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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Once more, I have returned!
I know I've been on and off from MyO for such a long time, but what's going on with TheO and MyO?

Anyway, I bring forth good news today. :D If I haven't told you, I'm a field journalist for the school publication this year. And just a few weeks ago, I took an exam, so that I could continue being a campus journalist next year. I passed with flying colors, and my score is the fourth highest. I'm very happy about it. All those who passed are having workshops every weekend. We've finished two sessions, and I enjoyed them. I'm also happy to know that we're getting more members. And a lot of younger ones too. this year, the youngest member was a grade six student. I'm happy to tell you that next year, fourth and fifth graders are coming in as well.

The final exams for the school year have finished. And I'm happy to tell you that I got highest scores in Biology and English. I'm not sure with the others though. But still. I'm glad.

But because of the stress from the exams, and from the journalism workshops, my headaches are on and off again. And I have been absent from school for the past three days. By the way, school ends this Friday. I hope I won't miss it, because we will have a fair.

Anyway, I'm really sorry for the delay on Don't Ask. As I said, I had a lot to handle. So probably this upcoming summer, theBlackERSpot and I could finally finish it.

Okay, you guys! I'm done writing here!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

before i forget... OH YEI
just a mini post..
there are only five students who passed the third quarter examination in biology in our section :(
i'm one of them... and i happen to have the highest score! YEI!

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Sopas forever! haha.
so the new year's have passed. happy o8 everyone!

anyhow, i've got lots happening here. our maid left to go back to her province to have a good time and all that. .... she's always like this. time and time again, we've paid her to work, and then she leaves... we give her the day off every Sunday, but sometimes she also takes the night off. HELLO we have school on mondays, we need breakfast to be on the table by 5AM! and none of us can make breakfast in the morning coz we all have to sleep as much as we can. most of us don't sleep at all coz of all the homework... she's been with us for years and years, on and off. she always leaves us after a few months, asks her sisters or her daughters to cover up for her, and then returns, only to go back home, and leave us, tired from all the schoolwork or from work, to do all the house keeping.

yes, she's a nice person. but she's got a job. the money is not the problem here. we need to get the job done. which is why we hired her.

so practically, on the busiest days of the year, when we need her most, coz we always have celebrations during the holidays, she's gone.

so we did all the house keeping.

it's okay, i guess. coz there aren't any classes. i'm fine with doing chores during vacation... i actually find doing chores quite fun, coz i do them with my cousins who live with us, and with my big sister too...

but by Monday... we have school again. by the time i come home, i instantly have homework to do. actually i have some already now.

anyway, breakfast was turned into a disaster epic, into a fairytale, into a tragedy, into a comedy.

so i woke up to make breakfast with my cousin. half my mind was asleep, but i managed to chop up the carrots and the cabbage. we were making Sopas. it's a soup with macaroni, milk, carrots, cabbage, ground meat and chopped up hot dog bits. yeah so we were making the breakfast, when we didn't notice that we put in ONE WHOLE KILOGRAM OF MACARONI. *palmface* so there was a HUGE batch of Sopas. and the macaroni got overcooked, so it looked like the same adhesive you'd use for putting up posters!

-disaster epic-

then my mom woke up and made everything tasty, even though the macaroni was like glue...

then she told us that if we don't finish all that sopas, we'd get punished... coz it's our fault.

and then we had to eat all that in one day. we didn't have to cook lunch anymore... coz that's what we ate. in total, i had three bowls. hahaha.

my other cousin, who was originally the one who was told to make breakfast, but slept through the whole thing, she almost vomitted and stuff. and we had a hard time eating all that coz it tasted like elmers glue with salt, hot dogs, cabbage and carrots. hahaha. totally weird.

and so my cousin said "CURSE YOU SOPAS!!!"

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'M BACK! ... but she never will.
I'm back online! yei! but...

a schoolmate of mine just died. :( everyone regrets not being able to be there when she died and stuff... I regret not being able to meet her. The teachers were all spaced out, and some of them were going crazy. It's hard to have someone you love die, but still, that shouldn't make anyone stop living their life.

I have some friends wanting to follow this schoolmate to heaven right now. I hope their plans of killing themselves won't push through.

She died because of dengue, btw.

I want to remind everyone to keep their houses clean, and keep stagnant water. Because mosquitoes are always there. Please be careful.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007


today, 8th november 2007, would be my Second year in myO. I'd like to thank you guys for being here with me and reading my posts no matter how boring they are. Thank you for visiting my site no matter how unpleasant the layout is. Thank you all. You have made my two years of MyOtakunian-ship enjoyable and worthwhile. as my second year here, I resolve to get back to posting more often, and to read your posts more often as well.

I'd like to thank theBlackERspot for being such a great partner.

And to all of you guys.

you've been great.

This celebration is not for me being here. .. it's for you guys being there for me.


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Saturday, September 1, 2007


my teacher and the nun at school advised that i shouldn't go to the recollection in the Spirituality Center this monday. *sigh* well, at least I get to sleep. And I have more time to do my investigatory project.

Speaking of which, our biology teacher asked us to make an investigatory project. We weren't supposed to have one for this year, but almost everyone is flunking biology! So, as a last resort, my teacher had to give us I.P.'s. I hate making an I.P. But, in any case, I chose to make this I.P. on my own, while everyone else are making theirs by groups of 8.

Just in case you don't know, an Investigatory Project is more serious than the usual Science fair project. We usually have to invent something, or have a repeatable result. Have any ideas?

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