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Saturday, July 30, 2005

*Deep Breath* HELP!!!!

I need help with the graphics of my site!! I try to add some more achieves, but I keep using up all the word limit on my profile. I was looking around and see that some ppl have like a separate scroll for thier achieves and was wondering if anyone knew how to do that.

Also how do I put real music on my site? Not midi, but actual music. I have some good ideas of what songs to use, but no idea how to apply them. I'm technologically chanllenged. ;_; Sad, but so true.

Let's see, I also wanted to know how do I make those banner things with all my friends' names on it? ^_^ I would really like to make one for all of my Otaku friends.

What else? *Thinking face* Oh yeah!! I have some BOMB stories that I want so desperately to share with all of you, but no idea how to figure out site connections. *sadness* I tried a site SunFall gave to me, but I have no idea how to make it so the public can read it. *MORE sadness*


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