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Friday, September 21, 2007


1) How are u! x]
2) which nickname do u prefer for me? .__.
Ray Ray
or just plane rachel lol,
3) HAVE A FUCKING AWESOME DAY!! *husg eveyrone that wnats to be hugged* x]

CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello my magnificent friends!! x] Okay i'm gonna rearrange the awesome friends thing becucause it looks soo messy lol, i'll add some more people when i get home form school,right at the momment i don't have time for much, just to check my gaia, and this, ._. so.. i love ya guys and sorry about the hug,Bluesen12 , i didn't know u disliked hugs my bad v.v, For those of u who dont like hugs just ignore it or something, sorry,

On another note, my schools math.. is making my brain's brain hurt!!!1 O_0! lol, uh-oh e.e i hate timing. i gots tog o brush my hair and etc, for school ttyl guys!!! x] love ya!

CCCcity Girl

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Monday, September 17, 2007

GUESSSS WWHOOOOS BACCKK!! O___0........ME!! x] haha. lol. HOW WAS EVERYONE WHILE I WAS GONE x] i hope great!! =] I MISSED CHU ALL SOO MUCH!!! sorry about the caps thing xD just so Happy to be back!!! =] weee!! *runs around screaming "yaaayyy"*

Foxy: Weirdo 0_o...
Sheeta; ._. ..shwweett....
Erica: I WANN JOIN!! x) *runs around with me* weeee!!!! hahahah!!
Me: CANDY!! =P *jumps in a big pile of candy*
Foxy: T_T....*sheeta and erica jump in 2* idiots..
Me:wee!! xD*throws candy at Foxy*
Foxy: O_o...omg! *dodges*
Me:so!1 x]

1). how are u
2). Are u doing well?
3). I MISSED U ALL ahem <__< .. uhh..omg i cant think now. lol ttyl! *hugs everyone realy right*

CCCcity Girl

p.s for the people who havn't seen my drawing it's donw below =]

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Tip Toes
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

This is the picture!^^ I'm not that good on hands as u can plainly see xP and just so u kow i won't be back on otaku until monday becuz me and my mom had a fight. T__T u yelled on her on accident and she got all pissedn off so she took away my phone and computuer prilvages, my dad left me on this morning as i'm typing but i have to go right now. i loev u all!! see u all on monday!! ^__^ *hugs everyone so tightly* x]

CCCcity Girl

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

YAY!! I UPLOADED MY PICTURE!!! ^__^ It 6:28 am now so, my fan art or picture will show up probably 48 hours from now T__________T But don't worry i'll put my picture as my post, so everyone will see it x] woohoOO!! *dances around*

Foxy: idiot -_-"...
Me:weeee!! x] I'm, to smexxi for my words, to smexxi for my words XDD
Foxy: O_____o.........wtfh O_o
Me: hahahahahah xD ttyl! have a anwesome super fantasic day!!! x] *hugs everyone tightly*
CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Late Post ._.
Mk this is a late post. i would've posted WAY sooner O-o but i couldn't cuz i would've missed my bus agian e.e ,... OKay about the drawing i'm terribly afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it T___T i wasn't able to get my scanner hooked up becuz i asked my dad way to late -.-. it was like 11:00 somehting PM and my dad wanted my ass in bed, so, i'll get my scanner hooked up TODAY, and the my picture will show up by in the morning or something probably,I'll post it on here as my update. x] mk? k,

SO how was eveyrone's day? ^-^ i hope terrific =3,
as Usual i fell asleep in my 7/8 block agian, xD i might as well make it my regular day schedule since everyday since skool sarted i flel asleep in his class. lmao, ttyl!

CCCcity Girl

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Monday, September 10, 2007

hey guys i have to make this super super extra quick, my bus willl be here any minute. HOw is eveyrone? i hope doing good,^^ i hope u all have a wonderful day =3,
and i finally finished drawing a rly good drawing x], when my dad gets home from work today i'll ask him if he can hook up my scanner and if not i'll let u all know x] ttyl! *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Respond To Comments

LoveMeLoveless - Really? I've never reached chemistry b4,I might have that in 9th grade next year but thats a LONG way form now XD

bonitachika792 - Lol i'm not a fan either.I see a typo in there but i know what you mean haha, don't worry about it and thank you^^

InuYashaFan4-ever - Mmm, Sounds fun but not that easy haha, aww ur no fair xD No homework for u ur unfair lol.

GothFox - Well then i love ur science teacher if he does nothing. haha xD In the time of doing nothing i would draw or do something interesting that inerests me. x3
That is true but a plain movie by itself isn't realy science once u think about it, but we look what was inside the movie, and a song? how would that be science? the answer, the video/AMV.

Yay i helped u study or something xD lol just remeber what they are IF their one ur test. GOOOD LUCK! ^-------^ *hugs ya* x3
kyoskitten14Whaa no fair, i want to be in a higher grade lol, don't they do someething to freshman on their 1st year??? Where i live once you get into the high school when ur a freshman u have to find where u belong or something or ur freshman behind will be wooped xD lol. or something like that.Not sure

Ekedo - Alrighty i will ^--^
red kie - Wow, Collage Chorses? I c, collage isnt like sliecing through cake, its all about working ur ass off, haha,Yea everyone has limits o.o just take it nice and slowly, and to help u you could make a schedule and plan things out, the time to study, the time to eat, excercise, etc. thats healthy rather than just study right through the dam thing.
Thnx x3

Sessy514 - pftt, You'll always stay on my awesome friends list. goof xD lol all whos on their will stay and i'm still adding ppl, i just got lazy but after school i'll work on it. x3

Finally on to the update!!!
lol, Well, for one days job,the day that the project was due, i say i did a pretty good job. I got a 87. not bad and its passing. This guy steven in my class, omg XD lol he JUST started it in class while everyone was presenting. Of course the teacher gave us a few minutes to work on our project, so that helped. and 5 justifications weren't bad. I mean like how does the pictures relate to the movie or song or w/e. Anyways, how is everyone? i hope great ^^

I'm suppose to go to a birthday part on Saturday.Her names Lynndsey, the 1st 4 letters of her name is my brothers rl name XD lol, i find that creepy.Neways, we have our nicknames. Her nickname is Mya and mines Ray Ray. My grandma used to call me ray ray when i was rly little and i like that name x3. So i'm writing ray ray *blank* 9-6-07 *whatever subject i'm in* from now on lol. well i better get ready, my bus will be here soon BYE! love ya guys! *hugs you* x3 ttyl

CCCcity Girl

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hi!^^ how is everyone doing this morning or this evening or whenever u read this post,lol.
Hope ur doing great ^^
I am i guess. just waiting on my bus and printing out some pictures for science.
You know were doing a Collage in Science and what we have to do it take something thats Non-Sicence and make it into Science. she Said it could be your favorite movie,fav song, etc. i picked "The Invasion" Its a scary movie, but it does have science in it. yay lucky me xP and btw, the Collage Project is due today -.-.. So yea i just started, but i already have my words and pictures picked out, all i need now is the facts for the 3 branches. the 3 branches are,
Bacteriology - The study of Bacteria in relation to Disease

Astrophysics - The study of the phyics of the Universe

Mircobiology - The study of microorganism's, including viruses, prokaryotes and simple eukaryotes.

Thats just there if nonone knows what they are, anyways, beside my project being due today lol, anyone else of a project due? or homework they need to work on?

ttyl! *hugs ya* x3

CCCcity Girl

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello my adoreable cute neko friends lol. xD (that was a compliment lol) i dunno why i said that i'm just feeling happy today. or i'm just in a really good mood lol. OMFG!! O_O I JUST REMEBERED.......our 3 day weekend is over ...waahh.. xP. stupid ass school T_T...bleh/. now i'm grumpY!!! dammit xP..um um um um um...happy thoughts happy thoughts O-o...crap it went away!!! >.< gah!..okay i give xDDD lmao.
So um xP, besides me going trying to go to my happy place, how is everyone? ^^ Hope you have a awesome day! ^__^

Foxy: like they can with school around the corner T_T
Me:SHHHHHHHHH!!!! You'll scare them away with ur uglyness and negativeness!!!!!!!!
Foxy: WHAT WAS THAT!?!?! *anime anger*
Me; *laughs* this is gonna be fun xD *runs*
Me: MMWWUAAHH!! XD run run as fast as u can! can't catch me i'm the CCC GAL! XD (just made that up on the spot, no comment about it xP) UP UP AND AWAY! *flys*
Foxy: O_o wtf..
Me; bubby!! xD

CCCcity Girl

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