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Sunday, December 9, 2007


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MySpace Layouts hey guys......i think that i got sick from work or my sis......-.- i work at a little jumpy castle place and sick kids come in there all the time......it sux so recently ive been very sniffly and over all dead......

Ok to every one who i owe a picture to i am working on that as we speak well as i kinda write and draw and stuff lol but yes i shall have some of them done soon and i will in for you all when you pictures are drawn and just waiting to get up on the internet ok!! ^^ veryy sorry for the delay especily for one of my dear friend AnElfandaHobbit? i say this directly to her because i have been waiting to get her picture to her for a while now......

Sorry AnElfandahobbit? *bows* it is comming i SWEAR!!

ok well that is all for now talk to you guys soon oh and thank you all for your comments they really help!!!!! ^^ *HUGS TO ALL*

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