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Thursday, February 15, 2007

As of now, I'm at school. We have a club meeting and since I'm in the computer club, I'm allowed to use the computers. Duh. And we're allowed to do anything legal online today. yea!

Well, I'd just want to greet everyone a belated happy Valentine's day. So, what happenned with your lives this Hearts day?

As for me, I'm planning to go and watch a ballet with my mom on the 16th. Yup.

The last few days of our school year is fast approaching and I know that I have to submit all my requirements in time. So, I think i'll be able to do there-written version of my manga this summer.

And, yeah, this summer, i'll be taking piano lessons..something productive to get my mind away from the wrong kind of evil. (why, is there a good kind of evil?!?)

Back to Valentine's...
I received chocolates from Switzerland...yummers..and some valentine's day chocolate from William. creepy eh? And a piece of candy from my kindergarten friend named king. Hehe.

Valentine's day was said to be started by a saint named Valentine. WE all know that but, what we don't know is that some scholars believe that there was a different reason behind it. There's a god named valentine who protets sheep. I don't know how sheep was connected with couples but..well, WE BETTER KEEP A CLOSE WATCH ON THE HALLMARK COMPANY THAT MAKES THE CARDS BEFORE THEY CREATE 'PLUMBERS' DAY'

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