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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I like seeing people downloading my wallpapers!! ^^ I thank those of you who did!! And in reply to someone's comment on my Akabane wallpaper (I think it was EmilySadako), yes he's the highlight of the show!! ^^ I totally agree...like I usually only watch the episodes with him in it...he's so sadistic, yet cute! *cough* Anyhoo, I think I'll make some more tonight (maybe) of Ginji, Kazuki, and the others. I did a pic of Raine (TOS) today...so I'll scan it in sometime. I haven't really drawn in a long time...so I just felt like it when I was bored today!

Paper update! In case you're wondering about my stupid English paper that I was ranting about for days...I'm sitll not done it!! >< Ok, this isn't even the big final paper...it's just 1/3 of it! And now she wants it perfect! So yesterday I went to this other teacher lady that's a great editor/proof-reader. For the whole half-hour I spent with her, she only went over the intro! Yeah, she made me explain every sentence just in the introduction...we didn't even get to the part of the paper where I had trouble. ^^; I never wanna see this paper again...but I still can't get rid of it! Now I just attracted more attention from my teacher, so that she'll expect nothing but the best! *sigh*

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

   getbackers wallpapers

I put up some wallpapers I did of chibi versions of some of the Getbackers characters!! ^^ I love that show...there will be more to come, so if you don't see your favorite character yet, just be patient! I went in order of my faves...sorta. ^^; I just did Akabane first cause he's definitely my favorite! So anyhoo, enjoy!

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PSSAs!!! >< They're the "Pennsylvania State Standard Assessments"...and they suck!! They're a complete waste of time! I'm stuck in a room for 3 hours taking stupid math and reading tests...today, tomorrow, and thursday! I know everyone has to take state assessments, but I find them pointless. They're tiring and mess up the rest of the day...at least at my school. We had to change our schedules around...making me miss art, Japanese, and math!! My (sorta) favorite classes! *sob*

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Monday, March 20, 2006

   background help!

Ne, ne...how'd you guys get a wallpaper/pic on the background of your site? You know, like how you have it behind all the type? I tried putting a pic on...but it's covered by the background color. ^^; Sorry, I'm not that good with this stuff...

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I'm in school right now...art and computer class. It's fun. Right now we're working on a "self-portrait" project where we take a pic of ourselves, put it in photoshop, and mess with the color levels...you know, make it like Andy Warhol's stuff. The thing is...that I look horrible in ever picture of myself! I am so unphotogenic. ^^;

I finished my 1/3 of my english paper that I was slaving over...but my teacher says it still needs some work. *sigh* I just can't get it right! I'm just glad I did it though, along with my other essays and stuff I had due. Today I have a bio test...I hope I do well!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I put up another original character of mine. I drew her last night at 11!! I just felt like drawing cause I haven't in a while...I did it all in pen on lined paper (argh! >< I hate drawing on lined paper! but that's all I had at the time...) because I was supposed to be taking notes on this stupid book I have to read, Beloved. Anyhoo, please check, comment, and vote on my pics if you see them fit! ^^ (sorry though that the scan didn't do so well...it was cause of the lines!!)

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Ne, does anyone else get this error message when they try to send out pms? I always get it! I never know then if you guys get my pms or not...cause whenever I reply to yours, it comes up saying "query failed...cannot modify header" or something. Then I try sending again, and it says that my message was sent...it's really weird. So please tell me if you've gotten this before! Or if you've even got any of my replies/messages!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yeah...I'm doing some of my hw right now so that I don't get too overwhelmed tomorrow. I'm gonna get this paper done!! >< Sorry, I'll stop dwelling on crappy things (mainly this school crap) now. Heh. *puts hand behind head* ^^; I guess I am a person that cries a lot...sorry if it's such a shock to some of you. Well, there's many different people in the world that you meet, some are cheery, some are angry, and others are crybabies...and that's me! It's how I deal with stress and difficult situations...just like a baby. I know it's useless to do that cause it makes things worse, but oh well! I promise that I will not post an entry including crying for a whole week! That's my goal--to not cry for a week. ^^;

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*hugs* and crying

Thanks, my friends, for giving me encouragement towards my paper! And for the sympathy *hugs*. I probably didn't fail my math test, but I'm sure I didn't do that well. I'll do as my teacher said and not look at my paper...she said not until "tomorrow" as in today, but who wants to do homework on saturday? Even though I do have a ton...maybe I should. *sigh* I hope that I do get a clearer view on it though so I can finish it well! And about my crying...I can't help it if that's how I deal with stress. I've been told a lot by some of my friends to not cry so much...but I guess that's hopeless for me! I'm just a crybaby. It feels good to cry sometimes, you know?

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Friday, March 17, 2006

   too bad there isn't a crying mood icon...

Another crappy day today. I cried...again...all thanks to my English teacher, again. You know that stupid paper I've been working my ass off on? Well, she wants me to add and change so much crap. I've been so frustrated with this paper and all the other work she's been giving us...I just reached my limit so I cried again.

After that period, I had math. And guess what? I had a math test which I didn't study for cause I didn't have time to! All cause of this paper!! So because I had this "meeting" with my teacher, I didn't have any time to study before hand...I had to refresh myself before class so the sub let me go to the b-room. So because I did that, I started the test late...I couldn't think at all due to my state of mind! I didn't know anything on the whole first page...I'm sure I did horrible. I'm not looking forward to monday either...a bio test, that english paper's due, and a history essay!! Too much work...too much.

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