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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hai Hai!! ;D Whats up peoplez!! Been awhile, missed chu all, and for those of you who say around the subject :oh i'm sorry for not commenting in awhile" YEA WELL DUN WORRY ABOUT IT! xD lmao, to tell ya the truth i havn't been posting <-< and i'm gonna sue myself for dat, anywayz , YES i jacked this from 311 xP lol, I couldn't find any death note midis so i went wif Boa, i think i spelled that right o.o an the song is called "Meaning of Peace". I thought it would be/sound good on this theme, I hope it does ._. .. welt my lifes been nuffin but busy, i believe i finally answered all cher PMS ;} Now when i coem from school i have to answer them all again XD lol. Well i hope u guys have a wonderful tuesday!! ^__^ -Hugs everyone like a teddy bear- ;3

~CCCcity Girl

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