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Sunday, December 2, 2007


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MySpace Layouts Bad News guys!!!!! My soon to be step mom who i love with all my heart is traveling around near Asia but is now in South Africa for a little 'Help HIV/AIDs thing! which is good but there is WICKED URGENT BAD NEWS!!!!!

Ok listen to this! she left her little bag that she keeps her passport, money, EVERY THING in and she accidently LEFT IT IN A CAB!!!!!!!

So now she is in AFRICA has a $1500 hotel bill and is totally having the worst of luck!!!!! I guess she acidently sent me the email which was ment for my dad or her friends but i got it and now im FREAKING OUT!!!!!! Im telling you guys this stuff cuz i hoping that you will be kinda enough to send luck to her and mentaly help here get back home to America!

If you can please just i dont know hope for her safty back home that would be wonderful! She needs all the help she can get!!! THANK YOU ALL!! :]


THis is not fake at all!!!!!!!

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