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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey guys it's me again wooptie doo o-o, lol well i'm at school IN class typoing this so it's awesome XD My friend Y and it's pronouced as a E sound, is on myspace or going to photobucket so we dont tell the teacher on each other lol. I'm surprised that NOTHING from Otaku is blocked. XD SWEET. lolz, wll except for the pitures, they don;t show really well e.e and the music doesnt play but eh, its better than otaku being blocked :] SO how's everyone doing? X3 I'm ok, i have a 2 cuts on my wrist from a kitchen knife but hey, it doesn't hurt or any kind of shit lke that , i gotta go. cya l8ter alligators my friend Y needs me, *hugs ya*

CCCcity Girl

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