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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   Poll wall for all!

Which among these do you think is the best anime ever?
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people of the galactic integer ooze and those of the probability galaxies...we, integerians, will completely CRUSH the planet DECIMALS and steal all the ANIME that those DECIMALIANOS HAVE BEEN HIDING.

yOU SEE. the thing is, my friend's dad works abroad in japan and works for bandai. she has the first episode of digimon savers and she says that her dad will be handing it over to bandai by next week but, she won't let me borrow the tape. I know that she is just making sure that she keeps her responsibilities under control but she said she shouldn't tell me the story or anything shown on the tape. this is because bandai has copyright on this so she's not allowed to let anyone else know anything. now, filipinos have to wait till christmas.oooh. awwww.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

   Takari called official by fans worldwide
To those late updated fans...close all exits of sound and hold on to your voices...Takari is now official!

Japanese versions of anime rocks especially for those Digimon-Takari fans. In the episode "His Master's Voice" not only was it revealed in English version that TK and Kari cares for each other but it was said by the animators (who eventually got annoyed) that TK and Kari will get married 13 years later. That results to the age of 24 so probably a few months after they finish college. It was also revealed in the Japanese version of the episode "His Master's Voice" that they had a kissing scene but some who have not yet watched and experienced everything says it was all online hoax. But, summer, few years ago, in a magazine was a free poster created by the animators themselves wherein it showed most of the proper love teams. Yamara and Miyaken was obvious and Takeru and Hikari were there holding hands and deeply staring into each others eyes. And to further objections, Mimi has got to be with one of the nerds to the right of the poster. This is my current background but if it was changed then e-mail me and I'll send you the proof.

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   Digimon 05 - It's Official!
$body$Due to too much waiting, people have gone bored with the news. Digimon o5 or V-Jump is now. named! To those who really don't know it yet, Digimon 05 was announced at Jump Festa 2006. It is now called ...drum roll please...DIGIMON SAVERS or DEJIMON SEIBAZUU! www.thedigiport.com or TDP got in on this and even has the website where you can find it all and even the character designs. But they look more like teens rather than elementary. But some fans who've seen it before say that the two character designs are Kari and T.K. in High School.
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