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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey guys whats up? ^-^ Been Awhile,I'm sorry for not keeping up to date with my Pms and Posts v.v ... Hope ya can forgive me, and You wanna know something, i have not been able to clear out my friends list -__-,Not enough time apparently, pft, well. My Mom quote: "You've been on the computer long enough!! Get off!!!" You know what i just wanna scream "FUCK U!" Lolz, anywayz,mom sent me to tutoring after school for math and this week it was supposed to start but my math teacher "Mr.Scott" had 2 meetings Monday and Tuesday and today his wife called him and told him his son was sick and he had to go home and take care of him, so here i am stuck with NO tutoring for 3 day's listening to my mom bitch at me -__-" really does suck..And you know what sucks even worse? My phone has been fucked up -.-, the screen goes completely white, so i'm getting the same model and everything but i'll have to put the data from my old phone to my new phone, or they'll just switch the SIM cards,Doesn't matter as long as i get the same info to my new one i'm good :]. Lolz, So how is everyone doing?^^ I seriously do hope better than me! lol, well i g2g2 b4 i get caught! ttyl guys! *hugs everyone tightly*


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Friday, November 23, 2007

   <.< i dunnno why i clicked that smiley ._.,,, haha So how was everyones thanksgivingZ?!=D mine went.. uh xP how should i put this. NON-Turkey wise. XD haha, Instead of a delicious yummy turkey,.. CRAP I'M MAKING MYSELF HUNGRY! XD lmao, and i havn't eaten yet, ok ok ok!1 anywayz o-o We had some sandwhichs from wal-mart, deviled eggs and egg salad, which was might i say Delicious <____< lolz, we got the sandwhiches from wal-mart and my dad made the deviled eggs, so yea <_< my thinksgiving was special! =D
DOn't forget tis BLACK FRIDAY!! the busyest time of the year .__. and i hope u know whats Black friday is <.< ... newayz ttyl peeps and peepettes! lol *hugs everyone* X3


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Monday, November 19, 2007

HIz people!! ^_^ Whats upz? Well my dad finally fixed meh comtputer!! =D so yayz!! but it's slow as fuck! XD Im not using it right now of course i'm in school, so i'm using the library's computer. SO yea.. Pretty much nothign to do, theres supposed to be a class coming in to check out books, (i'm a library aid) x3 and with the help of Darian, Another Aid in this period that helps, well.. not completelyy but he does, anyway, ttyl! i see some 6th graders coming in. *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

P.s I think i'm going to clean out my friends list, if u dont have me as a friend whats the piont of having u as a friend? i eman seriously, one of my friends i checked and they didnt have me as a friend, and they did b4, so i say "WTFH!!?" SO yea.. i'm going to clean out my friends list, it'll save me the space anyway. But i'll have to do it after school. cya

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

HIz peoplez!! =D My dad finally came home yesterday night, he said it was gonna be today but i guess not! welll anywayz!! i';m soo happy he's back~!! =3 i missed him soo much! x3 after school he said he was gonna fix my comptuer so yayz!! more things to be happy about! hehe! QUESTIONS! =D

1). How are u doing!? =3
2). How is ur day going so far?
3). Are you sad?(i can make u happy) xP lol ttyl! *hugs everyone tightly* x3

_=*_CCCcity Girl_*=_

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Monday, November 12, 2007

NNYYYAA DXX I'm sooo sorry i havn't been on!! DX I'lll have to make thi quick, i'll type fast you'll see some bad typos ok?! alright my dad had to go out on a busniess trip and he took his latop w/ him becuase thats his "work" computer but my computer busted way b4 then and he didn't have timne to fix it befire he had to go, so i was stuck theere with no computer for a few days ten i stumbled onto this comptuer in the garage. Let me tell u omehting IT DOES NOT SMELL GOOD!! O-o it smells like something freaking died!! whew!!! DX nasty xP well my dad will be back on Thursday and hopefully he can fix my computer A.S.A.P cuz i am not liking this smell DX OMG! o-o last night i ws in here my mom locked me in the garage!! O-o i man the lgihts were a sign enough but i ha to call her to un-lock the door <___< lol, well i gots to go D: bye byez people~ I"M STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!! O___O *hugs everyone* x3

_=_CCCcity Girl_=_

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hey guys, how are u? My grandma's in the hospital... i hope she'll be okay, shes been in the hospital for some time, once maybe 2z she was able to go back home but she had to go back, my grandma was moved to the Corpus Christi Hospital cuz they have better tools for the heart or something. I think low blood pressure or something but i'm unsure of my grandma's condition, i just hope she gets better and doesn't die on me...i love her so much.. You never know how dear u hold something until u lose it.. so yea.. i'll be hoping.. i don't wanna lose my grandma... Anyways... Something good, my weekend has been pretty good. ^-^ well besides my mom and brother screaming at eachother like every waking secound lol, i'm supposed to be takeing a shower but nope. i decided to stall O-o... lol well actually.. idk v.v .. Hows your weekedn gone? Did u guys have any fun? =D Do u like green O_O lol, u don't have to answer that just something about meh site lol, Anyways can u tell theres not one singla typing error O.O i mean like wow, i usal make typos <_< my dads laptop is like fucking magic or something xD. ttyl guys i love ya... *hugs everyone tightly*

=- CCCcity Girl -=


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hey guys!^^ Whats up? How is everyone doing? =D i hope great! I have a Brochure to do in my Social Studies class, My state is New Jersey. I finished it but i'm not sure if the teacher will like it. e.e.. Oh well, i get a 50 i get a 50. *shrugs* I'm still passing ... i think v.v... Ahem anyways, i have like 22 minutes left until my bus comes by, and its cold outside and like e.e... i'm wearing a skirt.. so yea <.< and my school doesn't go by the uniform rule so, yea i'm crazy to wear a skirt in cold weather XD lol. 21 minutes. lol i'm counting down xD Well i hope everyone has a terrific day!!
Me: psst.. erica <.<.. that hasn't come yet <.< u dumb butt xP
Erica: ooppsie x3
Me: um okay O-o.. lol ttyl! *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey guys whats up!! You know what i did to my space? u made it look kewler! lol,i know some of u don't have myspace, i know how u feel 1st u hate myspace and u think its retarded or w.e, buts its not rly that bad, just have to watch what u put on ur pro and also what u say, it isnt that bad, To tell u the truth i still kinda hate myspace, but it gets kewler every time i go on there rly freaky O_o,.... anyways how is everyone doing? and i may have posted my update 2 late, (look below 2 my last post) more info in there <_< neways i g2g, love ya guys *huggles chu all*

CCCcity Girl

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HI!!! DX OMG i'm so sorry for not updating and for those of u who read the "yo" update. DAT WASN'T A UPDATE DX. i was testing things around! I completely forgot about the "yo" update and was busy working on my test site. Well how do u like it? Eureka theme. Whaddya think? i worked rly hard on it, thats why i havn't updated and stuff DX

Weekend Well.... DEATH NOTE CAME ON!!!!!!!! *squeals/screams* HOLY SHIT I WAS EXCITED! XD FYI, any kind of anime that has AWESOME graphics, AWESOME detail,AWESOME EVERYTHING just gets me in a really BIG hyper mood x] lmao. i dunnop why it just does! i love ANIME!!! x] btw DBZ ISN'T ANIME e__e To me its not, i have no clue why i said that about dbz but i regret bringing it up cuz i don like it xP ok anywayz!! 1st Episode of Death Note came on at 11:00pm - 11:30pm here, some people have differ times cuz diff time zone. so yea..<.< i really don't wanna go into what happened between me and my mom T_T.. maybe tomorrow or something..

1). Hows your weekend going so far!^-^
2). I MISSED CHU ALL! DX (Did u have a good day?)
3). How do u like my layout?
4). Is there a family member u dislike?

CCCcity Girl

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey how is everyone? ^-^ I hope doing great!
Ughh its Monday again! DX I should go on strike, u know that? cuz Saturday i was watching the Boondocks, and i learned a new world. SEE?! WE DON'T NEED STUPID SCHOOL 2 LEARN STUFF! WE GOTz T.V!! xDD lmao.

Well this weekend i went 2 the movies in Corpus Christi and saw Across The Universe, my mom adores the beetles e.e i rly don't.. well the movie had some beatles in it and it was really good, that Jude guy was looked hott/cute xDD lol, uh-oh.. i gots 2 go, i love ya guys! ttyl` o-o dam bus T^T

CCCcity Girl

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