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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Hey you guys, I'm back..

just recently, FMA returned for the fourth time (English Version).

Anyway, this guy at school keeps on scolding me and punching me for not sending him a text message the other night! it's so annoying!

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

last day of our extended weekend vacation?!?!?
and as usual, though how much i've studied my lesson during the break, i still have to make this report about the play that we watched during the feildtrip. the play was the Disney Version of Aladdin. Well, I finished it now, but i still have a few quizzes tomorrow! wait..i already studied on those too. ;P. what am i worrying for?

Anyway, tomorrow, I'l go to tomoe crystal's school again to claim the vcd she borrowed about our country's national hero. Now, what am i supposed to do today?

Oh yeah, tomorrow's seiji-kun's (my younger brother's) birthday. but i don't have any money to buy gifts for him! XD

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wee! No classes! Wuppoo! for five days since yesterday! hoorah! Wednesday: fieldtrip break, Thursday, super typhoon approaching, friday, Bonifacio's day and the weekends! Vacation!!!

so anyway, today, we finally put up a few decorations for the coming Christmas..because this Sunday, it will finally be Advent..

if anyone asks, Advent is the four weeks before Christmas that is used to symbolize the 4000 years of waiting the Israelites did for teh Messiah, to make way for His coming..and that's where the Advent Wreath came from..

so to those Catholics, somewhere out there over the rainbow, it's going to be the time aloted for us to confess, pray, do good to others before Christmas and stuff like that.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

if i could describe my field trip last Tuesday, I'd describe it as totally fun..even though we didn't get to ride the same bus as Taro or Tobi, still, we had cellphones...and lots of snacks to eat and lots of drinks too...

We went to where the first president of the Philippines lived..and there was even a bomb shelter there! it was really scary to look at..and just beside the place is a complete souvenir market..which we are not allowed to go to..

anyhow, we went to a cool art museum...and some paintings really looked 3D...when looked at straight forward..i envy those painters...there was even this 46-Million-peso-worth painting..

then we went to see the money museum! we even get to see a 100 000 peso-bill... it's as big as cotton bond! now that's big money..we alos saw some flower shaped money..and some kinds of japanese yen...

and we watched Aladdin..a play...musical even..and my classmates commented on Aladdin as cute and Jasmine as a total yuck-face..

anyhow, we enjoy the bus moments more than the trip...we had to exchange food too..or just give them the food for free rather...anyhow, the food would be better off with the others than with me...

ja ne!
tell me if you want my posts to be audio broadcasted next time...or written..or both!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Today, i went to my friends' school just to see tomoe crystal...but she was absent coz they talked about not going to school today so that there won't be any classes for them...so only 11 of them attended...

anyhow, today, I got to visit Hanarhinestone, Akkaime, aya, Tamarika and so on and so forth...

But enough about them coz they'll get angry at me for it..

anyhow, Verly and William are at an event called VIGIL. it's a religous overnight stay somewhere wherein they wouldn't sleep...why would verly go through all this? answer: Her Crush, CJ, is there..and what about william? he came to support verly..and why didn't I go? i'm not in a religious group...if i was, would i go? Yeah, coz verly's going...and we'll be doing somehting useful...

sheesh! Verly and William keeps on texting me on my cellphone..saying that they met a few dcans and they saw our algebra teacher with them...

anyhow..i'm designing a website..currently, the wbmistress made the layout while i'm still doing my christmas layout..so if you wanna go check it out, it's Mysticbutterflies: Chasing the butterflies.

We'd appreciate if you visit

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

yeah! so i got 21/25 on my ecology quiz that i told you guys about..and as for the algebra quiz...i got 32/35...the reason? i didn't copy the write numbers from the given word problem! sheesh! instead of writing 38, i wrote 32! no wonder i got the wrong value for x!

anyhow, my teacher in English class, who is also the teacher in charge for teh school newsletter, notced my talents for writing and she wants me to write poems and stories or even articles and send 'em to her..and speaking of English class, we'll be having a role play about family troubles and i'm the father..and MY CHARACTER'S NAME IS...ALPHONSE!

so anyway, i still have to make a fashion magazine for our computer class..wierd, huh?

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yeah, well, all hail Fuhrer Auvy!
on Friday, i'll be visiting tomoe crystal's school...and get my glasses fixed.

anyhow, today is tuesday so a little while ago, we had our P.E. and some of you know what happened, right? the whole homework incident. but we all kept quiet about it on our PE class today. i think all the teachers that saw our tears on that day teamed up and defended our stand...so i guess she really doesn't want to talk about it either but our PE class was a lot of fun, dancing "subli" and wearing straw hats..

today we had a quiz in ecology...yep, ecology..but we ahven't seen our scores yet and i'm kinda afraid to see it..and as for the algebra quiz, i'm really confident to see my scores...well, i did study algebra since the third grade!

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Monday, November 20, 2006


so anyway, we had a good time today...


so, if anyone reads my previous profiles, i'm a huge bookworm...

and...well...I ACTUALLY WON THE TLC AWARD! no, it's not tender loving care...it's TOP LIBRARY CLIENTELLE!! wee!

i've always watned to win this one so that I could borrow three books at a time.....


i wrote on the spot when i saw someone's gb of a black rose:

The black rose
by arlihama
written right now, on the spot, when i saw the bg!

a black rose,
so dark and so complex
a heart that aches can never be
describe by any ancient text

both so sweet and fragile
yet they hide under a coat of black
it's life, it's color,
it's glaze is what it lacks

it fears the world of pain
and yet it acts so strong
pretending it can do everyhting
even forget the pain and move on

it's so afraid of pain
that it chose to hide instead
in a coat of darkness
or in a sweet girl's chest

how can it come unbroke
when it broke a million times?
how can it be pure and white
when it's soiled and it's despised?

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

you see, today is the second day of the two-day anime convention that happens only once a year...it's the Hataw Hanep Hero..and i'm not in it..well, i was supposed to meet akkaime, aya there today and even probably tomoe crystal...but hey, on the last second, my dad changed his mind and said no..

in other news, Manny Pacquiao just defeated Eric Morales today in Boxing...for the third time..so for short, victory once again goes to the Filipinos! woot!

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

i really dislike this NEW PHYS. ED TEACHER of ours...
although I do respect her rights as a teacher, she WOULDN'T EVEN CONSIDER OUR ACCOUNT ON THE HAPPENING!

You see, we were given an assignment to RESEARCH ON THE BASIC STEPS ON FILIPINO FOLK DANCING. so we did. We searched every nook and cranny for that stuff and the truth be told, the SOURCES FOR THIS WERE COMPLETELY LIMITED! so we didn't copy each other's homework but since the SOURCES WERE ONLY THREE OR SO, even if we didn't get each other's work, it will STILL BE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!

So she called us during our recess break and did everything in her power to make us look bad...and it turns out as if we were the ones cheating on hte assignment...!!!!!

when we said that we will make a new assignment to make up for this one, she won't accept!

what are we supposed to do?!?!?!

and do you have any teachers to rant or rave about?

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