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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My classmates and I are going to make fashion a magazine using Adobe Pagemaker 7.0..so we will be wearing clothes we aren't going to buy and take pix and put them back in the store...cheap..isn't it..

Okay! well, I still have to redecorate the computer lab tomorrow so I will be amking the stuff to decorate with along with my homework..yeh..

see yah

Important Anime events:

November 18-19
Hataw! Hanep! Hero!
World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd., Philippines

November 18
Glorietta Activity center, Phil.
Fashion Ability
see you there!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

hey you guys
i have a friendster account cuz everyone is asking me to and, not to give in to peer pressure, but just for them to shut up..i am so mean..anyway, I have to do my homework..

a question though...
which anime character do you have a crush on?

just asking..

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Friday, November 10, 2006

I've got a lot to do this weekend but i'm still doddling..i've got to read towo books and do my homework...and learn the guitar...whatever...ehhh and I have homewokr about th eFilipino dances

Today's Zwinky:

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hey there everyone...

okay, this is what happened at school today..
(reminder: it's evening here right now)

first, we had club meetings..Computer Club and we have to decorate the two computer labs..

next, we had a POP QUIZ in Filipino..i'm pretty confident in my scores..not really..

business math wasn't much today..just plainly discussing annuity...Oh wait..my classmate asked my teacher to permit her to go to th elavatory..SHE HAD TO ANNOUNCE TO THE WHOLE CLASS WHY SHE WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM...and she just said that she had to change her napkin..I ain't telling who that was...

during lunch, I borrowed two books from the library..(i'm talking about books again, huh?)

Religion Class, we had another POP QUIZ..and those who failed had to dance for the class on Monday..luckily, I didn't fail

Algebra..yes, algebra..we had a quiz...I forgot to simplify the value of x..grrr...so i only got 17/20~oh well...

this weekend's to-do list
1. Design a website
2. Read two novels
3. Do my homework
4. Get my dad a b-day gift
5. Celebrate my dad's B-day
6. Study in Advance
7. Learn how to play the classical guitar


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Thursday, November 9, 2006

sorry i haven't been on for a while...

so i guy just tried to hug me this lunch break...

have I mentioned that i have a phobia for guys...i used to..

but i'm still afraid of them getting too close..

this cool girl i met...sam to be precise...is gonna have a site and she wants me to be one of her crew to design the site..wee!

any plans for this weekend??

ps...thanks nishiakari!

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Friday, November 3, 2006

hey you guys! i just got this really cool cd of different wierd games and flash flicks...heheh i'm enjoying htem.. one has the old game show of "who wants to be a millionare?" in Filipino version with christopher de Leon.. one other had a game of the pres. Bush shooting his assasinators... there's even this cute puppy and the "throw pies at bill gates" game..no offense, though.. sois anyone having a good time at home? and, oh yeah, do you want me to put one of the flash flicks here?
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Thursday, November 2, 2006

WEll, anyway, I was glad to get comments from you guys on my last post...wee!! so, here in the Philippines, Nov. 1 is all saints day for teh catholics and nov. 2 is all souls' day. these two days are the two days in a year that almost everyone goes to the cemetery to visit their departed loved ones. So for short, I WENT TO THE CEMETERY!! the 2 trees that stood by the buried bodies of my departed grandparents were cut down and there grew lovely white and pink flowers. I was wearing a pink polo shirt and a ribbon on my head so when I went to sit on hte tree stump to reas a book..umm....people commented on it as a picture perfect moment...geez... Mayumi-chan kept texting me the whole day..hehe and i drew a nice landscape of the cemetery because the cemetery wasn't scary at all..there were flowers everywhere and nice leafy trees, a gravel path, bermuda grass everywhere and a nice huge pond in the middle. What makes the place scary is that in the middle of the pond, there is a small island (?)where one whole family was buried...and every year, no one came to visit..there was a bridge that connected it to the land and a gate that was covered with vines was there and a police line too...what's with the police line.. but it was traditional for me to go there every year on that little island..so i did it this year, cross the police line, over the bridge and just look at the poor abandoned place... so, what you guys up to? any good scares lately? i'm up for it.
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Monday, October 30, 2006

hey you guys!!!
last nihgt i was so sleepy that i had to ask where the bathroom was...in my own home..haha...

anyway..I've got nothing to do, do you?

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Like my new layout? anyway, yesterday was our gratittude day and also the start of our semestral break. We danced and my friends and I played an interesting new game we made. We had to list down as many cartoon or animé characters as we can before the time stops....wee!
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

so there are a lot of problems with my previous site. you can't see it clearly so i have decided to make a new layout...it's going to be green as I have originally planned.

Today, we had a run through of our program for saturday..GRATTITUDE DAY...and after our turn to dance...the algebra teacher had to stay for the rest of the run through...so we didn't have algebra....when my classmates were making noise throughout the period, they played a game of "TELL ME WHO YOUR CRUSH IS" and I was "it" for two turns and they kept asking me who I had a crush on and tehy asked me again and again so I just had to shout out...I DON'T HAVE A CRUSH..AND WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR FREACKIN' PROBLEM?!?!?!?

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