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Sunday, December 30, 2007


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MySpace Layouts Man i have nooo clue what is up but ive been felling very moppy......it really sux cuz its almost new years and im going on a wicked awesome snowboarding trip in 4 days yet i still feel like well crap....blahhh my little sis is makin me mad and went outside last night with her friend (girl friend that was sleeping over) to just walk around a 2 in the MORNING!!!!! ok yeah i live in a good neighborhood but it is small and she is very skinny and doesn't know how to protect herself if someone tries to capture her!!! same with her friend...so i was up and freaking out cuz she wasnt in the house.....meanwhile my mom spent the night out at her guy friends house.......long story..... so im all stressed and pissed..... XP well if you guys have any questions for me ill answer them thanks for listening.....hugs to all

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