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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Hello my freinds ^-^
Mane freedom(only for a short time -.-)
But freedom.Oh sweet freedom >.<
Mane I'm gone be eatin good tomorrow!My ma made so much stuff already.
Theres about 3 cakes already sittin on the table*drools*
All of a sudden I'm just getting so excited.


No computer hoggs today.Just me and my sis ^-^
And shes sleep,probaly want be for long though.She usaully would be up by this time.
Shes so cute ^--^ I swear I can't stand her sometimes,I even claim that I hate her.But hey thats just how we
roll ^-^
Well I don't know what else much to say.I'm going by everyones site today.We have a lot of cleaning up to
for the dinner tomorrow.I gotta help my poor mommy out.Her hands messed up again T.T
I love my mommy to death T.T

But I'll probaly be trying to put a post code up so I can finally have a post scroll >.< We'll see how that turns out -.-


We'll heres that episode I finally promised.Its still in splits,becasue I can't find any whole episodes.
The site I used to got to doesn't have it anymore (asswholes -.-)

Well enjoy ^-^ and have a Happy Thanksgiving ^-^=

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hello all ^-^
Sorry I couldn't get on yesterday.I had a shit load of H/w (evil -.-)
Plus I went to Chucky Cheese for my little cusin Jassy ^-^=
Happy birthday Jasmine!
She just turned 5 yesterday.
Shes so cute wit her lil bad ass >.<


We had fun though.One of my cusin thats my age.A couple months older though.Was there we tore them games up!
Though when we got to the little prize place.We looked so damn broke 0.0
10000 to 15000 tickets.What the hell!My daddy spent like 40$ in that place.But it was kind worth it.
That was the best fun I had in so long,I think >,- (Yeah it is ^-^)
I haven't been in chucky cheese,oh so long ^-^
Plus you already know the pizza gone be the shit.We ate like hell,I was to full on my 5th slice though.
But my cusin ate like 10 I think.Hungry as lil boy.
Ey,guess what.I'm so short -.-'
One of my youngest cusins whose 13 had a fucken growth spurt forreal!
Cuase I swear last time I saw the lil bad ass he was shorter than me at least >.<
Now hes like 5'7,I'm 5'3 or 5'4.So do the damn math!
Plus I'm finna be 16 and the fucka is talla than me already..
To hell with this XP


But thats my boy though.I love that mane to death ^-^
I have a question just wondering....
1.How tall are you exactly?
Hmmmm....as for the Zombie-loan ep.2.I'll get on that,but just go on youtube you lazy hefas >.<
Naw I'm just playin.You know I love yall.
Last day before the break tomorrow.YAY!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey everyone ^-^

Omg let me tell yall about my night last night.
My cusins came over,It was fun up until one of my cusins got on the phone.
She started talking to her freinds,which are dudes.I don't have a problem with that.
In fact I think its funny when your talkin to boys on the phone because they always act crazy.
Thats a good thing.But lord!This one boy was just talkin,talkin,talkin,and talkin!
He would not shutup.My cusin kept tellin him to shutup over and over again.
Which didn't work (ofcourse -.-) Dude just would'nt shut the **** up >.<
Than I was trying to gotta sleep.
OMG!He wouldn't shut up!I had a headache like hell.I thought I'd never get to sleep*yawns*
I'm still tired now (sadly -.-)


(Ugh -.-)

Anyway I watched Deathnote last night.Well sortta I got distracted by the (to much talking >.<)
So you know it dosen't matter I recorded it.I'll jsut watch it sometime later on today I guess I don't know.
Right now I just wanna go to sleep!
I'll visit whose ever sites who update today.So you know,yeah be lookin out for that.
Anyway,I'll post the next zombie loan episode tomorrow I really don't feel like goin to find it right now

But I'll be back later ^-^
Love yas

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Saturday, November 17, 2007



Mane oh mane I am sooo sorry for not being on in a while >.<
Been on punishment.It sucks!For no reason either,I tell you I bust my ass in school.
It so pays off by the way =^-^=,I keep my room lokking neat and perfect.I still
might have an attitude everyonce in a while.But how could you blame me!
I get treated like a piece of dog mess half the time.I startin to get sick of it!
My brother is a well known slacker,I'm not gone give details but I do way more
better than him.Thats mostly because I try,and I want it!******!!!!!



Anyway Omg!I was so damn sick yesterday!I thoguht I was gone die.No not really -.-.
But I was scared.I was hurting so bad.Like really bad!I wanted to cry,it wouldn't have made things any better though.
So I was (not to be so graphic or bla bla -.-)But I was pukin everywhere.Well not everywhere(sarcatic =w=)
But yu know what I mean all day until around I dunno mybe 4 or 5 I think.I'm feeling better today.I was in pain,
this morning but i'm all good ^-^
You see I have a bit of an illness.It has something to do with my cycle.Belive me don't
fell comfortable saying that,I know many don't wanna hear it -.-.
Just to let you know its nothing fatal _._.

Hey!I hope you all like my new theme,I spent a whole 3 days last week watching a new show I like,Zombie-Loan.
I watched a whole season.It was really short.11 Eps.Hope theres a season 2 -.-
(It better be)

Well guess I'll finish visiting peoples sites.^-^ See yas ^-~
(Oh yeah has anybody else noticed that Imeem is acting like a piece of crap lately not going on autoplay.Or is it just my computer.Hit me back with that one.And can someone lease gimme the code so I can have scroll down post instead.
I've been wanting that for a while now.


Heres a episode ^-^

Well its split because I could'nt find full episodes and crunchyrool doesn't have embed,So tacky >.<
But yeah here it is still though.Sorry if it may be a bit troublesom but hey,I love yas =^-^=

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Friday, November 9, 2007


(Omg!Isnt she just the cutest.How adorable is she =^.^=

Omg!I felt so sick today!It was so annoying.I say that alot
don't I ^-^ Yeah well just get used to it!(lol) I know that wasn't
funny.Well it wasn't supposed to be!Sorry a little hype ^-^=
My day was still boring as ever.4th period is sooooooooo
Oh so boring.Dear lord it was so friggin boring.I was so
bored I didn't know what to do.See if I tried to have some
fun than I'd get in trouble I always do,for some reason
or another.
But hey!Thanks everybody for commenting my site!I feel soooo
Loved! I feel touched!
Anywhose,I understand that everybody's busy
and don't get a chance to comment.I'm surprised
I ever get the chance to stop by peoples sites like I do.I think I cut back on my
studying a little bit though.Thats probaly why i'm staring to slack off a bit.
But next week I want be able to because I have one more month before
my the finals and the semester ends.Schools goin by so freakin fast
isnt it.Wierd.....
But yeah like I was sayin.Thanks a bunches.See ya soon ^.^

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Thursday, November 8, 2007



Hey!I'm sorry I haven't updated for those who really care!I didn''t get a chance to stop by anyones sites either.In fact nobody would let me even get on.My damn brother been on since yesterday and was still on this morning.Damn that ....

Anyhows.Lets see what went on since yesterday.Nothing really just callinlibaries and stuff seeing do they have the book called night.Which was a success.Except we don't know where that libary is -.- That kindda sucks huh >.<'.

But today I almost got a chance to stay home because my daddy didn't have any lunch money for me today.I didn't wanna be at school hungry,but he changed his mind at the last minute.(Damn!So close)

Besides I had plenty of change anyway.So I was good.

About the comment thing.Okay I don't know if people don't have time to get around everyday and comment me back,but I visit everybody's site.Comment and all,some people just want get me back.I stayed up till 10 one night commenting and I only had like 2 or 3 what the hell!

I mean I don't mind if you can't.But if your just being lowdown,Um you need to step to me and we need to see what the problem is.I put all that hard work and for what.Show me a bit of respect because I deserve it.Thank you very much!

But to those who do,even when you get a chance.Thank yall^.^ I love yas!

Well nothing else really happend today.

So byebye

Love yas =^.^=

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Please head this warning my sweet good freinds,this is not a joke or a game,My good freind Sango had this own her site and she was dead damn serious!!!!So please take this serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If! a person with the screen-name of Monkeyman935 contacts you, do not reply.DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail.Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far.This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know! Ladies, this is serious.

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Hey everyone!

Wow my day was a whole lot better than it was yesterday.10xs as much (o.0)
Anyways,I still feel kind of sick.I think i'm coming down with something.
The flu or a cold or something.Anyway I plan on having an okay
day tomorrow no matter what!
Guess we all have our bad to worst days eh ^.^' I know I did.
Well whats on the agenda today:
My freind Smitty you know the one I was talking
about yesterday,apologized.It was the
nicest thing hes ever done for me.
Seriously.He gets on everybody's nerves,but at some
point and time he knows when to quit.Well besides that
I had fun in 6th period,I liked my other 6th period better
But one of my buddies are in there with me so its
all good.I be havin her rollin in there.We stay makin jokes and stuff.
Its fun.Because everybody who knows me knows I act like some kind
of fool.Plus my freinds or anybody else can't stand seeing me mad or upset.
They like it when I smile or crack a joke,or luagh at one of thier jokes.They
live for that,but than again dosen't everybody who has good freinds feel
the same way.I do!
But yeah besides that I had a pretty sweet day.Still boring as hell though.
But schools ment for some typpa bordom.Its like as soon as a teacher
starts yappin thier mouth you want to go beddy bye ^-^= Ya know.
Even fun ones get like that.
But hey this is my second most longest post I written in a while.
Oh by the way thanks for all the people who comment on me.I really
appriciate that!I made it to everyones sites yesterday.Whoot.I was up all night doing that.
I can't wait to get the recognition I finally deserve.So please stop by and commet
when you can I'd preciate the (hell) out of that (>.<)

Well i'm visiting everyones sites today so look forward to it =^-^=


Rock on Haruhi!!!!!!!!

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Monday, November 5, 2007

   I know you all really dont wanna read this but its very important!

I know you all don't wanna read this long post,but I just got to tell you how rotten my day was.

Okay I get to school everythings okay that is until around the point where my head started poundin! It was like a shock or somethin.
Than,when I got to 4th period thats were it really started to get worse.
I hate my 4th period anyway its so boring and empty,it was okay in the beging of the year till
everyone got switched out that is (>.o)
Anyway to the most annoyingest part of my day.

SMITTY!Hes one of my supposed to be freinds but,hes acting like a real bitch right now.I didn't do anything to him.
I have no clue what I really could've said to make him call me out of my name.You know we play around and stuff,but today he really got on my nerves.He was being his old annoying self.But I really wasn't feeling good,still don't anyway...
I clicked on them I wasn't even really talkin to him because I knew he didn't do it.So he just start runnin off at the mouth
Bla... bla....See I have a limit and he just pushed it today.Its like the minute you start acting like a bitch I start.And none of you would probaly like me as a bitch cause I'm genarally nice(at school)

But yeah,I meant what I said when I told him to shutup he was really gettin on my last nerve!But did he listen>>>

NOPE!He continued to test me >.< he kept runnin his stupid mouth.To the point where I really
just didn't say shit nomore and ignored his stupid ass.If I would've said something else I would have been suspended by now.
Which wouldn't be so bad I need a vacation (hell)

Than he just wouldn't shut the hell up!I was over the whole argument thingy,but once again he opend that big ass mouth of
his.So he got me to the piont where I aint gone say nuthin to him.He startin to get on my bad side real qiuck!

But yeah please comment,I wanna hear your thoughts and blah...

I'm tired and stuff I',m making it to as many peoples sites as I can so just wait a sec.Sorry it took so long.School,rotten day you know (-.-)

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Sunday, November 4, 2007



Today has been so annoying trying to fix my computer,turns out all I had to do was go to real player or something.Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! (>.<)
That really pisses me off!I did'nt even set my time yet I had no clue what time it was,I feel so slo!

But anyway,besides being so aggarvated and annoyed,I did much of nuthin else except trying to visit everybody's sites,through all of this confusion...

Well I'm off for today so if I dont make it to ya sites please for give me >.<

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