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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Fullmetal Alchemist MySpace Layouts Gallery!
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MySpace Layouts Gah sorry im late to you guys ive been down in the dumps... (not literly lol) but kinda sad and buissy so i havnt been able to put anything up here.... Well i hope that every one is having or had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!!
I spent Christmas with my friend Becca!!! it was well iffy but then got much better!!! ^^ i got a little bag of funny little things from Becca and a gold necklace from my sis who lives in New Hampshire. On it has a little Gold fan (folding fan like Japanese and stuff you know) and a little flower type pendent and little blueish green rock on it its wicked sweet!! ^^ and a few other thing but you guys tell me a few thing that you got write till you just cant stop ill read it!! ^^

Tell me what you got i'd love to know!! ^^ And what you did!


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