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Saturday, July 9, 2005

I just had a day at the reception of a family friend's wedding. It was at an all you can eat buffet. It was small, but so nice. My sister who was the maid of honor made the bribe and groom dance and it was SSSSOOOOO SWEET!! ^_^ It can around the time to throw the bouquet and it almost came to me!! SCARY!! But my big sister jumped for it and all was okay. Whew...I almost started panicking that it was a sign!! *LOL*

Afterwards my big brother took the family to see "Fantastic Four" it was an good movie, but not as good as "Batman". Eee, ran into the big movie posterboard with creepy Johnny Deep. *shivers*

OH!! SAW THE PREVIEW FOR TIM BORTON'S DEAD BRIDE!!! SO WANT TO SEE!!!!!MUST SEE!!! It's gonna come to theartes in September. *Kicks dirt* Phooey...

Hm...not much else to say or do...

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