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Thursday, February 7, 2008


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MySpace Layouts hello!! finally im back and i hopefully am not leaving the internet for a while! ^^

well losts of stuff has been happening while i was gone.......

Me and my boyfriend are on a break i guess its kinda hard on me. -.- but then again i need to just kinda be friends with him again and learn more about him

ive been buying lots of new books and reading all of them hahahah!! well what else am i suppose to do huh? no internet so get a book and walk around town! ^^ thats what ive been up to!

working alot trying to find a new job yet no one needs anyone.... XP but ill get a new one soon and ill post about it ok questions

1: What are you going to do for Valentines?? Its really soon you know!!!!

2: do you read alot? (dont ask just random question)

3: what should my question for this be??? ok FREE QUESTION Just talk about whats been up lately!! ^^



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