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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey guys sorry i havn't updated. D: And i noticed some people like senidng me chian letters, lol i want you to know that you guys CAN send me chain letters i just won't send bk or to other people XDD lmaoz, i'lll just laugh hahaz, so go ahead and try it XD, anyways how are you guys doing? ^^ *huggles you all tightly* I've been quite busy with school and shit D< its been getting me upset cuz i havn't been on here. ;_; Well i'm gonna try to find out about some codes and stuff to make my otaku look better or something like that, we'll see.a Few days ago my mom went to hospital like somewheree.. 10 at night. i can't remeber but it was like.. i think ..Friday *trying to remeber* i have no clue, D: Sorryz, but shes doing okay though. tke some (MORE) pills to make the pain go away. *strecthes* i think i'm stick around for awhile, i mean after school i'll find some spare time and come here on otaku and mess around w/ codes/PMS and stuff like that. ^_^ kkz we'll i gotta go get my shoes on for school O.o and brush my hair XD lolz. i have it up in a un now. mkz well ttyl!! ^_^ *hugs everyone*

CCCcity Girl

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