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Saturday, July 30, 2005

*Deep Breath* HELP!!!!

I need help with the graphics of my site!! I try to add some more achieves, but I keep using up all the word limit on my profile. I was looking around and see that some ppl have like a separate scroll for thier achieves and was wondering if anyone knew how to do that.

Also how do I put real music on my site? Not midi, but actual music. I have some good ideas of what songs to use, but no idea how to apply them. I'm technologically chanllenged. ;_; Sad, but so true.

Let's see, I also wanted to know how do I make those banner things with all my friends' names on it? ^_^ I would really like to make one for all of my Otaku friends.

What else? *Thinking face* Oh yeah!! I have some BOMB stories that I want so desperately to share with all of you, but no idea how to figure out site connections. *sadness* I tried a site SunFall gave to me, but I have no idea how to make it so the public can read it. *MORE sadness*


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Friday, July 29, 2005

Still Not Much

Yahoo! Avatars

Heh heh I thought I might put up my Yahoo Messenger avatar. It looks a lot like me, but just a few minor details missing. ^__^

Staying at my sister's at the moment and babysitting the house. That's basically it.

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   Not Much
Not much going on here except I changed my avatar and tried looking up some Rei Ayanami Quotes. The One I posted intrigued me the most.

"Man fears the darkness... And so, he scrapes away at edges of it with fire.

I thought it very interesting and realize the coolness of REI AYANAMI!!

*lol* Yeah, my big sis brought home some Full Metal Alchemist episodes and I'm beginning to like the series very much. ^__^

Getting Late! Goodnight Everyone!

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Monday, July 25, 2005


I just cam back from seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, if you haven't seen it...GO SEE IT NOW!!! It's HILARIOUS!! I thought it was going to be cheesy or extremely creepy, but it's not and I recommend it to anyone who has a good sense of humor. ^_^ I think they explain the story better in this one than in the Disney version and I love Johnny Depp's character as well.

He seems to be going a lot of good roles recently. And he's going to do a voice in Tim Burton's upcoming movie, "Corpse Bride". I SO WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE!!!!!

Oh, I bought a wicked cool Japanese style shirt from on of the Venders in the mall too. It's dark blue with a chinese symbol in front with two dragons on it. ^__^ It's a long sleeve so I won't wear it until later. Can't wait to wear it!

Funny part about the movies, when everyone leaves during the credits it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want! (Well, until the usher comes in *sweatdrop*) My little sister and I loved the Umpalumpas' music and they played them all at the credits. So we danced like no tommorrow in our seats. The usher laughed at us and told us to have a good day.

I know I should feel embarrassed, but we were enjoying ourselves to too much. ^_^ Before leaving we played DDR and my little sister and I totally kicked some butt.

Let's see, Guitarra practice is going well. I think it's mainly for those who have absolutely NO music experience. Someone asked me how to describe rhythm and it's the hardest thing to explain it unless you've played an instrument. I made friends with an old lady named Pat, but she's cool. She's been playing for quite a while and she helped me some.

Oh! Thanks white cat for helping me and thank you DarkWolf for the Rei achieves. ^_^ I really love it!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   Vacation Return and Birthday Soon After!
I'm back!! Man, I love the beach!!

Let's see, first off when we arrived to the Rivera Hotel place in Dana Point we decide just to stay in and rest. My little sister got to go to Lego Land and I decided to stay. ;_; They took all the little kids, they bought the tickets ahead of time and didn't know I wanted to go. S'right it's expensive anyway and I was feeling pretty beat.

They have CABLE!! YAYNESS!! I haven't had cable for about five years now, but I still watch anime!! Thank you internet, Netflixs, and FOX!! ^_^ I wanted an animator show so that was really inspiring. Gonna try and draw a letter for them.

When my little sis came back we laughed ourselves to sleep and she had bought me a mood necklace that was in shape of a little surfboard. How cute!! ^_^

Next morning my sis and I watched "Reading between the Lions" a little kids show, but we were cracking up at the little thick accent Itailian musician who sang, "Oo! Ah! Dance in smarty pants!" We laughed so hard and it's become one of the random things we sing and dance to. *LOL*

When the show was done my parents and I went to the Albertsons to get some stuff. Its cool to go to different grocery stores that aren't the ones you've gone to already. *confuse look* Hm, should word that better. Oh wel...

N-E-Ways! Looking along the seafood section I was astonished at the size of the crab legs and shrimp!! The legs were more than a foot long and the shrimp about five inches long and an inch diameter!! Not to mention a LIVE lobster tank!! My dad and I told my mom and she laughed at both of us.

Going home I played D&D with my big brother and little sister. It was fun and my choatic fighter was kicking ass! *LOL* So cool! I went to sit on the balcony at night and it was a full moon. The sky was pitch black and a lot clearer than here in Bakersfield. It was a little erry seeing the black ocean except for the part with the moon reflecting on it. Times like those I wish I had a camera.

Next day my bigger brother took my dad and I on a Whale Trip. So exciting!! Seeing that I've never been out to sea before!! At first it was a little scary to just think about it, but what's life if you're never willing to experience it, ne?

At first it was nice I stayed sitting down and my brother stood up which set me a bit off balance. "Sit down! You're rocking the boat!!" Of course he wasn't, but it kinda started freaking me out that I was off balance. The boat ride seemed to be like a swinging hammick to me. It became cold and my brother tried to pull me down to the railing at the lower level. "No! No! I don't want to!" he got me out of my seat and a few steps away, but I forced all my weight into one place making it almost impossible for him to move me.

I heard someone laughing behind at me, but I didn't care. We were about a mile away from land heading towards the Catalina Islands. I scolded myself and decided to go anyway. Damn!! Walking on a moving boat is hard!! I wobble from side to side once in a while and almost fell once. *LOL*

Somehow I got to the very front of the boat and the waves had decided to become bigger. AHH!! It felt like a fair ride! You know how you get high in the sky then plummet down and how strange your stomach feels? It was fun though and the water looked A LOT bluer than how it was closer to the land.

Eventually we saw a family of dolphins who were friendly and tried racing with our boat. SO COOL! I was in front!! ^_^ Sadly, we didn't see any whales, but they had seen blue whales the trip before. Scary...

Hm, not much after that accept I ate the entire time. *lol* Hang out with the family at the beach, rec room and every where else. ^_^ I hope to someday live by the beach although after going on that Whale watching trip the shore waves seem brown! ew...Oh! I almost stepped on a Jelly fish!! Scary!! and I won all the time when I played poker with my brothers and father. ^_^


Today's my birthday and it was small, but enjoyable! ^_^ Just family and no friends down the house. I received a CD hold, some nail polish, T-shirt, necklace, a stuff pengiun beanbad/pillow, and my favorite gift a pair of Happy Bunny PJ's!! I love them!!

After the bar-b-que, we have white cake, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!! My mom knew Chocolate Chip was my favorite and I felt very touched that she knew that. *sniff* My mommy loves me so!! *LOL* Even though I'm eighteen, I'm still a kid at heart! ^_^

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Quick Post!!!
Hey! I'm going to be gone all this week so just to let some know if I don't reply to anyone's PM. I'm really excited, my family is vacationing around Diana Point and my brother said he might take us to lego land! Never been there!

Baking an apple pie so I gotta go!

Love you all and stay safe over the summer! ^_^

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Friday, July 15, 2005

   Pool Party
I wish I had lots to say about this, (If you haven't read Ganymede's post on this day go read.)

Well, my little sister seemed to enjoy herself immmencely, (Ack! Horribly mispelled!) and it was cute to watch her interact with Faye's brother whose about her age.

When we play Soul Caliber II Contraband and I were unusually comfortable on the couch it kinda unnerved me...*sweatdrop* he laughed at me and said I was like a comfortable arm rest for him. *sweatdrop* What the heck is THAT suppose to mean?!!

Needless to say I couldn't handle it much longer and ran with Ganymede to hid in her room. *Shakes Head*

Meh! Enough of all this, what happens is what happens...

The same night I had stayed up really late and my parents freaked out when they couldn't find me in my bed. They had thought I was kidnapped or ran away or something. I couldn't help but laugh a little. If I was kidnapped the whole county would know from my screaming and I have no reason to run away from home. I love my family. It was just funny to me because I had finished reading WhiteCat's post of when she chose to sneak out without her parents knowing.

Anyway I've gotten into Final Fantasy VII again and it's really funner than I remembered it being. ^_^

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Monday, July 11, 2005

New Site
Thank you SunFall!! She gave me a site where I can now post some of my stories and even get a free website. I tried before trying to get a geocity one, but that's so whacked I forget how to work it. *sweatdrop* Not a big fan of learning how to use technology.

Not much yet, but soon!My site:


I was rereading an old web comic I had saved on my computer called, "Strings of Fate". I'm usually VERY picky on the art but this series kept me interested and I admired the art. It kinda reminds me of how disney use to draw. It's about the chinese zodiac and it's really cool. To read it it's at the link below. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GO READ NOW!! ^_^


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Saturday, July 9, 2005

I just had a day at the reception of a family friend's wedding. It was at an all you can eat buffet. It was small, but so nice. My sister who was the maid of honor made the bribe and groom dance and it was SSSSOOOOO SWEET!! ^_^ It can around the time to throw the bouquet and it almost came to me!! SCARY!! But my big sister jumped for it and all was okay. Whew...I almost started panicking that it was a sign!! *LOL*

Afterwards my big brother took the family to see "Fantastic Four" it was an good movie, but not as good as "Batman". Eee, ran into the big movie posterboard with creepy Johnny Deep. *shivers*

OH!! SAW THE PREVIEW FOR TIM BORTON'S DEAD BRIDE!!! SO WANT TO SEE!!!!!MUST SEE!!! It's gonna come to theartes in September. *Kicks dirt* Phooey...

Hm...not much else to say or do...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   Parents Gone
I'm at my sister's house at the moment with one of my bigger sisters having to take care of my little sister, niece and nephews and I. She's not so bad, but she has the reputation of being childish and having a bad temper.

I just didn't like hearing my parents argue on their plan to go and retrieve the van back some Tahoe. My older sister(the one whose house I'm in at the moment) borrowed the van to go to her best friend's wedding and it crashed on the way. She was able to go to the wedding, but the van had to be towed there to get fixed.

Needless to say it upset everyone and my younger older brother was furious. My oldest brother came down and talked with us a little about it and it was like a bir Reyes circle so we could all discuss the manner. I managed to get in a few ideas, but it always went silent after I talked. *sweatdrop* I hate it when that happens...That's why I use to not talk so much to ppl, maybe it's because I surprise them...

The day before leaving my parents were making final adjustments of their traveling plans and argued. I don't mind hearing them argue, but this was something more that that and it felt bad to me. I was reading in the living room and decided to busy myself with washing dishes.

Them arguing reminds me of when we had to stay at several hotels when our house garage caught on fire. It was pleasant enough to begin with, but got real hectic in the later months. I wrote a little story of basically how I felt. Short, but good, maybe I'll post it later.

Well, I finished my book yesterday that Ganymede had given me. ^_^ THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I positively LOVED it. It's the thrid book of the "Golden Compass" Triology.

And just wondering, does anyone else think Johnny Deep's character from Charlie's Chocolate Factory is creepy? >_> <_< I saw him on the cover of the Entertainment Magnize and it REALLY crept me out!!O.O He's so scary!! CREEPY!!

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