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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If anyone's going to read this, i must say that I AM TOTALLY CANCELING THE GAKUEN TOMODACHI NO HIBI PROJECT....

And this Christmas, we went skating in the Mall...and then ate at Pizza hut..which reminded me much of Aya...then we went home and then i opened my gifts.

My gifts were:
♥Perfume and sparkling lotion from Penshoppe
♥Two new books!!
♥A stuffed piggy!
♥A yellow rose
♥A superman ring ?
♥A cute top
♥A lovely bracelet
♥200 bucks from Aunt Cecille
♥500 bucks from Aunt Rose (which i lost!! Ahh!)

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

so i doubt anyone will be commenting on this post seeing that it's Christmas..or nearly...or whatever holiday you celebrate..

but anyhow, if anyone's going to read this..
the manga "Gakuen Tomodachi no Hibi" is already up. And...that's the good news. The bad news is..after a few more really crappy pages, I'll be canceling the whole project. It isn't going to be operational anymore since school will start at Jan. 8 and i still have a lot of requirements i have to get ready. Probably, i'll think about it first..i might turn my decision to just merely postponing it until summer vacation. But even during vacation, i stay home and study my lessons, there isn't really much of a break for a person who dreams of becoming a scientist. Even now, i still have to study.

So sorry if i had your hopes up. I mean, when i post about my manga, some people start to think that it's going to be great. I agree with Fuhrer Auvy that the storyline is great but the problem is that since i don't read manga that much, I don't have enough visual input or any idea how i'm going to make my manga. But since i read books a lot, i have a great storyline. I dunno, i'll probably turn it into a nice fanfic and just add a few book-like illustrations along the way. A manga is just to much for me since i'm always busy.

arlihama's vacation to-do list
(the decalogue?!?)
1. Practice teh classical guitar
2. read 5 to 8 novels
3. make the manga (if not cancelled)
4. write and continue the storyline for the manga (which might be turned into a novel)
5. finish the site i'm designing (i was supposed to submit this on DECEMBER 17..so i'm late and my boss is going to kill me..i must avoid her online presence)
6. Study Algebra
7. Read teh next 3 chapters of my science text book
8. read teh next two chapters on the commonwealth
9. research for the history of Volleyball and make a good research paper.
10. Collect all my test papers, seat works, notebooks and any peice of paper involved in any of my school activities during the school year (or else, i can't graduate)

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good evening (or morning..whichever) or probably even Afternoon!
I'll jsut get to the point then..
i've put up my manga. yeah, so the illustrations may be a little crappy coz i didn't put ink on them. i didn't retrace it with a pen..sadly..
that's because my mom found my pen lying around the house and put it in her closet for safe keeping so my younger brother wouldn't play with it..and hey, it was a nice sign pen with good ink and it's still full..and i just got it today. the manga will come out in the site around 8 am (time in the US) on Christmas day exactly.

and in other news..
heero yuy sent me a pm
he's angry at me for my comment gone wrong.
u see..he had one depressing post and to me it implied killing himself in a way or another (but it didn't. turns out, he was just really depressed)..i used to have friends who talked that way which i just thought they were plainly sad...then days later you'd find them on the floor, dead as a fly. since i had about 6 experiences on that matter, whenver someone says things like that, i just get concerned and say "don't kill yourself" or things like "we all have problems" because i used to just shut up (and we know what happenned when i did) and well, i think i brought it out too much on him that it got out of hand and made him really angry.


(well, have 6 dead friends who paid some people to kill them for themselves and come back to me and tell me how you feel about it..)

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Friday, December 22, 2006

hey, i finished some of my manga now..

i'm going to post it up..turns out..maya tomoe's going to be a prioncess as well..

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

hei u guys!

turns out..my character, Jiyu, isn't going to make plants! she is able to control any solid elements! *checks the periodic table of elements*


i've changed some of the details and finally worked out what i want the main problem to be! but i'm not telling any of you..i'm also thinking of putting a loveteam for the princess Yuki! yei! and something like a big magical thingy that they have to die for just to get..or somehting..i'll just htink of something...

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


if anyone has noticed, i have my cover for my new manga "gakuen tomodachi no hibi" up in the fanmanga section. I was drawing the rest of the manga until...until...the maid...i think...when she cleaned up my workspace...IT'S GONE!!!!!

so since it's going to take some time to recover my work...i'll be telling you about the characters.

Jiyu Ayumi Miyage Sakana
-that's I (using the word "me" would cause crammatical error). i'm the main character. a student of the element house of Earth. i attend my classes in the golden stars category. my power is to create various plants! they can heal and fight.

Mayumi Shibuya
-she's my distant cousin. she's in the Fire house and in the bronze stars. Her power is to create great heat and fire whenever she kicks something.

Shintaro Yukure
-My only guy friend. he's in the air house under silver stars class. his power is to make illusions of bright colors using different gasses from the wind and make cats and felines of all sorts out of the wind.

Akari Hoshi
-she likes cats too but more fascinated with stars. she is under teh air house and gold stars class. she makes stars out of gasses...which she can use to fight.

Yuki Tsukiyomo
-a royal princess of the ice kingdom. she's in training and was sent to gakuen tomodachi. she's in the gold stars class under the water house. She has the power to lower the temperature of the water and turn them into snow.

Tobi Kage
-she's from the earth house. she's a quick thinker and controls the movement of the ground. she's smart so she's in the gold class.

Maya Tomoe
-the fun person! she's in the bronze class under the fire house. She can heat anything around her to be bombs, hot dangerous gases...or just create a nice warm fire or a nice hot bath.

The setting
the story happens in Gakuen tomodachi.

The houses
There are four houses based on the four aristotlean elements where alchemist based their sciences. The four houses are Aquasia, Fuegorica, Monderopa and Arialia.

-the water house
-the fire house
-the house of nature and earth
-the house of the air

The classes
-categorized by grades.
-Gold stars (highest level)
-Silver Stars (moderate level)
-Bronze (lowest Level)

Grade Levels
-by age (A-M)
-you graduate when you finish level H and you can study by course from level I onwards

So, that's what the things you have to know about my manga. i hope when i show it here, you'd like it. I won't make the drawings colored or fancy or anything. I'll just have the illustrations as is, not really worked on too much...because if i tried, it would look worse. XD So i won't try.

*note: by the time it's up and you'd start to think that Shintaro and Jiyu have the potential to be the perfect love team...don't. TARO AND I ARE NOT TOGETHER!!!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

so i watched the play of my sister for the second time! hehe, it was good except for the fact that the play didn't have any concept at all...ak!

In fact, they were doing ad lib and spreading randomness! They were doing that to annoy the director that they hate so much! You see, their director's a big meanie and he isn't really a skilled leader and he threw out one of his best actors. so to annoy him, they kept saying out loud the names of their sponsors or having some people reek havoc on set. they were causing mahem there! wee! and they hired this guy to play the grudge just for fun! ahaha! his boxer shorts almost fell off! XD...i was laughing to death!

Well, happy holidays!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

I woke up at three am...it's simbang gabi (dawn mass) a mass held on 4am...for 9 days before x-mas. if you finish all nine masses, you get to wish on the last day. I'll see if i can keep it up and finally complete a row of dawn masses


it sucked...o.O')
sadly, it really did.
well, the games were, well, just to not hurt any of my classmates who might be reading this...i'd just say that there were only three games...
and the food wasn't really enough for everyone..
and the pancit (some kind of chinese pasta..noodles in a filipino recipe sort of way)came late because the people at the shop where we bought them let others cut in line first! grrrr! making matters worse, Taro didn't attend..and i didn't get to see most of my friends from teh other classes/..and this was supposed to be the last time we see each other before the new year!

so anyway, we all had a nice time (sarcastic)

but i did get a fuushigi yuugi (curious play or mysterious play)manga as a gift!

and i looked like a business woman in my clothes! ;P...and yei kitties! XD

I watched a play called WIS ("walang ibig sabihin" or in English is "Has no meaning") coz my sister plays the role of a sexy star person somethng.

I wish my teacher (Mrs. Cabral) congratulations for a hopefully successful labor with her new baby!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hey there you guys!
Today, my niece was baptized!
And it wasn't just anywhere, it had to be in Parañaque...the very very far away parañaque. And after teh baptism, we went to eat a a restaurant. Finally, I got the chance to see the mother of all my step brothers and sisters, the first wife of my father...and i had the creeps, i'll tell you that much.

And when I got back home, it's already 5 pm...but i have to prepare my requirements for tomorrow, and i'll have to practice the guitar and print two magazines! and memorize a script!

I'm gonna be busy...

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Friday, December 8, 2006

hey there you guys, i've got a fever right now...well, today's surely eventful

first, there aren't supposed to be any classes today because it's the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. anyway, we just had to go to school to attend mass until nine AM and then we had to go to my classmates house to practice our play in English class. We didn't get to practice anything because everyone was tempted when they saw the swimming pool. well, I got wet cos they got me wet...hehehe...

so we were all wet, and i had to walk to the mall...(saving money!!!implication: Jiyu's not rich..XD) by myself too...i was planning to buy an orange t-shirt with a black pront for our exchange gift on our christmas party. of course, i'll get that cos everyone wrote wishes on the wishlist. On the way there, a really stubborn guy kept on begging me to donate for a fund raiser..and he won't get the heck out of my face unless i donate 40 pesos! so, dot dot sot, i bought the gift, dot dot dot...and i had no money left..so i had to walk...all the way home...no food, no money..no water...NOTHING BUT A FREAKING WET SHIRT ON MY BACK!!!



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