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Thursday, May 31, 2007

-streches- lets see..-thinks-..-blink blink-
Sesshomaru: .....sup?...
Sesshomaru: never call me that..-_-
Rin: -blink blink-
-me and Jaken starts arguing-
Rin: Lord Sesshomaru..what should we do about this?
Sesshomaru: .....leave them be.. -walks off-
Sesshomaru: -stops- -twitch twitch- GGRRR....-walks over and hits Jaken over the head with his foot- BE QUITE!
Jaken: -knocked out- XP
Me: thank you!!! geez he was giving me a mingrane!!
Sesshomaru: -glares at me in a pissed off way-
Me:!!!! -steps bk- ummm... NEWAYS!! Whats up everybody! ^^ Did you see the Inuyasha Eppy last night! I LOVE KIKYOU!! SHES AWESOME!! X3 and if anybody has a problem w/ Kikyou you talk to me. if you know me well enough i'm not a yelling type person. And in honor of Kikyou! heres a piccy of her! X3

SO,if you hate her just talk to me about it. OH!! Fluffy-Kins!!
Me:what are your feelings toward Lady Kikyou?
Sesshomaru:......i have no use for a human of her standards..
Rin:but i'm human mi lord. -blink blink-
Sesshomaru:uh...well your just a kid..
Rin: T T....
Me:...okay...anyways..umm. how do you like my theme!? ^--^ and the chibis right under my button!? ^^ uh??!^^ and Azuka.. if you do comment..i already know what your going to say. XDDDD

well. i thik thats about it.. -blink blink- Fluffy-Kins did we leave out anything?
Sesshomaru;I SAID NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no..
Me:kk!! love ya guys!!! -hugs everyone-

|+| CCCcity Girl |+|

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey guys!^^ -comes runnign up to you waving- whats up!? -smiles-
FOxy:the sky and me goign to hell . T T...
Me:O.o..Foxy.. your are...
Inuy:gay.. T T..
FOxy: -growls vicious like a panther-
Inuy: OxO.....-bks away a lil-
Me: -sighs-...OH!! Thank you all of you visited my friend Undieing 8. THANK U SO MUCH!^^ -hugs you tight-
Foxy:wtf is with you and the hugs?
Me: wtf is with you and ur attitude?
Foxy:oh shut up!!! -growls-.. T^T
Me:geez Foxy your grumpier than ever!!
Foxy:Happy isn't my fav word..
Sheeta: -looks at my site- I LOVE SESSY-SAMA!!! X3 -squeals-
Me:-squeals w/ her- ME TOO!! i call him Fluffy-kins!! NO ONE STEAL IT! THATS MY WORD FOR HIM! T~T
Inuy:ppfftt!!! W/E!!! T^T...
Me:awww... whats the matter puddles? loose a bouncy ball?
Inuy: -eyes flare- WHAT DID U SAY!??
Me:-laughs- i'm just kidding Inuyasha! XD no need to have a cow..-laughs a lil more-
Inuy: WTF W/E! -growls and walks away-
Me:awww^^ we made puddles mad..
Erica;OMG! I'll go apologize!! i love doing that! -follows inuyasha-
Me: .......oo..kay..neways!! Not muhc is happening..oh! I'll continue my story soemwhere aorund this week. i'm not sure. but i'll try and see if i can get it bk up and running. i guess i'll talk to you guys l8ter!!^^
Sesshomaru: wtf?..i'm not in this and i'm the main perosn here??!! how druel...T T
Rin:Lord Sesshomaru! Everyone's gone.
Jaken:yes it-it appears so. -looks closer to the screen-
Sesshomaru: -hits jaken with his foot- lets go Jaken! -starts walking away-
Rin:wait for me Lord Sesshomaru!! -follows-
Jaken: -nusiacne- ugh.. wait Lord Sesshomaru... -wobbly follows- @.@..

Me:mm?? was someone here? ?.? well. bubby!! ^--^ -hugs everyone-

|+| CCCcity Girl |+|


Sorry i juts think my button is soo kawwii!! X3

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey you guys. i have a favor to ask you. couodl you please visit my good friend undieing 8? he doesn't get much commments or attention so i would really appreiste it if you would go to his site. PLZ AND THANK YOU YOU GUYS! LUV YA! -hugs-
(copy this and paste it in your address bar)

|+| CCCcity Girl |+|<

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Monday, May 28, 2007

ahhh^^ It's soo wonderful to be bk on Otaku with you guys!! i Missed you. To tell you the truth i've been on those chat boxes. did you know thats those chat boixes are the most addicting things?? well not the most but they are SOO ADICITING! Like i thought about you guys everyday but i just couldn't help myself. -sighs- and for that i'm sorry. :( hope you can all forgive me. I decided to come off because someone had banned me for some... "Reason" they had. --.-- to me i ws treated INHUMANLY. and YES i do know what that word means.

Erica; -.-..then whats it mean??
Me:-sighs- it means a person who ahs treated another perosn with MORE than disrespect. Like. somethign that is not nessscry. Like a dude tormemmting a girl for evey single secounf od the day. thats InHumanly. Well thats an example of it. NEWAYS!!!!!!! enough about chat boxes!! "T~T" I want to KNow how every single one of ym friends are doing!!!! i havn't talked to you guys in a LONG time!! ^----^ I'll ttyl! I LOVE you alll!! -hugs everyone tightly- X3 bubby!

|+| CCCcity Girl |+|<

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

HEY MY PEEPS!! I'M BACK ON THIS FREAK"N OTAKU!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! I"M SOO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!! I MISSED ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! SO DEARLY!!!!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT!! I DON"T CARE IF YOU COMMENT -maybe a lil. PLZ COMMENT- I"M GOING TO UPDATE MORE OFTEN NOW AND I"M JUST FREAK"n HAPPY TO BE BACK!!!!! -hugs everyone soo freak'n tihglty- -jumps up and down claping my hands- X3 I LOVE ALL OF YOU SOO FREAK'N MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -hugs you again-

|~| Rachel |~|

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007



hello my aweosme friends!^^ the trip to S.A was awesome! sorry i didn't post about it on Monday but the computer wouldn't let me onto the internet. XP stupid machine!!!

anyways...i had LOADS FO FUN!^^ i went to the Buckhallload of horns, The Alamo(the alamo was alot different than i had imagined),The Food Court where i had Terayaki Chicken(which i didn't finisih becuase i had chips on the bus),The IMAX Theater,gift shop!!^^ WHAT A BLAST!! =3 BTW those all arn't in order.

1st i went to the gift shop an bought me a hedge hog that was 12.95 plus tax, and a sherrifs badge thingy that somewhere around 5.00plus tax,a 8.50 thing that goes on your arms plus tax,food was around $7.00 plus tax and then a soda plus tax. XP...i only took like around 64.00.mom gave me 40 and i had 24 form my allowance, I AM NOT RICH!!. but that hedge hog and badge was 20.44. all together those 2 items. so that turns out to be bullshit.. T^T...well i'm wasting your time. ttyl! -hugs everyone-

~+~ Rachel ~+~

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Saturday, May 12, 2007



Hey you guys. i'm so freak'n sorry that i have not benn updating and thta i have not been answering PMs like i should. 1st of all my mom went crazy because my "Aunt" Elaine was coming and she wanted the house to be apportie for comapny.. XP.. 2sec, my dad is in witcha falls doing some business and won't be back still next week,3rd he needs the computer so i can barely even get on.,4th is because APPARENTLY i've become addicted to the chat boxes.. XP...like every time when i have spare time after school i directly go to my chat box. which would be ( http://xatech/InuyashaKikyouKagome) thats my chat box and i'm noramlly there after 3:00PM on weekdays. but today i even won't be on the computer because i'll be San Antonio today.I'm going with this group called The Armadillo Gang.i have friends in the group so all of us are going to S.A. (San Antonio)i'm gong to get like 40 somehting dollars for the gift shop and exc. IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOMENESS!^^ OMFG! i forgot to tell you where weree going.. DUH! stupid m!! XP lol, neways i'm going to the IMAX theater,alamo,buckhorn somehting somehting.. Xp and some others i just can't remeber rihgt off the top of my head rihgt now. Well i have to leave at 6:45 or sooner. and i won't be back still 8:00PM!!!!.. okay? i'll be in time for Naruto but i won't be online ALL day. okay? infact i won't even be on.i'll be on tomorrow though^^ and i'll let oyu guys know all about it!^^ K? BUBBY!! *hugs everyone tihglty* SEE YA! =3

~_~ Rachel~_~

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time of Post 6:42 AM
Chapter 4
Eternal Awakening

Me:*i slowly turn around*..w...whose there? *frighten*
?? 2-UR HEART...WILL BE MINE!...*starts to grab me*
Me:AHHH!!!!!!! *runs past him and i run into Mrs.Kiegega*
Mrs.Kiegega:MY GOODNESS!
Me:AH!.*heatrt pounding* 0-_-0
Mrs.Kiegega:My dear whats the rush??!! you don't have your night close on!come on..*pushes me back*
Me:NO!! NO DON"T!!!* we pass through the doorway**closes eyes*
Mrs.Kiegega:SEYA! Did yiu leave the window open? *goes and closes it*
Me:*opens my eyes*..huh? *i look around carefuly* but he..but he was just ri--
Mrs.Kiegega:enough chit chat. we have a BIG day tomorrow. *gets some clohes from the closet*
Me:*readpily say* but but but but!!!!0__0 HE WAS THERE!
Mrs.Kiegega:dear who are you talking about?. hurry up and change.
Me:....*i take the clothes and go in the bathroom and change*..>.0.. *comes out*
Mrs.Kiegega:well.^^ they sure are big on you. you need to grow more. your skin and bones child!.^^
Me:.....-__-...do you have any meat?
Mrs.Kiegega:yes we do. it's in the fridge,but don't eat--wait a mintue! your not eating a snack b4 bed missy,off to bed!
Me:WAAHH!! DX..me hungry..hphm!! T~T...*climbs into bed*T T
Mrs.Kiegega:you want something with you to help you sleep seya?
Mrs.Kiegega:alrigh..*closes the door*

In The Middle of The Night

??1- *climbs through the window quietly* -whispers"hurry-
??2- i'm trying!!T~T *gets through*
??1: lets just do this fast. *takes out a symbol of "The Knights Crest",holds it up to my forhead*... uhn gah,no shouta,megya,SOAN,GAHNOON!!! *brigh light forms everyone in the room*
Me:ugh..*the Crest indents the words "Wolf Hearts" and a symbol* *i turn over*
??1- there...now every waking moment.. we get her heart..
??2-i don't think so..
??2-look...*points at my forehead*
??1:*looks* 0__0 DAMMIT!.. *the letters start glowing rapidly and the symbol begins to fade*
??1:DAMMIT! It's her muthy Father!!! and that cursed Wolf Clan!! DAMMIT ALL!..
??2"shh!...lets get outta here. we'll come back for her l8ter.
??1:ur right. *the black figures disapears*
Me:ugh...U.U..*turns over again*

Next Morning

Mrs.Kiegega:*walks in* my^^..your a heaving sleeper^^ it's 12:oo noon already.^^ you have training to do missy^^
Mrs.Kiegega:every girl needs to learn self defense..and..how to control they're powers they are not aware of yet.. *sets my breakfast down near me and goes into the next room*
Me:powers??PFFT!!,...yea right!!! XDDD
Mr.Kiegega: *comes in* i wouldn't laugh if i were you.....it's very serious. appearently i thought you would've woken up sooner,heh..but i guess thats for the next morning. X3.Remeber Seya.^^ 6:00AM.
Me:-Thinking:this is soo not fair! training!??-

I'm sorry you guys but i have to go to bed. i've stayed up all night i just can't seem to focus long enough to type everything. I'M SORRY!!!!

I guess you'll have to wait till Chapter 5. *grins*.. good ngiht..*colasspasses and pass out* U.U.....zzzzzzzzzz

|+| Rachel |+|

P.s. I hope you enjoyed so far of what i wrote.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Time of Post: 5:06 AM
Hey you guys.^^ yesterday i was having a fit with my mom. SHE IS A FUCKING BITCH!!! Okay. I had a landline phone in my room but i never really use it.She needed it because her phone in her room broke. i say "Why don't you go get another one!" she says "Well no! it costs to much!" or "I don't feel like it!" So..i Started to get off the computer and look for it. COULDN'T FIND IT.She says "I KNOW IT'S IN THERE!" See.. They the way she freak'n speaks to me just REALLY PISSES ME OFF!! and i told the truth when i told you guys that it's hard to make me angry. SHES the only one that gets me mad easily. okay? okay..anyways..She went in there and made my room EVEN MORE BAD LOOKING!! I mean she rumaged throuogh my stuff and left everything there for me to pick up!!! I DIDN'T EVEN DO IT!! and then she says "Rachel!! PICK UP THAT MESS OFF THE FLOOR!" She ran out of breath and told me to pick it up. Well you know what. i"M NOT DOING IT!! IT'S HER FAULT!!

My brother is 22 years old and my mom(his mom too) and him DESPISE each other. Very Dearly. And you know what. I think me and mom are begining to have that kind of relationship. A copuple of times i've flicked her off behind her back or said FU. or just said I HJATE YOU YOU BITCH. not when she was looking though. and you know what? once i get angry it takes a litle whiule B4 i get all better and cheerful again. I called my dad and she wanted to know why so i told her "I JUST ASKED HIM FOR A NEW KEYBOARD!" and said "WHAT??" i told her again and again and she the same answer. i walked to her room and told her "I JUST ASKED HIM FOR A NEW KEYBOARD" (shes not deaf) she just couldn't understand me when i slured my words. BTW,I DON'T SLUR MY WORDS!! IT'S HER FUCKING EARS!! and at some point i told her about my homework. and says REPEADILY U HAVE HOMEWORK? GO DO IT NOW! and i say I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!!! so i cryed to my room and appearently fell fast asleep. I belive i told her I AHVE ITBS TESTS FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS,I HAVE HOMEWORK, SOMEWHERE IN THE NEXT WEEKS I HAVE 6 WEEKS EXAM. And she when she heard homework she blew it. then thats when i cryed to my room and said i just wanted to be left alone.

I told her. "DON"T YOU LEAVE ANYONE ALONE!?? NO! LET ME ANSWER THAT FOR YOU!! NO,YOU DON'T!!!" and then she went all mom on me.

Shes just a crazy bitchy mother.And that would be my day yesterday. I just hope this one is better.
talk to you guys l8ter. bubby.

End of Post 5:32AM


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chapter 3
A Story To Be Told

Mr. Keigega:Don't worry Seya.You'll love it here.^^ Theres plenty of ppl to make friends with.
Me:...alright..*as i walk down the streets i spie a stuffed wolf* 0.0
Mr. Keigega:*notices* mm?..heh..you want it? ^-^ here..*he hands me money*
Me:*gasps* REALY!?
Mr. Keigega:knock yourself out! *winks* but don't over do it.
Me;THANK YOU!^^ *i run over to the shop*
Mr.Keigega:..-thinks:Syaiyosho....you did the right thing...Seya will be safe here..-
Me:*i run up to him* LOOK!^^ * i show him the stuffed wolf* isn't it cute!??^^
Mr. Keigega:sure is..come on..the misstress will have a fit if we don't get back home..
Me:home?...it's been a little while since i actaully said that word..
Mr. Keigega:well^^ start calling my house home. because you ain't going nowhere!^^ As a matter of fact start calling my grandpa!! =3
Me:*giggles* okay^^ Grandpa!! *snickers*
Mr. Keigega: hphm!^^ *shoulders up proudly* hey..wait a minute!!
me:*starts to run toward the Keigega's residence*
Mr.Keigega:*runs after me*

??- Do you see it!?? the power of the "Wolf Hearts"!!..it shall be ours!!!! IN OUR CONTROL!! i must have it!
??-yes...but nows not the right time..this place is FILLED with Spirtual power...lets go!! *diappears*
??- *chuckles evily*...*disappears too*

- Inside the Keigega's Home-
Me: So Keigega..how do you know of my brother?
Keigega:*looks down* long ago...There was a war. A War of Massacre and desctrustion. Poeple were burned alived inside their homes.. there was a group called "The Rebels Fource". Their mission was to defeat the enemy.
Me:who was the enemy?
Keigega: "The Knights". They were people,demons,soldiers of all kind. Their job was to see to it that they ruled the entire planet..The only surviors that were supposed to be let on the planet which they ruled was only them. they were men of disgusting habbbits. Suffering woman and then making then to mary them just so they could reproduce.They'd slaughter the woman,just for fun.
Mr. Keigega: *anime tear* WELL!! HONEY! CALM DOWN!! !! she has to know the truth SOMETIME in her life!!
Mrs. Keigega:NOT AT THIS AGE!!! when she's older you can tell her when the time is right! SHE'S JUST A LITTLE GIRL!!
Mr. Keigega: -Thinks:what a pain!!- alright dear! geez..*looks toward me* sorry..looks like i'll have to save the rest for when your older..
Me:AWWW! T^T *pouts*..
Mrs. Keigega:Time for bed Seya^^ come on..time to change into your night clothes.
Me:aww alright.. T~T *i walk down the hall* where are the cloths??!!
Me:OKAY!^^ *i search for the closet and go toward a window* wooow...it sure is pretty at night^^ *in the distance i see a black figure move quickly amoung the trees* huh?
??- Seya...*grins most evily*

To be Continued in Chapter 4,

~*~XX Rachel xx*~

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