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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I've been Tagged by riayamanaka on my other site.
The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a message telling them they're tagged.

8 facts about me:
1. I love video games
2. I have a dog named Banjo
3. I back up my friends no matter what
4. I'm funny somtimes (lol xD)
5. I've lived through having 8 or more pets and they've all disappeared except one.
6. I'm a good drawer. Or thats what my friend Micheal says at my school, he thinks i'm a artist!
7. I have AMAZING friends here on otaku ^__^
8. And, I've never ever really studied b4. and i'm in the 8th grade. (wierd right? O-o)

Ma Victims are O_o:
Enraged Pschopath
Eternal Mini moon
Katie Skellington

bubbY! XD
CCCcity Girl

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Naruto Character's Secret Thoughts About You! (For Girls) by FluffyxBunny
First Name?
Last Name?
Naruto's thoughts:She's so cool! She's my new best friend!! xD
Sakura's thoughts:SHE'S A B*TCH!!
Sasuke's thoughts:She's cool, and I think.. I like her.
Kakashi's thoughts:She has nice hOOters ^_^
Neji's thoughts:She is very beautiful.
Shikamaru's thoughts:Just another troublesome girl -_-
Shino's thoughts:She annoys me.
Gaara's thoughts:It's possible I.. might love her...
Itachi's thoughts:I have and want nothing to do with her...
Hinata's thoughts:I wonder if she wants to be friends..

Naruto Character's Secret Thoughts About You! (For Girls) by FluffyxBunny
First Name?
Last Name?
Naruto's thoughts:She's so cool! She's my new best friend!! xD
Sakura's thoughts:I wish she would just go away!! She's a 'Naruto the 2nd'!
Sasuke's thoughts:She keeps flirting with other guys.. and I think I'm.. jealous..
Kakashi's thoughts:She has nice hOOters ^_^
Neji's thoughts:She is annoying and I don't like her -_-
Shikamaru's thoughts:She is cute. and funny. and... perfect.
Shino's thoughts:Don't have much to say about her..
Gaara's thoughts:If one more guy lays another eye on her I will kill them. I want her to myself.
Itachi's thoughts:I wan't to lean her over and- *dirrrty thoughts*
Hinata's thoughts:I wonder if she wants to be friends..

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hello My Special buds. What do ya think of the Inuyasha Layout? BRING IN DA VOTES O_o lol, Which one do you like better? the Anime Finale or The Inuyasha?O.o (thinking: i should really get a voteing boxy thingy from xatech =.=) ahem..Anyways.

How are mylovely friends doing? ^-------^I hope you all have a awesome day!~ =3

Well, This dude mick was bitching at me. well not really bitching but just baout yelled twice =.= My friend Katie on here. Katie and Mick are um.. Enemys, lets put it that way. and When katie told me to visit micks site i left a comment saying "Dude, thats fucking harsh, u have no respect for girls/womans feelings. Thats bullshit." and he PMed me and yelled "YO HAVE NO RIGHT TO GET ENVOLVED" and that kind shit and then he said "F*** U B****" and shit like that. pftt. that really didn't effect me one bit. but the part that gets me pissed off is mick went over to her hosue and punched her right in the face. I back up my friends no matter what the cost is. I dc if ppl hate. i don't give a shit if ppl think i'm a freak or bitch. screw them. thts who i am. anyways, Mick is a dick ass and thats all there is to it. my nights been grand. lol. How about yours? I hear its a 3 day weekend. woohoo! have fun on the weekend u guys!

CCCcity Girl

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alright, i read your comments. So, i decided to leave the theme up til Saturday. or Sunday. One of those, havn't decided directly yet.

So How Is Everyone? I hope you have a wonderful terrific day!^^ since it's 6:57 Am as i'm writing this. lol.

Lately my throat has been acting up and i dunno why. Yesterday i woke up and when i swallowed my throat started to hurt. It's really wierd. I don't think it's serious but it's irrating =.= Can't eat/drink anything without it hurting. Maybe it'll pass. I think it's happened b4, not entirely sure, Anyway,..........*thinking* =.=..

My bus comes in about 40 to 20 minutes god dammit. I gots to go. REALLY SORRY, its already 7:00, g2g. *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ello Pplz!mI'm sorry i couldn't update, my mom is bitching about me being on the computer plus i have school now, btw my school started on Monday, u wouldn't believe how many times i headed straight for my math class xD lmao, and it was all through the day lol. Btw again i hate math <.< .... okay um. i have 8 classes which sucks =.= last year it was 7. bleh! well i'm a library Aide, a person who deleiver's things to and from the library and just someone to help around in the library. i swear. its like a full time job xD. haha,well, so far theres no homework, (YAY) it the 3rd day of school and the teachers said "We'll take it easy on you for the 1st couple of weeks" i was like, in my head "What the fuck is that supposed to mean" O-o. lol. So i'm a 8th grader at the middle school. woohoo...

So how is everyone? ^--^

CCCcity Girl

P.s. I'll try to change my theme to inuyasha when i get home and when my moms asleep or something. ttyl

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey everyone! Okay whadda think? anything i need to change to fix O.O i noticed the link goes through my avatar. i nocticed that i'll probably fix it l8ter.

Okay you pplz remeber Joeatta? the turtle i found on the road? well i foudn another one a few days ago!1 xDD lmao. i named her anna. Me and my mom were planning on painting Anna on her shell but today mom wasn't up to it. Let me tell you something. TURTLES ARN'T SLOW!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME! i found anna in the road and she was a runner! lol a fast lil turtle she was! xD i was trying to pick her up but she kept running! so i finally but my foot down on her shell and i stopped her xD One way to stop a turle lol.

So how is everyone doing? ^-^ i hope terrific! =3 ttyl! *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hello =3
Okay! This is Ekedo's suggestion theme. what do you think? Hope ya all like it. ^-^

The next theme suggestion would be Joycelin's. The Finale Anime Theme! but for now enjoy da pokemon theme X3

Today me and my mom are going to Big Fishermen for lunch today. I think i';m gonna wear my brown inuyasha shirt lol. SHOW IT TO THE PUBLIC! xD w00t. haha, so how is everyone doing? I'm hope great. well i gots to go. bubby. *huggles*

CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

YES I HAVE REACHED 1,001 VISTS! one extra but its still 1,000 ^--^ *Hugs everyone tightly* This is all for today x3

~+CCCcity Girl+~

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Time: 11:24 AM
Listening To: Music on my site (lol)

GOOD MORNIN NEW YORK CITY!! xD nah i'm kidding lmao. i meant "GOOD MORNIN OTAKU PEOPLE!!" woohooo!, okay enough with the good mornin things lol. So how is everyone? Hope doing great. Okay i found out the avatar thing is working again. cuz as i'm writing this now i opened another tab and it said "Your image has be uploaded" so YAY *dances*

Alright time for my stats! =3

Guestbook Signing: 173
Guestbook Pages: 18
Visits: 995

man i'm SOOO close to 1,000 for the visits!!! *squeals* I CAN WAIT XD lol. alright since i can't think of anything else...i'll end da post here. haha, i'm still keeping my promise on the layouts though. ^-^ ttyl! *huggles*

CCCcity Girl

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

WOOHOO I'M BACK!! Okay, the reason why i didn't answer PMs is becuase my mom talked me into going on ANOTHER vacation in South Padre. So we went to schlitterbahn AGAIN and i saw some really hott guys xD lol. but not why i came there. i wanted to have some fun for a hour or 2. my mom and i didn't stay long because i wanted to go bk to the hotel as soon as possible. Don't ask why i just not a ppl person. i don't like going around in public. The comptuer has brain washed me and my public abiltys xD lol j/k (i know that sounded dumd but i really don't care xD) Okay anyways, i wans't able to post for you guys to let you all i was going because i didn't have time. i was going in like 2 hours and i hadn't packed. so, sorry that i didn't let you guys know. but i did read your comments and i think i'll take JD person's suggestion. You knw what, i'll take all of ya'll's suggestion. i'll just keep changing my theme lol. alright,

Sessy514(Maurcie) i don't know if your reading this but what/who is Shana? O.o dot..dot.. mm.. I'll look through photobucket and c what i can find.

Neways, After Sessy, its JD,Ekedo then Joycelin for da final theme! lol. Well not the final FINAL theme jsut fro.. oh god i can't think xD. okay um..i gota go. i have to catch up on m PMS and guestbook signings and etc. alright. ttyl!! X3 *huggles*

CCCcity Girl

P.s I found Shana!!!!!!!!! ^_^

P.s.s My computer is not working with my avatar. That means i cannot upload my avatar for this theme. Sorry.

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