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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So what do ya think of the FMA theme? i might change the background. i'm not sure.....neways, enjoy x3 and if anyone has any suggestions for a next theme that would be great.Or if you want me to keep this theme for however you long i will keep it for hoewver long you want me to keep it. x3 ttyl

--+CCCcity Girl+--

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello pplz, Good morning to all becuz where i live right now as i'm posting its 9:22 AM. i was watching the FMA movie last night. its called

Full Metal Alchemist - Conqueror of Shamballa

My mother got that for christmas and a FMA keychain. (no fair XP) My mom doesn't watch it as often as i do. xD I like how Al stowed away in the suit of armor at the end xD lol. Well i changed my theme (ONCE AGIAN! O_e) XD i know like alot fo you love kingdom hearts lol. my next theme i was thinking of FMA. Since i watched da fma movie last night. i got in da mood. lol. I'll change it on August 13. Keep the KH up for a day or 2 lol. i change my themes alot don't i ._. .....i need to break that habit lol. ttyl! *hugs*

--+CCCcity Girl+--

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hi Ppls, I want to make this as random and possible xD, lol no i'll just make it regular and boring. ._. .....................................................................

Nah I won't do that to you.xD lol. So anyways, Nothing has changed here. I'm still at my grandparents house. it's been like 2 weeks or something.. I lost count xD mmm. if you guys remeber my story? yea i'm gonna re-post the 1st chapater becuz some ppl i think forgot about it xD lol. thats okay. I kinda forgot the 1st half xD Anyways, i'm still nocturnal O_e..Staying up all through the night and sleeping through the day..or something like that, Um.. Joetta had ot go. ._...i had to let da turtle go cuz my grandma didn't want a animal in da house XD so, i set it loose in her backyard xD, haha ..<.<..well, i'll ttyl8ter. love ya! *HUGS*

----+CCCcity Girl+----

Ps. Holy shit that was like the shortest update i've ever done. XDD lmao.

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Monday, July 30, 2007


3| | |Update| | |4

Currently Listening to: IMF [A Song called Stronger]
Currently Eating: Nothing ._.

Hey guys, whats up?

Nothing going on here. Just listening to my fav music channel! ^-------^ IMF (international Music Feed) My grandma's has a dish network so... yea i win XD lol. oh oH!! i want to tell you guys about Snappy tom!!! lol! okay.

Alright, me and mom were driving towards my grandma's house right, well a car passed by this turtle and he hid in his shel after the car drove by really fast i said to my mom "OH OH! LOOK A TURTLE!! I wanna get'm!" XD (i love animals. ._.) SO my mom pulled over and i quickly ran across the the street and picked him up. I saw a car coming by and thought "OH SHIT" lol so i rushed bk over to the car. my mom was thinking all sorts of names for him XD like snappy tom, joe, joe momma.. uh. XD lol i'm just kidding about that last part lol. neways i picked snappy tom. i thought of differ names for him ._. ..like Bob or fred. :P lol. i know gay names XD my friend on except was playing and siad he was a girl so his name was gonna be Joetta. i almost feel out of my chair laughing XD anyways i know have joetta or Snappy tom (whatever you wanna call him or her) in a box with cabage XD Any tips on how to feed him and take care of him would help. ttyl. *HUGS*

---+CCCcity Girl+---

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

3| | |Update| | |4

Currently Listening to: Fruits Basket OP - Ritsuko Okazaki AND See Saw
Currently Eating: Beef Ramen

Hello my devious friends. lol. How are you today? ^^ i hope your all doing well. I'll try not to make this post so long but that depends i guess XD lol. Okay, well it looks like i'm not going to schilterbon again after all. Although, i think i hurt my moms feelings..-.- i may hate my mom but she puts on that guilt face and sad face at the same time..It bothers me becuz i can stand to see a person sad..>.< madness!!!!!!!!!!!! O_e Besides, my grandma doesn't want me to ride with my mom because my mom takes 2 many pain pills for her bk. and After she takes them they cause my mom to be drozy and etc. She takes 8 pain pills.(which could kill her but shes grown amune to them) So my grandma thinks its child abuse. etc etc..SO instead i'm going to spend some time with my grandma. (yay) XP *thinking*

Foxy:...*mumbles* ..
Me: are you gonna start again? T___T
Foxy: *inncent face* OH WHO ME!? ^^ Oh but of couse not!
Me: i hate you ...
Foxy: *smiles evily yet inncently*
Me; *twitch* u scare the shit outta me when u do that...
Foxy: (still smiling)
Me: O_O.................*runs*
FOxy: bubby^^

CCCcity Girl

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Friday, July 27, 2007


3| | |Update| | |4

OKay, i know some of you hate kikyou but i love her. If you just hate kikyou then you don't have to watch or comment.

Title: Kikyou Tribute: Viva Forever

OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE WORLD!!! And it has one of my fav animes^^ or manges either way i love it! :P

Title: Here I Am

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HoLa PpL's. whats up? been awhile since i updated huh? well i'm sorry just tyring to find a good layout or theme to show you guys ^-^ Okay, you guys know that water park that i went to ealier this summer?(schilterbon) well..my dad got us free tickets so now my mom wants to go with me, her, a friend of mine,and their parent. i was like...wtf..i already got a sunburn and IT'S STILL FREAKIN PEALING!! its just stuck on my fucking skin and it won't come off!!!! GRRR! O_e lol XD anyways, hope you like the Naruto theme. i like the song :P awesome!1 but if only it was a little longer. ._. ....it woul make it more awesome. -sighs- oh well. Lets see.. so i went to my friend Erica's house.she can go but it has to be on a Wed.and she has to be home by thursday 6:00 am or pm. not sure. its still a little shaking on if she can go or not. the tickets are only useable for weekdays. -_- sucks..Doesn't weekends count anymore. T~T In this life time HELL NO! XP bleh. lol XD Okay,enough of that.

Anyways, how are u guys doing? oh! OH! BTW, i wanna make a shout out to ello thei !! Happy early birthday!!! ^__^ Hope u have a awesome birthday on friday.

Okay lets see. :P what else..*thinking* ._. ..Have a fucking awesome day u guys XDD my my, my post is full of awesome!! lmfao. lol ttyl. love ya guys

CCCcity Girl

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

*3| | |Update| | |4*

OKAY!! *slaps self really hard* I need to wake up and start re-building my site, start answering my dam PMs and i need to change SOO fucking bad. I keep promsing things and i never keep them you guys. *sighs* *slaps self again but not as hard* I hope you can forgive me. Just things have been hard on me. I have to answer mmy emails, i have to keep up with my life n Xatech, my brother is moving, a few days ago my mom called the cops on my bro, yesterday my brother called my mom a "Pyshotic Bitch" which i though was soo hilarious XD.. but still.. my dad won't be back till late Monday, my grandma just got her eye surgery. so theres alot of things going on that i just can't keep up wiht. OH! and plus i'm dealing with my other site. SO i'm coming bk and forth so you see how ruff it is. T.T but i'm sure eveyrone else has worser problems than me so i'll shut up. -.-

Anyway, i really do need to keep track of time and get things aligned or something. *sighs* so much to do so little time. and i'm only one fucking person. -___- well ANYWAYS. I'll try my bext to change and keep up with time. okay?.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! ^----^ ttyl! -HUGS-

CCCcity Girl

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XxXCCCcity GirlXxx

P.s How was ur 4th of July?

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sorry that i turned my site off you guys. I'm having troubke with the whole comments thing. u won't be able to coment this post because the comments have disappeared XP. if anyone knows how to get ths comment thing working PLEASE PM me.. thank you. -HUGS-

CCCcity Girl

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Friday, July 6, 2007


Hi my wonderful friends!!!! I missed you!!! -Hugs everyone tightly and squishes them- XD lol! kk. -lets you go-

Foxy:their not some bug u can squish on a fucking wind sheild.
me; O.O i know that!!! i just missed them alot! Okay, let me tell you what happened. My parents took my off the computer for a couple of days, and on the fourth of july, i was able to get back on. WELL THE DAM INTERNET CLOSED ON ME! CHARTER TOOK THE DAM HOLIDAY OFF!! FUCK THEM!! So i couldn't get back on the computer. but now i'm back!! and oh!!! i comment u guys sites!!


Ahem -turns back to haappy and cheerful- wee^^ -twirls- mmwuwahh!! OBEY MY CUTENSS!!!XD just kiding.lol.

Oh!! i changed my theme to FMA. hope ya like it!!

About 4th of July
My 4h of July sucked so bad it didn't even know it sucked! T~T I couldn't blow anything up that day. (it rained that day) My mom said "Oh, its way to damp to make fireworks" i was thinking "wtf!? the dam nieghbors are doing fireworks!!!! i bet you forgot!!" I was soo pised because my internet wasn't working and i couldn't play with some fireworks. all i did that day was watch some dam stupid cartoon (draw a really good picture of my character), and go to Waterburger with my mom. The drive through took forever. T_T SO i had a sucky 4th of july. neways. i'll end it here. Love you gusy^^ -HUGS-

XxXCCCcity GirlXxx

P.s How was ur 4th of July?

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