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Friday, March 2, 2007

I only got 31 items out of 35 on our test in business math!!! waaaah! and only 37 out of 40 in our Algebra!!! aaah! What's so bad about it? Well, Isaac got a freakin' perfect on the algebra....ahhh!

So, anyway, here, it's a saturday morning. The final exams are on monday. Crap, neh? So, now I'm doing all my projects, because If i'm not able to submit all of them on monday, I wouldn't be taking any of my exams...so I have to do my projects for religion, english, history and computer...hekhek

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

so, just....recently, i expressed my deep-seated anger to the very irritating guy....hehehhe...

oh, yesh, I'm on sun cellular right now. To all Pinoys out there, txt me if ur sun!

Ah, crap. So first, my teacher tells me, a week before the test, "we'll have out quiz next thrusday and the unit test on friday.." then, just today, this very morning, when everyone was prepared fro ONLY THE SIMPLE QUIZ, she switched the schedule!!!!AAAAAH! So, we lived our life with two "happy LITTLE (?!?) math UNIT TESTS" that almost sucked the life force outta meh!!! *breathe!!!*

ah, yes...

I love chocomallows! in any way possible. So, there's a friend of mine, named...Jonnah...and her friend, the guy I envy a lot...Isaac...so someone texts me saying "CHOCOMALLOWS: Jonnah and Isaac 4ever...spread d word" So, i did. I though that, with some weird coincidence, Jonnah and Isaac was actually together...I mean, they are childhood friends after all, they go homw together, they great friends and stuff...what's not to believe in it? I gm'd it (sent as group message)to all my friends...and..moments later, the sender tells me that she sent me wrongly, that she wasn't from my school and she was a different jonnah...AHHHHHHHHHH! so, yeah, heck lot of trouble! I just sent it to all my friends...including the popular talkative ones...CRAP!!! jonnah's surely in for an interesting morning tomorrow. Hope she brought her earplugs, coz this gossip might just get ugly.

Or...I might just get killed by Isaac and Jonnah tomorrow!!! AAAAH!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

It's 5:04 in the morning..*yawn* so I can't go and visit your sites..probably later..*sigh* I have to take a bath now because my school bus will come at six sharp.

Well, since the school year is about to end, (for me at least) I'd just want to ask you guys, what's the most fun you've had in school this year? And, what's you favorite subject??

Oh, let me rant out first...
There's a guy here at school. He's smart, funny, good-looking and rich and he happens to be really good at math...and, mind-you..he's also good at basketball..or at least he doesn't suck at it. So, you think this doesn't sound like a rant? Well, here we go then. Apparently, he's everything I've ever dreamed of and more..More as in I mean..HE'S INCREDIBLY LAZY. It's freakin' annoying..I envy him for having that much natural talent and opportunity..being so so so so rich...Which is something that I never had and yet, he's just playing it like some kind of game!??! I envy him coz he's got what I've been chasing for! When I grow up, I wanna be rich and smart and work in a big place and do a huge amount of charity work! But he doesn't have to try that hard to be smart and rich..he alsready is! to be as smart as how I am now, I had to study study study!! But he just lays back and let the world pass by. My teacher told us that he was too lazy to press his calculator! Ugh!! See, It is a rant.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

All hail fuhrer Auvy!!! eheh..

Does anyone here know what an amortization Schedule is?? It's a business schedule that tracks down how much money is paid for a certain debt. It tracks down how much of the debt is left and how many more payments to go before you finish the whole debt and stuff. It's something really long to compute...now do you know what it is? Well, anyway, I had to compute a sample amortization schedule that HAS TWENTY PAYMENTS!!! ahh! so for short, i have to compute for EIGHTY-THREE DIFFERENT STUFF IN JUST ONE MEASLY PIECE OF FREAKIN' HOMEWORK!!! *breathes deeply*

As some of you may know, I'm directing a play called the Adarna bird. So, Auvy says she doesn't know what kind of story it is..well...

A king dreams of his youngest son, Prince Juan, that he will get into trouble. He's so worried that he doesn't eat or sleep and grows really weak. The doctor says that there is only one cure: the Adarna bird's song. So, the oldest gears up and tries to cathc the adarna bird but the song of the bird is so nice that he falls asleep...like a jigglypuff...and then when the bird poops, whatever gets hit turns to stone..which is the oldest son, Prince Pedro. The next son, Prince Diego, goes after and befalls the same fate as his brother. Then Juan comes next and succeeds in catching the bird and restoring his brothers. In the jealousy of his brothers, he was beaten up and left there and they took the bird. The brid wouldn't sing for the king because it was so depressed. Then, Juan comes safely back and the bird sings and the king is cured. To make Juan look bad, diego and Pedro let the bird go and blamed Juan for everything. Juan ascapes and The brothers go after him. They find a magical well...and Juan went down..and found two princesses, Juana and Leonora..and he had to battle giants and giant 7-headed snakes. Leonora fell in love with Juan but in jealousy, Pedro takes Leonora for himself, beat up don Juan and left him there. And then Juan gets better and looks for the Princess Maria who he fell in love with. he went through a lot of tests because the princesses father didn't approve. They escaped but they were cursed by the king that Juan would forget how much he loves Maria. He returns to the palace without Maria to tell the others to prepare for her coming. But, he instantly forgot about Maria...and remembered only Leonora. The princess gets angry and uses her magic to flood the castle and Juan remembers about Maria and they got married. Leonora had to settle for Pedro..haha..

Anyway, I've got to go and do some school stuff..and since I don't read the posts at the the.otaku homepage that much, i went there before i went here to add my post. Well, the rip-off thing is starting to clear...TO HELL WITH JEFF!

And, I'm helping my dad with the graphics for the campaigning of a certain senator. I wonder if I'll be paid for my efforts?

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ah! I wasn't able to go to see the ballet on Romeo and Juliet because we were all so so so busy! D:

Oh, yes, I was helping my dad with the campaigning. You see, my dad's a campaign manager. We'll be having elections for senator so I was fiddling around with photoshop, making a poster a certain candidate and even a powerpoint presentation. Hehe.

And...I'm a director of our next play: The Adarna Bird! Wee!

And, i'm making my journal extension! It's a notebook apart from my personal log journal wherein I write stuff like favorites and nicknames and the names of my friends...some myOtakunians are in there too.

so, what's up with you guys?

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

As of now, I'm at school. We have a club meeting and since I'm in the computer club, I'm allowed to use the computers. Duh. And we're allowed to do anything legal online today. yea!

Well, I'd just want to greet everyone a belated happy Valentine's day. So, what happenned with your lives this Hearts day?

As for me, I'm planning to go and watch a ballet with my mom on the 16th. Yup.

The last few days of our school year is fast approaching and I know that I have to submit all my requirements in time. So, I think i'll be able to do there-written version of my manga this summer.

And, yeah, this summer, i'll be taking piano lessons..something productive to get my mind away from the wrong kind of evil. (why, is there a good kind of evil?!?)

Back to Valentine's...
I received chocolates from Switzerland...yummers..and some valentine's day chocolate from William. creepy eh? And a piece of candy from my kindergarten friend named king. Hehe.

Valentine's day was said to be started by a saint named Valentine. WE all know that but, what we don't know is that some scholars believe that there was a different reason behind it. There's a god named valentine who protets sheep. I don't know how sheep was connected with couples but..well, WE BETTER KEEP A CLOSE WATCH ON THE HALLMARK COMPANY THAT MAKES THE CARDS BEFORE THEY CREATE 'PLUMBERS' DAY'

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Friday, February 9, 2007

My web browser is oh, so cute! It's on a 2-d Super Mario theme right now. Haha.

Right at the moment, I'm sick. I've got a fever and my nose is dripping stalactites. I got my sickness from over-working, I guess. This week just won't stop. We have a lot of stuff to do this week, then, some of us won't be having a weekend of either, including me. Today, Saturday, I have to do a science project with my classmates. And Tomorrow, Sunday, the whole class is having an outreach project. I'm going to direct a play, serve food to poor children, assist them with games..and be the emcee of the whole event. By Monday, we have two quizzes and one long hard summative test. Which, infact, will be followed by another quiz on Tuesday. And if that's not enough, this Tuesday, we'll also have to present a powerpoint about a former president. That presentation will be affecting two subjects too: Social Studies and Computer Class. Suckish, eh? To top it all off, I'M ASSIGNED (with 6 other kids) TO HELP MAKE A LITURGY GUIDE (a book of selected Catholic prayers and songs)FOR THE WHOLE OF THE BOSCONIAN SCHOOLS IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!! stressful.

Now for something OOBER-GOOD. (did I just say oober?) Asians can win a WII!! http://www.animax-asia.com/technomax !!! wii!!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So, today, in environmental science class, my classmates weren't really reciting that much, and I kept raising my hand, but my teacher won't call me coz i was always the one reciting. then she said, "itaas nyo naman ang bandera ng DBS, hoy. Hindi ba kayo nahihiya na isang new student ang palaging nagrerecite? Hoy, gradute ng DBS!" (translation: Why won't you raise the flag of our school? Aren't you ashamed that a new student keeps on reciting for you? Hey, you graduates of this school!)

So, for short, my plan is partly working. The revenge kinda thing or the plan where I show them that my previous school isn't low standard! It was really annoying of some of them to say that my prev school is low standard! Well, now, they feel the exact opposite of what some of them said. REVENGE IS GOOD FOR ME! OUCHNESS FOR THEM!! hahah!

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

I've got a great week.

Start of Jail Booth Duties and Chess Match. Verly played in my position but she lost anyway.

I did a lot of Jail booth Duties, catching kids, arranging lines. A lot of kids pay to get themselves locked up in the Jail booth! I also played chess with Luis and Isaac. with Luis, I won 4 times, he won thrice. With Isaac, I won once, he won twice...Isaac has his own cheering squad for chess...haha

I was awarded 4 certificates and 2 gold medals

I attended the School Fair of Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong

I went to the Dominican College, San Juan School Fair with Verly. She was Screaming so loudly on the Octopus ride, I thought the high frequency pitch of her voice would literally pulverize my ears!

So, i'm sorry that i haven't posted in so long and I haven't even visited your sites..I'm really busy coz we'll have a diagnostic test on monday...two of them...One on Algebra and one on English!!! ahh!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yei! Good news!

I won! I won!

remember when I said I had a debate about charter change and an extemporaneous speech? Well, I won four awards because of those!!! Yehey!!! ofcourse, along with our debate team...

first award was the best speaker or debater. Then the award for the best debate research team. Then the award for the winning debate team. And hten the other was the award for the winner of the extemporaneous speech. Yei!!


How about you, do you believe in the benefits of charter change? If you don't care about the question, here's another one: How long does it take you to hard boil an ostrich egg? I gave the answer on my posts before...

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