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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   hello!!! ^^

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MySpace Layouts hi people well as you can see once again i have changed my wp and i love it!!! ^^


sorry my posts arnt that long and ill put up more of my story i swear!!! Sorry NinjaPirate!!! @.@ ive been out of it and buissy with lots of stuff!! *-* im starting to read up on my Inuyasha again!!! ^^ which is great!!!! yeah INUYASHA!!!!!

ok well thanks for reading and ill try to post more and stuff like that ok *HUGS* to all!!! ^^

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Friday, September 7, 2007

   Hi peps!!! ^-^

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MySpace Layouts Danm it im Sick!!!!! and i have to work all day tomarrow!!! i dont wanna!!!!!! @.@ And im kinda mad about stuff cuz like well DRAMA DRAMA EVERY WHERE WERE IT ENDS NO ONE KNOWS!!!!! But i DO CARE!!! lol well sorry this post that ive been needing to put up is bad but sorry its happening and i need to talk about it ill post more tomarrow i swear cuz im talking to Grape Fish right now and were getting through this together! >^.^<

Talk to you guys soon!!!!

-Inu Chan-

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Monday, August 27, 2007

   Hey Guys!!!

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MySpace Layouts i love putting up my little smily guy on anything i say cuz i do that all the time!!! ^^ well ok so ummmmmm..........heres a new post and sorry but new part of story coming up soon dont worry my reading fans!!! ^^ I LOVE YOU!!!!! >^-^< *kitty face!!!* ok well i changed my wallpaper again!! ^.^ so it went from Kenshin, to Spirited Away now to Naussica of the Vally of the Wind!!! ^^ also by the movie producer Mayazaki (sorry cant spell i think) but yeah love his art and movies!!!!! Well if your a new commer to my site please sign my guest book and ill sign yours too ok talk to ya soon guys!!! ^^ HUGS TO ALL!!!!!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

   Sorry i was gone for soo long!!! ^^*blush*

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MAN THAT REALLY STEAMS ME UP!!!! GRRRRRRRR………….sorry about that. Anyway back to the story sorry again.
While we waited for dinner I asked Marth and Roy were they came from. Roy was the one who answered.
“Well I’m now the King of a kingdom named Pheare my father got sick and I took his place on the throne. I felt like it was something I had to do. You know right? Wouldn’t you do that too?…. okay well Marth over here is from Altia he is exiled from his kingdom it a long story I think longer than mine. But I made him a knight in my kingdom so now were always right next to each other fighting side by side its great!!!! It’s kind of like were brother because were never really apart. (Smiles widely)… Hey Marth do you have any thing to add to that?”
“Not really. I think you basically covered everything and I would rather not tell the rest of my story.” Answered Marth.
All I could do at this point was stare at Roy like ‘wow ok buddy you got a lot to say now don’t you?’
So after I figured out something to say I said, “Okay…. Well what about you Kitsume boy?” In a not interested voice might I add because I didn’t really want to hear a big long story like that again any time soon. But I wanted to see what his story was, even if it was long because I think it would be a bit interesting because his father is doing a bunch of bad stuff and well maybe I could figure out a bit of this strange expericnce that was going on.
Vox wasn’t really paying attention to my question. He was just starring at something floating in the air. I sat there for a second then finally said, “Hey buddy I'm talking you y…”
But I got cut off once again, but it wasn’t Princess Nikki this time it was… Maraquori!!! The thing he said is hard for me to say/write this. But here goes nothing literally…
“Hold your tongue!! That’s not how you should talk to our guest!”
At this point I didn’t know what to say it was like I was speechless of what MY KING MARAQUORI HAD JUST SAID TO ME!!HIS BEST FRIED IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD TO HOLD MY TONUGE!?
I mean wouldn’t you be really shocked to hear that being said to you by your best friend!? Or really anyone for that matter!?
Well if you could picture that or realize that then you might know a bit of how I felt…Not much but a smidge…a wince.
Ok I know you probably want to know what I did next so I’ll get back to the story for you…But just for you….no one else…you only…because I like you. Heh heh. Just being funny. All right being serious now sorry about that now where was I? Oh yes me being shocked.

At first I just looked at him like
Mind you this is all happening in my mind, and also in a type of blubbering sort of way. But for the record I would never do this/say this out loud because that would be very embarrassing for me and I don’t think I would ever let that down nor would anyone else for that matter.
Then I said, (although I really didn’t want to) “You are right my King I had no right to speak to our guests in such a unrespectful way. Please forgive me for my rude mistake.
He nodded his head in response. Just like saying you are forgiven.
At this point I felt very foolish, embarrassed, and heart sick that my friend just treated me in this manner. I didn’t want to eat any of the food that Nikki and Anju made for us that night. (Not saying that it didn’t look delicious.) But I just felt like I couldn’t eat any of it. So I went to my room and starred at the wall. After an hour or so Young Prince Aurora came to my room and asked, “Why I didn’t you stay for dinner Angel? Are you feeling ok? What is it? Do you think you can talk about it to me? Or is it a ‘grown up thing?’”
As you can see at this point in Aurora’s life he want to know everything that goes on with everyone. I remember when I was going through that stage in my life it was kind of fun but that’s off the subject.
My response was, “I just don’t really feel that hungry tonight that’s all. You don’t have to worry my prince. Now I think you should head to bed I’m about to go to sleep as it is too.
Aurora just looked at me with his big eyes and said, “Awww alright but I’m not really tired right now. And why are you going to sleep so early? You usually stay up with Maraquori and talk about stuff with him all night sometimes.”
I raised my eyebrows and looked at him like ‘Ohh really? And how would you know this?’ He stared at me like ‘uh I don’t listen to you guys when you talk I swear’ I just shook my head and said, “Well you were going to hear it sooner or later.”

Hope you like!!! Cant wait to hear what you guys think!!!! p.s the next part will be really funny!!! ^^

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ok guys im ganna just tell ya if its on the next Chapter ok

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MySpace Layouts Hey for new people if you are new to coming to my site please sign my guest book!!! thanks!!! ^^

Hey sorry not part of the story but ok soo here there is a band called 'Head Level' and they ROCK!!! the lead singers are a girl named C.J. and a HOTTTTT!!!! guy named ERIC!!!!! ok now so i went to see them for the 3rd and last time again tonight and well the 2nd time i saw them i fell totally head over heals for them!!! ^^ *blush* ERIC IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! ok so anyway i got them to sign a magazine that they were in for me and ERIC noticed that the whole time durring their performance that i was gigling and smiling at him doing well what he does which is like sway his hips and stuff like that hes just really cute!!!! *smiles!!!* so tonight i cuz its was my last time seeing them i asked Eric cuz C.J. wasnt there so i asked him if i could get a picture with him and the band he said yes with his big cute toothy smile and i got pics with them on one of them he kinda kissed me on the cheek lol it was kinda strange but very like *fan girl moment* i felt like i was ganna pass out lol...i got the pics on my new cell so i might put them on here im not really sure yet lol but ummm well Talitha said 'ohh your dads ganna kill me so is your boyfriend heheh' Eric looked kinda sad i think i dont know but it was still cute!!! ^^ well ok im ganna put up more than 1 page today cuz im ganna be off this for a while ok soo see ya soon!!! comment plz!!!!! ^^


While we walked back to the village he asked me, “Angel will you be here for me and Nikki forever no matter what?…..I mean you know if Maraquori goes somewhere or something.

Okay now just for the heads up I always get very emotional with things like this I always try to not let my friends see me cry especially when I'm the same age as the King of the Maradians.

So I looked down trying not to cry and said, “of course I’ll always be here for you forever. No matter what.”
He looked at me with a big smile and tears in his eyes. I started to cry a bit too. So by the time we got to the front entrance of the village we were balling our eyes out hugging each other like babies. We were doing this because we couldn’t think of a life without Maraquori. Very mature for me I know.
Anyway…..Everyone was now in a big circle around you know who, asking you know what. In other words everyone was around the new guys and were asking them were they came from, and why where they dressed like that, and also (from the girls ONLY!!!!)are any of you single…and other questions that girls would ask to foreign guys…I guess you can call them that I mean they are from somewhere else so ill call them foreigners.
Then after the questions of strange random not really needed girly things they wanted to know what the guest and our king talked about. Most of the people went up to the guests to ask because it would just be introding in royal business if they asked Maraquori ofcourse. Although still asking was a bit of introution.

Meanwhile when that was happening I went up to Maraquori and said, “So what did those freaks have to say to you?”
He just looked me in the eyes and said, (after a long pause at giving me the look that says ‘that was really rude to say’) “Not much but those two guys are named Marth and Roy, their princes too. Hey lets get some dinner okay?”
I looked at him like ‘okay I guess.’ But what was really going through my mind was ‘I don’t think that he’s going to tell me much of anything that was going on here.’

HOPE YA LIKED!!! i put up 2 pages cuz im ganna be gone for a while ok

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


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MySpace Layouts Ok so well im back and ganna put up more of chapter 1 now but first im ganna tell every one about my strange experiences over the last 2 days ok so yesterday (monday) my dad Talitha (soon to be wife) and i were trying to get a taxi to go to a theme park when my dad step out into the road a bit (sorry but its like a main road we walked from the ally way to this road) to hail a taxi over to us when he steped back a bit (one step) a girl on a mottor bike tried to go around him kinda hit him a bit and they both fell down he got a scratch on his leg and the girl got dirt on her pants and was a bit man but went off any way it was strange and so today when Talitha and i were coming back from a market a guy on a mottor bike made a wide right turn on to the street that we were coming on to and while doing that he was looking over his right sholder and didnt notice us and we hit his side of his mottor bike hit our front tire and we knew that there was nothing that we could do to move so we got hit fell down and got a bit hurt i landed on my thigh and right hand but didnt get any scratches and talitha ( who was the driver) got a bit of scratches on her hands and a bit up her wrist shes ok though so we didnt really get wicked beatin up but i almost had a heart attacke cuz it was sooo scary!!!! 0-o it was strange!!! but now im ganna put up the story for you readers out there ok thanks for reading!! enjoy!!

Of course I had to listen to her I mean she is a princess and all. So finally after a good long while Maraquori finally took the visitors into his room to talk everything over with them.
While everyone stayed outside Maraquori’s room wondering what was going on in there. I didn’t stick around. Not a big surprise though for some people that know me that is. I just went strait out to the woods and tried to get my anger out on some trees. I usually don’t get my anger out on things that can’t defend themselves but it was all I could think of doing at the time.

Well anyway I wanted for Maraquori to tell his sister not to speak to me like that but after I actually think to myself…I'm not the royalty here she is. Sometimes I have to remember that although I don’t really like to... it makes me feel weird because I'm the same age as Maraquori but I'm just his friend…and I'm not a prince.

Okay sorry about this strange silence time…..It just comes up for me sometimes…..Well I’ll get back to the story now sorry about that.

Alright so after I calmed down a bit and started to head back to the village. I saw the youngest sibling of Maraquori. His name is Aurora. I asked him why he wasn’t with Nikki.
His reply was, “I'm not with her because I saw you walk off all mad and wanted to know what was wrong with you.”
I said, “my prince you don’t have to worry about me, you just worry about staying out of trouble ok.”

sorry if its a bit too much to read i wanted to stop at a good spot and i wanted to tell you guys bout the accident

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

   Here we go CHAPTER 1

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MySpace Layouts so again before my story i want to say that i am leaving Vietnam in 4 days counting today!!! i dont want to go at all!!!! im ganna miss it here!!! but WICKED AWESOME THING IS THAT I GOT AN INUYASHA NECKLACE!!!!! ITS NOT LIKE CHEEP PLASTIC EITHER ITS HARD BEADS AND BONE CLAWS!!!! ITS WICKED SWEET!!!!! I TOTALY LOVE IT IT WAS THE LAST ONE AND IT WASNT EVEN ON DISPLAY!!!! the way i knew it was at this shop is that i saw it a couple of days ago and decided ok i want this necklace really bad so we went back today didnt see it on display but asked for it and go it!!! wicked happy dance time for mee!!! *doing a little dance* ok so main thing is STORY TIME!!! here we go!!!

Chapter 1

One sunny day during summer some unfamiliar, unwanted guests showed up looking for our noble king and my best pal Maraquori. My reaction to this wasn’t that nice at all to our visitors.

Why do I say that you ask? Well listen and you’ll find out.
So we were just practicing our fighting techniques in front of the gate were our practice fighting arena is when three extremely over dressed boys came up to Maraquori and me asking for the ruler of our village.
Maraquori stepped forward and said, “I'm the ruler here. May I help you?”
The leader of the three, or so it seemed, stepped towards him and said, “My name is Vox I'm prince of the Kitsumes. I have traveled far to find help from brave fighters to help me stop my father. His name is Valdin. He is the first Kitsume and he is going around destroying villages and killing many people he must be stopped at any cost.”
All I did was look at Maraquori and answered the question for him. “Well gentlemen I'm very sorry but we have problems of our own so you should go look……
Right then I got cut off by Princess Nikki, she is Maraquori’s sister the second oldest of the three. I got cut off from my sentence because she told me not to talk for the king and that he can handle things for himself.

Next paragraph tomarrow will still be chapter 1 so you will see this under neath the next page ok so im helping you guys out so there you go comment please!!! AND BE TRUETHFUL!!!

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Saturday, August 4, 2007


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MySpace Layouts ok now this is my story and im ganna tell ya guys that im ganna probably leave the same page up for longer than a day like probably 2.....if you guys want me to put up the next then just say it and if theres alot of you about 5 then i sure will hope you guys enjoy!!! remember im using my nickname so its not my real one so if this story gets publlished some day and you see it then Aj wont be the name of the writer it will be something else that starts with an A....ok just to inform ya!!! hope you like my story!!! sorry its kinda long but hopefully worth it lol hope ya like!!!!

When the King Left

By Aj


Once upon a time on a planet named Norina. There was a raise known as Maradians. Maradians are a type of fox demon with wings on their backs. The way to get the wings to come out is that you have to find what felling it takes for them to come out. For instance my wings come out when I’m mad.
The heir of the Maradian raise was a young boy named Maraquori he has two siblings named Nikki and Aurora. Maraquori is the oldest of all of them so he is the king. He also has two best friends named Anju and Angel. I’m Angel I will be the one telling this story.. (But just to inform you I am a guy so if your wondering about why a girl would say something that sounds like a guy would say well I'm just going to tell you now so you don’t get lost during this story.)
Okay now before you start to read this story and get into it I suggest that you stop reading before you start to cry or get upset because the tale that you are about to read is very sad and upsetting. So now you can’t say that i didn’t warn you.
Well to start out this tale I guess I’ll start out with this…

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Hello!!! ok this post wont be THAT long as it was the other day!!

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MySpace Layouts Hi!!! so umm yeah ok well if you guys saw my other post and thought 'wow that really a lot of writing i kinda dont want to read all that' well its ok cuz i feel ya!! but to the people who read some i thank ya!!! *head nod*

ok but i will tell ya guys a bit about why that post was soo long ok.... well it was mainly about info on the ps3, xbox 360 and Wii if you guys didnt now a bunch about it or was still justs interested i put that up for ya but now its somewere else in my old posts!!!

Earlier to some people i said that im writing a story and im probably going to put it up on here and i will soon just not now cuz well im writing about other stuff now..... ok well to inform you my story is very long a will probablly be a page a day but after a while or now and agian the same page might stay up because i have to find a working computer and put a new page up or find the time too ok so well i will also probably post more stuff like what i did that day or it might just be the page of the story dont know yet but it will be up soon and you are free to read it if you want!!! ^^ talk to ya guys soon!!!! ohh and pm me if you want to ever talk guys cuz i love getting pms from people!!! bye!!! hope you enjoy my site!!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

POST 2 WiCkEd LaTe At NiGhT

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MySpace Layouts *sniff sniff* i have to write this over again!!!!! man i don't want to but i got to so here goes nuthing again!!! damn it!!!

Ok well ill try to remember all of what i wrote....so ill start out with what i wrote a bit of yesterdays post....

So to start out ill say that for everyone my dad is a game designer for pc games!!!! its wicked sweet!!! people at his work make windows and stuff like that also in other games so like when you shoot a window in a game and it breaks well they make it like how it looks normally then when it breaks they do that too!!! they also make cars too for racing games!!! ill have to get back to you guys about what games their stuff is in but its still really cool!!! anyway so at my dad work they have a ps3, xbox, xbox 360, and a wii. sorry if i skip around bit but for you guys who would like to know a bit about these systems ill tell ya

so all you gamers out there listen up cuz this is good stuff I'm ganna say well hopefully it will give ya a bit of info of the systems if you don't already know a bunch.....

ok so the ps3 ill start out with and people if you like the ps stuff i think you'll like this its got its flaws and its good points ill start out with its good points for ya umm actually i think im just ganna skip around with the good and the bad about all of the systems that i tell ya about cuz that will be easier for me ok thanks....Well for the controllers you can have up to 4 players which is awesome!!! cuz if you guys remember you can only play a ps2 with only 2 people!!! what a drag!!! but now you can play with 4 yes!!! more people able to play at once woohooo!!! but the bad thing is is that the cords are short but hopefully they'll get cord extentions but ok wicked bad thing is that you cant use the ps and ps2 controlors!!! WHICH SUX!!! and i know you guys will agree with me!!! like with the ps you could use a ps2 controler or the other way around but you cant now with a ps3!!!! its a drag i think *head down* so that sux and a big drag but ummm ok next thing ok uhhh well you know how with the other ps systems you could get memory cards to save your games on?? well i guess they wanted to be like the xbox cuz they dont have memory card slots again!!! so if you want to show your friend your game file of a game then you would have to bring a round your whole system!!! which really isnt cool!!! cuz the system is a really bit thing!! almost as big as the xbox and well it would be hard to carry around with ya!!! but a good thing that i like about it alot is that it has a switch in the back of the machine like on the 'fat' ps2 it has a little off switch so the little red light goes away!! i always enjoyed that i dont know really why but ummm well to tell ya the truth i never like that little red light on when im not using the system although i do know ofcourse that when your useing the ps whatever there is a green light not a red but on the 'thin' ps2 the light always says on and there isnt a switch in the back....*tear drop* i missed the switch in the back i was upset when it wasn't there anymore....BUT ITS BACK AND IM HAPPY AGIAN!!! ^^ ok but back to the stuff okay well ummmm ohh yeah i dont know about you guys but i liked/like the bigger version of the ps2 a bit cuz the little switch *big smile* but also ive heard from my friends that the smaller ones (thinner ones) crash a lot more then the others although ive heard that my friends bigger sized ps2 crashed a good couple of times but the smaller one ive heard has crashed more...i don't know if it was just the owner or the system...but yeah so i would like one that didnt crash that much wouldnt you?? ok well yeah so i guess that it for the ps3 from me for now and now ill go on to the xbox 360.but first ill say that im mostly positive that you can play ps and ps2 games on the ps3 also play music and dvds but im not really sure if there is anything else besides games duh lol ok well now ill end this....

Ok well im skipping the xbox cuz its been out for a while and i beet that alot of you guys already know about that system!! so on to the 360!!!

Alrightythen ok well to start ill say this if you guys are wondering i dont really know if you can put music on to the 360 like you can on the first xbox i havnt seen anything about that yet although i havnt really looked but i will for you guys and ill get back to ya on that if you want to know or you can just look you selves if you want to know but im ganna look it up anyway later ^-^ so ok well bout the 360 ok this what i know...with the controllers you cant use the other ones from the plain xbox but i guess that ok in a way cuz it takes 2 plugs to get the controller in the little slot well kinda 2 different ones cuz the first is what you have to plug in to the system and the second is the controller but with the 360 you can be wireless or corded!!! which is wicked sweet!!! Cux you could have a chair at the other end of the room very far away from the system and the tv but you can still play so you dont need the cord unless you dont have batteries for it....so with bringing that up ill say that cuz you have a wireless controller ofcourse you need something to power it it takes 2 double a batteries in the back of the controller there is a little bulky part and a button on top of that that you press to take it off to put batteries in!!! ^^ its really good and thats to rechargeable batteries you can keep gamin' with out the cord at a far distance!! *rock on hand sign* lol sorry dork moment teehee anyway soo yeah the games for the 360 are pretty sweet!!! same for the ps3 sorry i dont think i added that on and i dont really feel like doing it now lol im being a bit lazy cuz its 11:25 pm here and this really sux that i have to type this whole thing over again...so you would be a bit lazy too if you had to type all this stuff all over again!!! but of course i dont HAVE to write all of this again but i like to inform the people who would like to know about this stuff like me if someone else writes about game systems then ill totally read them if there on this thing or somewhere else but i dont want to become a computer junky like im kinda turning into right now which is never good lol....ok now to the Wii!!!

Alright now for the wii

well first ill say sorry for making this soo long but ummm you dont have to read this if you dont want but if you do/are thank you and im sorry its sooo long i know its huge and kinda annoying to read all of my writing but hey im writing a book so i like to write and kinda like to talk when i get on a subject i like but ill get on the wii now sorry again!! *shy blush*

So for the Wii!!! wicked awesome every thing!! first to say the system is small and the controllers are wicked awesome!!! so the controller is shaped like a remote control for a tv but has game buttons on it...ok well it has a loop strap thing for your hand to go through and a little thing that moves up and down so while your playing you wont through the controller lol i accidently did that once with my friend at her house i almost broke something!!! its was bad so i suggest that if you play with one that you use the strap and tighten it around your wrist so you wont through it at all.....well to get back ill say that on some games you have to use the other part of the controller that connects into the bottom of the main controller.this other second controller has a joystick on the top and is shaped differently hard to explain but also im pretty sure has a button on the bottom of it. the controllers are wireless and dont plug into the system at all but do take batteries in the back im pretty sure its 2 double a batteries just like the 360 controller.....you open it easily in the back like a remote control. the wicked awesome thing for games on this is that all the old Nintendo games are going to be made so it is usable for the wii!!! i dont know about you guys but thats pretty sweet to me!!! lol

ok well i think thats about it for the whole info about the systems!!! but i will look up more info and tell ya about it if you want to hear and hopefully it wont be this long again lol but to the father and daughter stuff that i was just going to write about of what i did last night one tuesday ill tell you know

so i went to my dads work and was going to play the wii again but people were on it so we had to just play the other systems which wasnt bad at all lol cuz i kicked my dads butt in a fighting game on the ps3!!! ahahahah it was great!!!! sorry i dont remember what game it was called guys but ill find that out if you want to know ^^ for dinner we ordered out/in and got BBQ ribs and a bunch of other good meaty stuff!! yeahhhh!!!! i do love veggies too though but meat is good too right?^^ well it is for me =p ok so we had good meaty goodness but then when i woke up this morning i was sick not good at all -.- so it wasnt all that good *sob* not talking to really any one 'why did you let me down meat why???' well kinda to the meat.....ok i think i have to get to sleep now but ill through in some questions for ya guys!! ^-^

Yeah the questions part again wooohooooo!!!!!!!!


1. Do you like to play a lot of video games or pc games? if so what kinds name a few if you want and can

2. Are you interested in game systems?

3. Which system is your best if you play video games?

4. Do you own any game systems? which ones?

5. How often do you play games on the computer or system?

RaNdOm ExTrA qUeStIoN!!!!

*did you read all of this? Did you enjoy it?*

sorry its sooo long guys!!! *blush*

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