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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello everyone!

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MySpace Layouts well yesterday i finally quit my job! ^^

its kinda a long story and well its over now and yeah i guess ill tell you what happened.

Alright so i work at a little inflatable jumping things place..... the words are just not coming to me right now.... ^^ but anyway so i worked there and one of the managers (who use to work there) (is back and being her own bitchy self) and yelled at me when ever i came out of the jump room (place where we keep the jumping castles) for 2 seconds to ask were the other employ was (the other employ got a little plastic baby doll thing that she had to talk care of for school and she had to bring it with her (its for a school project for a certain class) I asked on of the other 'managers kinda helper girls' were the other girl was who was suppose to be in the jump room was..... she told me that she was taking care of the doll (it cries and needs to get 'fed' 'dipper change a million times' just like a real baby) i said ok and went to see her for a second and the second im done talking to the helper girl my manager turns around and says ' Aj who is in the jump room? some one has to be in there what are you doing out here?!?'

i gave her a look like ' uhhh okkkk' but said "Well i was just wondering were the other employ was because she was out of the jump room for a while i was just wondering what was up. Man i guess that i cant do anything anymore especially wonder where the other employ is thats working with me!" (mind you i was walking back into the jump room when i said this and it was quite loud too! *sigh* and what is totally great is that she was on here F*in' CELL PHONE ALL FRICKEN NIGHT)

skipping ahead a bit so like 30 minutes or and hour later i went back out of the room i was in and got my cup of water and had a bit (whats wrong with that right? ) this little boy comes up to me and asked me a question (i was behind the counter where the manager stands )(i always stand back there so its totally fine) the manager turns around again (still on cell phone not with work people but friends) and yells at me AGAIN!!!!!! i look at her once more like 'WTF?!?!?' I put my cup down and start to walk BACK into the other room again!!!! and say this time " I was just getting water i really dont think something is going to happen the second i leave the rooms for water!!!!! GAH!!!! " (there were parents in the F*in jump room too!!!! so if anything did happen they could help the kid while i was out for 5 Seconds!!!!! dont you think!?!? anyway i went back in called my mom and told her the whole thing and said " im giving them my week notice and getting out of this hell whole she said fine and i left a note for the owner at closing time and thats it! they called me this morning to tell me not to worry about coming in to work tonight........ BASTARDS!!!!! >< i hate them all........ well thanks for reading guys sorry it was soo long


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