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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


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MySpace Layouts My Mom is really PISSING ME OFF!!!!

She has a new boyfriend agian and she really 'likes him' and he suposily 'really likes her' but he has a bunch of stress on his hands right now and i kinda ignoring my mom.......

Here is some backround about his relationships before my mom ok well he always solves his problems with drinking going to bars and almost or just plain old getting waisted to forget his problems about his girlfriends that he finds at these bars who go and cheat on him...so once again he goes and drinks his worries away and finds another bar girl...

My mom comes along and he never had a girl who wants to actually be with him so he gets all freaked out and is trying to run away.......after a while he tries to break up with her and it ends up to the point of my mom beging him to not leave her!!!!! WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT HUH?!?!?

Im wicked mad at my mom for doing that and he never is answering his calles which also piss me off cuz he acts all nice when she comes to see him and when he needs to ask her for money cuz hes broke from paying all his bills.......dont ask theres more but im ganna leave it at that right now ill be back to to talk about more

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