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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So, today, in environmental science class, my classmates weren't really reciting that much, and I kept raising my hand, but my teacher won't call me coz i was always the one reciting. then she said, "itaas nyo naman ang bandera ng DBS, hoy. Hindi ba kayo nahihiya na isang new student ang palaging nagrerecite? Hoy, gradute ng DBS!" (translation: Why won't you raise the flag of our school? Aren't you ashamed that a new student keeps on reciting for you? Hey, you graduates of this school!)

So, for short, my plan is partly working. The revenge kinda thing or the plan where I show them that my previous school isn't low standard! It was really annoying of some of them to say that my prev school is low standard! Well, now, they feel the exact opposite of what some of them said. REVENGE IS GOOD FOR ME! OUCHNESS FOR THEM!! hahah!

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