 cuts on my wrist from a kitchen knife but hey, it doesn't hurt or any kind of shit lke that , i gotta go. cya l8ter alligators my friend Y needs me, *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey duuuuuuuuuddddeeeeeesss!!! lol whats up!? Oh okay i'm sorry, i mean't Dudette's as well, lol don't get all mad and shit haha, SO how the hell are you guys mm? This is the last week before the christmas break for me! ^_^ Hope everyones excited! i know i am, now i heard that some of you are already off on christmas break but u know what? Those peope SUCK, haha, no i'm kidding lolz, thier un-fair, that is the term of E_E.. I Have NO idea but it'll come to me, lolz i just know it o-o
I've been good. ^^ Not as much yelling around the house, it's been settled These past couple of days so life's awesome!! X3 W00T! Well i'z gotta'z go .__. yes yes i know short short, Well LIFE itself is short e.e LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! >:0 WOOOO!! XD haha, otayz love ya guys *hugs everyone tightly* ttyl! ^^

CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey guys sorry i havn't updated. D: And i noticed some people like senidng me chian letters, lol i want you to know that you guys CAN send me chain letters i just won't send bk or to other people XDD lmaoz, i'lll just laugh hahaz, so go ahead and try it XD, anyways how are you guys doing? ^^ *huggles you all tightly* I've been quite busy with school and shit D< its been getting me upset cuz i havn't been on here. ;_; Well i'm gonna try to find out about some codes and stuff to make my otaku look better or something like that, we'll see.a Few days ago my mom went to hospital like somewheree.. 10 at night. i can't remeber but it was like.. i think ..Friday *trying to remeber* i have no clue, D: Sorryz, but shes doing okay though. tke some (MORE) pills to make the pain go away. *strecthes* i think i'm stick around for awhile, i mean after school i'll find some spare time and come here on otaku and mess around w/ codes/PMS and stuff like that. ^_^ kkz we'll i gotta go get my shoes on for school O.o and brush my hair XD lolz. i have it up in a un now. mkz well ttyl!! ^_^ *hugs everyone*

CCCcity Girl

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