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Thursday, March 6, 2008

To all

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MySpace Layouts Hey guys if you get this and pm me i cant really reply right now i dont know whats up.... my brother is going to see if he can pm people. But for some strange reason i cant reply to you guys pms so please dont think im just not on or ignoring you


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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello everyone!

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MySpace Layouts well yesterday i finally quit my job! ^^

its kinda a long story and well its over now and yeah i guess ill tell you what happened.

Alright so i work at a little inflatable jumping things place..... the words are just not coming to me right now.... ^^ but anyway so i worked there and one of the managers (who use to work there) (is back and being her own bitchy self) and yelled at me when ever i came out of the jump room (place where we keep the jumping castles) for 2 seconds to ask were the other employ was (the other employ got a little plastic baby doll thing that she had to talk care of for school and she had to bring it with her (its for a school project for a certain class) I asked on of the other 'managers kinda helper girls' were the other girl was who was suppose to be in the jump room was..... she told me that she was taking care of the doll (it cries and needs to get 'fed' 'dipper change a million times' just like a real baby) i said ok and went to see her for a second and the second im done talking to the helper girl my manager turns around and says ' Aj who is in the jump room? some one has to be in there what are you doing out here?!?'

i gave her a look like ' uhhh okkkk' but said "Well i was just wondering were the other employ was because she was out of the jump room for a while i was just wondering what was up. Man i guess that i cant do anything anymore especially wonder where the other employ is thats working with me!" (mind you i was walking back into the jump room when i said this and it was quite loud too! *sigh* and what is totally great is that she was on here F*in' CELL PHONE ALL FRICKEN NIGHT)

skipping ahead a bit so like 30 minutes or and hour later i went back out of the room i was in and got my cup of water and had a bit (whats wrong with that right? ) this little boy comes up to me and asked me a question (i was behind the counter where the manager stands )(i always stand back there so its totally fine) the manager turns around again (still on cell phone not with work people but friends) and yells at me AGAIN!!!!!! i look at her once more like 'WTF?!?!?' I put my cup down and start to walk BACK into the other room again!!!! and say this time " I was just getting water i really dont think something is going to happen the second i leave the rooms for water!!!!! GAH!!!! " (there were parents in the F*in jump room too!!!! so if anything did happen they could help the kid while i was out for 5 Seconds!!!!! dont you think!?!? anyway i went back in called my mom and told her the whole thing and said " im giving them my week notice and getting out of this hell whole she said fine and i left a note for the owner at closing time and thats it! they called me this morning to tell me not to worry about coming in to work tonight........ BASTARDS!!!!! >< i hate them all........ well thanks for reading guys sorry it was soo long


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Thursday, February 7, 2008


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MySpace Layouts hello!! finally im back and i hopefully am not leaving the internet for a while! ^^

well losts of stuff has been happening while i was gone.......

Me and my boyfriend are on a break i guess its kinda hard on me. -.- but then again i need to just kinda be friends with him again and learn more about him

ive been buying lots of new books and reading all of them hahahah!! well what else am i suppose to do huh? no internet so get a book and walk around town! ^^ thats what ive been up to!

working alot trying to find a new job yet no one needs anyone.... XP but ill get a new one soon and ill post about it ok questions

1: What are you going to do for Valentines?? Its really soon you know!!!!

2: do you read alot? (dont ask just random question)

3: what should my question for this be??? ok FREE QUESTION Just talk about whats been up lately!! ^^



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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


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MySpace Layouts hey guys,

today i had to go in for the second time to get more extra teeth pulled.........the first time i got 8 teeth pulled out i was in the operation room for 5 to 6 hours!!!!!! it totally sucked!!!! now i went beck today and got 4 more!!!! so if you dont wanna do the math although its wicked easy i have 12 teeth that were 'extra' and now they're all gone!!!!! man im on alot of meds kinda for pain and stuff i have to eat soft food for 3 days and it totally sux cuz i wanna have hard food!!! T.T well thats all for now ill post some later and tell you guys how tomorrow see you guys later thanks for reading

Hugs too all!!!


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Sunday, December 30, 2007


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MySpace Layouts Man i have nooo clue what is up but ive been felling very moppy......it really sux cuz its almost new years and im going on a wicked awesome snowboarding trip in 4 days yet i still feel like well crap....blahhh my little sis is makin me mad and went outside last night with her friend (girl friend that was sleeping over) to just walk around a 2 in the MORNING!!!!! ok yeah i live in a good neighborhood but it is small and she is very skinny and doesn't know how to protect herself if someone tries to capture her!!! same with her friend...so i was up and freaking out cuz she wasnt in the house.....meanwhile my mom spent the night out at her guy friends house.......long story..... so im all stressed and pissed..... XP well if you guys have any questions for me ill answer them thanks for listening.....hugs to all

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


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MySpace Layouts Gah sorry im late to you guys ive been down in the dumps... (not literly lol) but kinda sad and buissy so i havnt been able to put anything up here.... Well i hope that every one is having or had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!!
I spent Christmas with my friend Becca!!! it was well iffy but then got much better!!! ^^ i got a little bag of funny little things from Becca and a gold necklace from my sis who lives in New Hampshire. On it has a little Gold fan (folding fan like Japanese and stuff you know) and a little flower type pendent and little blueish green rock on it its wicked sweet!! ^^ and a few other thing but you guys tell me a few thing that you got write till you just cant stop ill read it!! ^^

Tell me what you got i'd love to know!! ^^ And what you did!


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Sunday, December 9, 2007


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MySpace Layouts hey guys......i think that i got sick from work or my sis......-.- i work at a little jumpy castle place and sick kids come in there all the time......it sux so recently ive been very sniffly and over all dead......

Ok to every one who i owe a picture to i am working on that as we speak well as i kinda write and draw and stuff lol but yes i shall have some of them done soon and i will in for you all when you pictures are drawn and just waiting to get up on the internet ok!! ^^ veryy sorry for the delay especily for one of my dear friend AnElfandaHobbit? i say this directly to her because i have been waiting to get her picture to her for a while now......

Sorry AnElfandahobbit? *bows* it is comming i SWEAR!!

ok well that is all for now talk to you guys soon oh and thank you all for your comments they really help!!!!! ^^ *HUGS TO ALL*

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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MySpace Layouts My Mom is really PISSING ME OFF!!!!

She has a new boyfriend agian and she really 'likes him' and he suposily 'really likes her' but he has a bunch of stress on his hands right now and i kinda ignoring my mom.......

Here is some backround about his relationships before my mom ok well he always solves his problems with drinking going to bars and almost or just plain old getting waisted to forget his problems about his girlfriends that he finds at these bars who go and cheat on him...so once again he goes and drinks his worries away and finds another bar girl...

My mom comes along and he never had a girl who wants to actually be with him so he gets all freaked out and is trying to run away.......after a while he tries to break up with her and it ends up to the point of my mom beging him to not leave her!!!!! WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT HUH?!?!?

Im wicked mad at my mom for doing that and he never is answering his calles which also piss me off cuz he acts all nice when she comes to see him and when he needs to ask her for money cuz hes broke from paying all his bills.......dont ask theres more but im ganna leave it at that right now ill be back to to talk about more

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Sunday, December 2, 2007


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MySpace Layouts THE EMAIL WAS A FAKE!!!!!!




sorry to worry you guys!!!! *blush*

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MySpace Layouts Bad News guys!!!!! My soon to be step mom who i love with all my heart is traveling around near Asia but is now in South Africa for a little 'Help HIV/AIDs thing! which is good but there is WICKED URGENT BAD NEWS!!!!!

Ok listen to this! she left her little bag that she keeps her passport, money, EVERY THING in and she accidently LEFT IT IN A CAB!!!!!!!

So now she is in AFRICA has a $1500 hotel bill and is totally having the worst of luck!!!!! I guess she acidently sent me the email which was ment for my dad or her friends but i got it and now im FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Im telling you guys this stuff cuz i hoping that you will be kinda enough to send luck to her and mentaly help here get back home to America!

If you can please just i dont know hope for her safty back home that would be wonderful! She needs all the help she can get!!! THANK YOU ALL!! :]


THis is not fake at all!!!!!!!

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