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Saturday, April 16, 2005

   April 15, 2005
Well, let me start off saying that MS3 WENT TO RED ROCK CANYON AND FOSSIL FALLS AND IT WAS wICKED COOL!!!!!! ^_^ We took an all day trip today and I really enjoyed it with Mother (Code Name and Faye. We looked around and found out there use to be volcanoes at Red Rock Canyon. Took some awesome pictures and maybe I can post them once I learn how. Anyone want to teach me out there?

The best part there was when a jet flew by us and it was REALLY LOUD!! I was in the front a little and I ducked down thinking, *LOL* Some ppl tried hiding behind the rocks.

At Fossil Falls practically everyone wondered down into what seemed to me the dangerous part. I walked along the top with my Geology teacher making nice chit-chat. I found a lovely rock to lay on and it made me wonder if I was part snake. *LOL* I'm just cold-blooded I guess. Heights make me dizzy though! @_@ Aiya!!

The thing that got me though was after we finished I decided to wait for my friends near the bus and sat on a nearby rock. My crush, (Not Contraband) came by and smiled at me real nice. ^_^ I smiled back. (I liked him since I was a freshman.) He told me then, "You know Lydia, when I pictured having a girlfriend in highschool...I pictured someone a lot like you." Then he smiled that gorgeous smile again. Dang! I think he had that anime shine!!

I smiled back again, "Aw, How sweet." I didn't say anything else. He smiled and looked at the ground. Part of me wanted to believe him, but I know he's a big flirt. The other voice in my head was laughing out loud saying, "Yeah right! How long did it take for you to think THAT one up?! You just want to get in my pants so sick pervert!! You suck!!" Then I thought of things I could have said like, "Aw, how sweet, but I'm taken by Contraband. Yeah he wants to make me his woman. Or Oh, I'm sorry, I'm gay and have a really hot babe waiting for me when I get home. *LOL* Geez...I couldn't tell if I really meant what I said or if I was secretly mocking him...oh well...Overall A VERY INTERESTING DAY!! ^_^

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

March 30, 2005
I went to Walmart with Ganymede today and it was fun! I hardly get to go out of the house.

We purchased a card for Ms. J our band director b/c Mrs.Hurry had passed away on Palm Sunday.

I knew Mrs. Hurry from my freshman year when I acted in the Fall production of "Making It." She was really cool and didn't really except anything that was less than perfect when it came to acting. She told me that I was a really good actor and hoped I would go into Drama Two to continue my acting.

I didn't though because I had MS3 Academy schedule that wouldn't allow me to take it. But the whole experience was one that has changed me completely. I thank Mrs. Hurry for helping me discover and gain confidence in myself.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

   March 22, 2005
Heh heh... I had a good friday until the end...I went to the Career Office after school. Nancy and Natasha know that I had a swell time during Lunch. ^_^ N-E-Wayz! Mr. Dunton pointed out how I was there almost every day. He asked if Contraband was my sugar daddy. I was speechless and it was kinda funny now that I look back on it. We both said no and Mr.Dunton laughed at us. He said I was indenial. Hmph! AS IF!! If anyone is indenial it's Contraband!!

Ha! Just to settle other people's curiousity and my friends. I was joking with Contraband how he looked like a girl. Actually he was joking that he was prettier than me. I said, "As if. Don't forget I'm the girl and you're the boy."

He practically threw himself on me and said in a girly voice, "Oh Lydia! Hold me!" *Shivers* "Hold yourself!!" I shouted at him and pushed him off. It was funny now that I look back on it, but I pretended to be crept out. (I was at the moment.)

Well, That's all I'll write for now. Oh! I'm goinh to Cal State Bakersfield and possibly major in Art. I like Bakersfield. It's a good place for a family and I know the system and places here, but if I get older and learn to drive I'll go places. Except I'll always come home to Bakersfield. ^_^ Home town Girl I guess.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   March 8, 2005
Long time no post...I haven't had much time because my brother sits infront of the computer a lot and I really don't want to bother him.

He went to Las Vegas for today and I hope he wins something or at least has a fun time with my other older brother.

But enough about them, this web diary is about me and my life, ne? ^_^

I had my confirmation yesterday and it was really life changing and everyone was so happy for me! I saw the Bishop too. He looked a lot friendlier than I thought he would look and sounded a lot younger than he look! I got to take a picture with him and had some items blessed. My sister told me I was suppose to kiss his ring out of respect and I was like @_@ Aiya! I didn't know that!! I hope I didn't offend him. *Sweatdrop*

Yesterday I went off by myself during lunch and wrote in my journal. Very peaceful and I liked the quiet. Then when the bell rang I thought I should go find my friends.

I went to go look and I heard a jingling noise, I looked to see---ba ba ba dum!!--- My contraband dressed in his usual black appearl, but with more chains on him that usual. LOL He had on what Momo would refer to as his "strip-tease" shirt over a fishnet shirt of his. *Shakes Head* GUYS AREN'T SUPPOSE TO WEAR FISHNET!!!

LOL I just stopped and watched him. I felt too stunned to look away. He gave me that annoying smirk and just waved "hi" at me. I blinked and mindlessly waved back at him. Then started towards class. *Shakes Head* when Momo brought it up she made me blush without realizing it. LOL Contraband a strip tease. LOL That's a classic...

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   Feb. 20, 2005
Hey! Today I did a presentation with my Confirmation class. I came a little late and they joked around saying they all already agreed that I was to talk at the presentation. @.@ Aiya! They laughed and we all did the thing together. We fed the homeless for our project. It's amazing how something really simple can be such an astounding experience. I hope maybe I could feed the homeless or needy every Monday when I go to college. I will have a little extra time with out band and I want to do this. Oh, yesterday and the day before that I went to watch "Constantine". IT WAS SOOOOOOO COOOOLLL!!!! *Big Grin* I watched it the first time with my family. (Exclude Genius) And a second time with my big brother. We were going to meet Contraband over there and we went an HOUR early!! Except we walked through the mall and I remembered I want to buy the Evil One a gift for her birthday. We went inside Eastern Reflections, and I can't BELIEVE I spent a WHOLE hour in ONE store!! *Head drop* It was exactly 2:30 when we were at the door to go inside. When we got to the theartres it was so dark inside I couldn't see infront of my face!! I tried looking for Contraband, but him being a goth he kinda merges with the dark. *Sweatdrop* I went to the back to look for him, but interrupted a couple who were practically SUCKING EACH OTHER'S FACES OFF!! They looked scared when I poked on of them to ask if a seat was available. *Evil Laughter* Their friends looked over and laughed at them. *More Evil Laughter* That made my day. After the movie my brother and I had to leave quickly before it rained. *Sadness* I didn't see contraband at all, but I can talk to him at school so it's all right. "It's not like it was a date or anything." And you know my brother's right. So I won't worry over a little thing like that.
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Monday, February 14, 2005

   Feb. 14, 2005
*Sigh* Valentine's Day...Yeah, I like that we get lots of chocolate, but I think it IS kinda shallow of all the candy companies making money off of whether you have some one in this moment of your life or not. Maybe I'm just thinking this because it reminds me of all the complications and frustrations love has done and cost me...Oh well, ^_^ I basically had a rather satisfying day without all the romance--well, a little but not much. In Ms. Oxely 's class, but it turned out there were 13 and 4 left. She said they looked sickly and wasn't sure if they were gona make it. LOL Momo and I were thinking the same conclusion. A few days before Momo had been pestering the birds in the cage and we both thought that might have been what killed them. "Bird killer!" I shouted once we were out of class. We laughed pretty hard. -_- I'm SURE it's not her fault, but it was funny to think so. ^_^ I had on a smashing outfit for V-Day. A friend of mine said I looked like a girl from those Victoria Secrets magazine. *Blush* I looked pretty good, but the guy I wanted to hear from most said nothing.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Feb. 8, 2005
Yayness! We're celebrating my brother's b-day on Fat Tuesday!! SO MUCH CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! ^__^ Whee! I went kinda crazy drooling and gobbling all the good food and desserts. LOL My mom gave me this funny amazed look. "Don't get this kid hungry!!" We laughed. *Sigh* Life is good. I was conversing with some friends after school today. They were talking about living in an apartment all together. I didn't think it would be a good idea. They'd get on my nerves or more of I'd be a totally different person with them. I'd also miss my family. They mean a lot to me. I don't know...I get the feeling I should be sad, and I am, but I know well see each other again and it seems like they're clinging too tightly to each other. Friends are fun, but not EVERY moment of your life. You need some time alone...Ash Wednesday tomorrow! So All those Catholics out there DON'T FORGET!! It's a holy day of obligation. For Lent I'm gonna do a rosary during Lunch time by my tree. I love Lent season even though it's suppose to be sad...It brings me a peace...
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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   Feb. 6, 2005
*Cough* Ew...Majorly sick over here, but I hope the Pope gets better with his sickness. ^_^ Father Argue is better now after his stroke and I was so happy for him in church! ^_^ He's my favorite priest. I received a cross from my Confirmation class and it's designed as the three nails that nailed Jesus to the cross. @_@ Whoa! So Sick! I'm feeling a little fainty but that's all right. LOL First day of feeling sick I found myself waking up in odd places. Has anyone ever woken up in a laundry basket before? ^_^ *Sigh* *Cough* It's no fun being sick...I'm starting to get tired from all the sleeping I do. I slpet about twenty hours yesterday. CRAZY!! Isn't it? Oh, I quit the swim team b/c it really didn't fit good in my daily schedule and it came out rather late at night. I am not giving up though learning how to swim!! I'l just learn over the summer. ^_^
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Boomer With Christians
I went to Boomers With Ganymede today and I had so much fun! ^_^ It was my first time riding a race car and I kinda yelled/yelped here and there. *Shivers* Man, it can get cold!! I spent most of my time playing and kicking butt at DDR. My favorite is that aeferonova revenge. I know I spelled it wrong -_- oh well, but yeah ^_^ I never get tired playing that song. I like it in the extreme version the american version isn't so good. I played with R***** and he was okay at it. M****** didn't want to try though. The night before I had a wonderful talk with Contraband on the phone. ^_^ I love talking to him and hearing him laugh. I love it when he makes me laugh too. ^_^ Not much else going on here, but school...bleh...-_-...I need to come up with more code names for my friends.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

FINALS!! AHHHHHH!!!! I had to take my Spanish and Calculus final today. Man, it was hard. Can you believe I'm Mexican but don't know spanish T_T it's sad!! I think I killed it though! ^_^ Yayness. I think I wanted to kill myself in Calculus though. T_T *sob* oh well, I'm getting better so it's not so bad. I didn't take break off so I missed most of my friends todayT_T Oh well..there's always tommorrow...I have to go to cofirmation II class down some weird ladies' house now...>_> eh! It's weird...Ganymede (Code name for my friend!) said on Friday the gang was invited to Boomers. I WANT TO GO SO MUCH!! But I need to ask permission first. Doesn't that sux? Well, she might say ok, but it costs $15 to go in!! I was thinking of asking Momo to give me a ride there or Mother. I was thinking of asking Contraband, but he's not that social. I'm looking for a good anime to get into. Any suggestion?
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