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Friday, August 17, 2007

It's been good here, the Philippines. There was a water shortage crisis that was supposed to come, but after almost every church of almost every religion prayed for the rain we needed, it finally came, thank goodness. It's been flooding quite a lot, and the classes have been postponed for two weeks on and off. But it's fine.

My headaches, as some of my friends remember, are still around, keeping me company. *sigh* But at least they don't go up to level ten anymore. And my visions of some sort of wacky wonder world don't come often anymore. And I don't want them, in any case, thank you very much.

My mother tells me that this headache of mine is a rare kind of migraine. One that is labeled the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Some scholars believe that Lewis Carrol, the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Saw There, had the same sickness as I did--which may be the best possible reason on how he was able to come up with such things in his books.

My headaches are constantly being triggered by the sudden rain-sun and cold-hot weather patterns. AAAAAAAAAH! And there are times when I can feel that it's about to rain.

I've been online quite a lot recently, since the exams are over (and I'm afraid to know the results), and I'm usually on TQW (TheQuietWorld.com) discussing the various mysteries we encounter in the Snicket Books.

Also, I've been around friendster trying to see if there is actually an authentic profile of Liam Aiken. I'm not trying to ambush him or anything, but then again, it would be fun to have him as a friend. And then again, I'd have fun being friends with the posers too.

Ate Shynne...Alex...thanks for the help at school...also to Faith.
Beanie, Jared!!!, Lydia, Sara, Jon, Caleb, Kody (haven't seen him in a while), Kaz, Kaili (new member)--my fellow volunteers (or probably not)
theBlackERspot...glad you're still alive
Jovanni...buti naman at di ka pa namamatay
Ate Fran...a new buddy...have some chocolate...
Jhec...Belated happy birthday
*sings* happy happy happy birthday, sa'yo ang inumin, sa'yo ang pulutan. Happy happy happy birthday, sana malasing mo kami!!
At kasama na doon lahat ng ka-uri kong Alien...

Questions for everyone:
1. Been reading anything lately? What?
2. If you're in the Philippines, what are you doing when classes are postponed?
3. If you're in the U.S., what are you doing to prepare for your upcoming classes?
4. If you're anywhere on Earth, how's the weather there?
5. What was the last video/computer game you played?

My personal answers:
1. Yes (of course), Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carrol.
2. Going online, reading, watching tv, kain, tulog, kain ulit, tulog ulit, maliligo, tapos kakain...nanaman, tapos tv ulit....
3.---am I to answer this question?--
4. Rainy....duh
5. Diner Dash 3 Flo on the Go...

Try playing Bookworm Adventures Deluxe and experience an adventure with the younger, cuter Lex (the green worm you found in the original Bookworm Deluxe).

A Series of Unfortunate Events is awesome too.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forgotten-Heart, thanks...
Um, why do you have such a sad username if you're always so cheery??

Oh, yeah! It's raining!!! Though the sudden- rain-stop patterns make my head hurt! Ouch! There havent' been any classes for the past two days. And it's friday tomorrow. Classes, sure. But there aren't any classes on Monday because it's Ninoy Aquino Day!!!

But tomorrow, there are only three subjects!!!

Anyway, theBlackERspot is making this awesome new story. Hope everything goes well. I'll pm you.

1. do you like books? What do you read?
2. why did you choose your username that way?
3. if you were able to invent anything in the world, what would it be.

*quote of the day*
(From the Close Up commercial)
guy1: if you could invent anything, what would it be?
guy2: a car that doesn't need gasoline.
1: there are solar-panel cars now
2: Okay, a wireless headphone.
1: Hello, blue tooth?
2: Right. What about a toothpaste sachet that has a resealable cover that doesn't make a mess.
1: Man, they've got the Close Up twist-off!
(and they start talking about the product)
2. I know! What about a sachet that doesn't need gasoline, that's wireless and has a resealabel twist-off cap?!
1: What?

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For the past three moths, it has been the rainy season...but there wasn't much rain. This was getting serious. It was a drought! And we would have lost all our water and electricity supply! Ahhh! But it finnaly rains! YES! and it floods, right in the middle of Exam week! Woohoo! The Exams are Postponed!!!!! YEEEEAAAAHHH!

I'm not exactly not-sick anymore but I can breathe now (thank goodness) and I can run without getting a heavy chest ache! I can read and use the computer! YES!!! But the mysterious sickness is still not fully diagnosed. ECG, Chest X-Ray, Skull X-ray, Eye Pressure Test, Tuberculine Skin Test...all perfectly normal!!! (on the physical part) My doctors even said my sinuses, eye pressure and heart beat were BEAUTIFUL! (how can they be beautiful, od they have faces??)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Scary word, isn't it?
It is possible that because of this word, I haven't been online for a while. It is possible, that because of this word, I would fail in school. And it is possible, that because of this word, I would have to drop out of school and start home schooling.

Micropsia is commonly known as the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. It's a terrible headache, accompanied by distorted vision. When I look at things, I see monsters and talking chairs, melting rooms and smaller fingers, Enlarged heads and even demons.

I've been sick with AIWS, or at least, that;s what my mom thinks, we're not really sure. Nevertheless, all of the 6 doctors--a neurologist, an ENT doctor, and Ophthalmologist, a pediatrician and two school doctors--were all baffled. They are still ot sure what sickness this is. And, sadly, next week is our examinations. And i haven't been going to school in about 3 weeks, on and off.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ah, school time once more. As most of you may be enjoying your summer vacations, I'm back at school. I've been back here since June 6, actually.

I've just received the coolest piece of homework, EVER! I am required to watch Harry Potter 5 next Friday the Thirteenth! So now my mom can't refuse!!! Ha ha ha!

But just a bit of bad news for you, I misplaced the card reader where I saved my story line for Don't Ask. UGH!

anyway, I've got to go..cya!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

please go to this site:


Everyone else in MyO, nevermind the aboove message. There's been a mix-up coz of a debate about biotechnology.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hey there, you guys! I'm almost done with my summer reading list. Almost, at least. My faves were ASoUE, Spiderwick, and Artemis Fowl. I guess many of you have read that book before.

So, I'm writing two novels right now. The first one is entitled Don't Ask. I'm still a little hesitant about that title. In any case, it will eventually show up in a fanfic site and will be turned into a manga by the marvelous theBlackERSpot. (We'd just like to ask any of you to inform us if you want to help with the manga-making and illustrating.) I'm also going to make another one after that which will hopefully get published. I just hope so.

If ever our manga's any good at all, that might get published too. That is, if the manga even gets finished. And THAT is why we need your help in this one.

Thanks, btw for coming here and reading my posts. i;m so so sorry that I'm not always online to read yours. in any case, I bid you a fond farewell.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm really sorry to everyone for not being able to post in a while. I bid good luck to all those who have their final exams coming up and to those who have mountains of school work to finish.

Anyway, I'm currently wrapped up in the whole Lemony Snciket thing. to those who have a couple of books written by Lemony Snicket, would you PLEASE pm me!!

Anyway, this morning, the lights were out. there was a brown out. So, since it was SO warm here, I made a mini-fan out of my brother's old broken toy car. It worked. But, as it was finished, the electricity came back on. So, there was no use for the invention anymore. So, I just changed the invention and configured it into some kind of tickle machine. Ha ha. It worked too but we didn't have that much fun with it. No reason really. So, we put all materials back in storage.

1. Do you have any book written by Lemony Snicket?
-just two. TMM and TAA
2. If you were a cactus, why?
-Because I'll be more useful as a cactus than a human.
3. What did you do last Friday the thirteenth? What do you plan on the next one in July?
-I went online from 12 am to 8 am. I'm gonna watch the premiere of HP5: Order of the Phoenix. But, that's just a plan. That isn't going to happen to me.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey everyone!

right at the moment, I am all wrapped up in the books 4 and 5 of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket or...dun dun dun...Daniel Handler. They say he's Daniel Handler but the other people say he's just his representative.

Somewhere in my head, it says he's Daniel Handler. In my nose, it says...he's Klaus. In my gut, it says, he's actually Count Olaf.

Anyway, that's not really my post.

I came here to tell you about my exciting past few days and how my bottom hurts so much because of those days.

I went to one of the many beautiful summer capitals of my country. This one happens to be Baguio City. It's the only City in the whole of Benguet. People go and visit there because they want to experince the unique culture, food, parks or some extreme motion sickness people often get when they drive through the mountain ranges that lead to Baguio City.

As for my family and I, we went there for campaigning purposes--it's campainging season for the senatorial elections, you see, and my dad is working for a senator-to-be.

It was fun there. We went boating and stuff. We rode on horses and bought cool souvenirs. We looked at the wonderful scenery too. I'm planning on making amv's and documentaries on the captured footage of baguio.

But the best part was...THE 6 CYCLE MIND CONCERT!!!

It rocked! It was great. 6 cycle mind is a great OPM (Original Pinoy Music) rock band. It was awesome!

Also, while there, I went book hunting again. I bought Book the fifth of A series of Unfortunate Events.

By the time I went home, I read it for one night. The whole night. Until it got 6.30 am.

P.S. Right now, it;s 5.22am here. I haven't slept yet.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

So, this is my new layout. As promised, the blog will be a multi-paged site. I'm still in the middle of adding the pages and updating the links. Hegh...

Anyway, I'd just like to know if you guys like it or not.

Most of the links are still disfunctional. The pages are still under construction.

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