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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well I passed meh test,not with flying colors, but I passed.I gotta 98.Bleah I was hoping for a wonderful 100 plus my bounus points, but it was a question I never saw before on there so well yeah you know how that goes.
I can't stand it when they do that,put questions on a test we've never even went over.But I',m not complaining I can quickly make that up.If I wanted I could make straight A's but I don't like to over do things and stribe to be the best at everything.I just want to make good grades and I'm satisfied that I make the effort which is the best part.

Well other than that I've awoken ^-^
School is to boring to just lay back and be sleep.Honestly I was half sleep this whole past week.I'm not exactly used to waking up at 5 something in the morning again but I'll have it under control by the end of next week I guess I don't have a choice or I'll just sleep in every period, which is very boring I like to be awoke and alert,lol ^-^ sleeping just passes the time when you have nuthing to do I guess.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yo!Oi,people.I know I said I come on more often sorry I haven't been around to visit peoples sites.Yeah bummer -.-

Anyways,starting next week I'll have everything situated I have meh frist big test commin up so yeah I'm making nothing but straight A's and B's tho I don't know how I'm going to do that because these people just want nothing but freakin money,its pissin me off.

Our school is very cheap,and they just want money all the time.Ontop of that I have to get a damn grapin cal. before I fail forreal!

Yeah meh parents got bills to pay,$1500 house notes,so does everyone else's.I mean come on!
We don't have money like that,I kniw we need the stuff well almost.But you have to pay for every damn thing god!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   Yay I'm going Home

Yay!!!I'm going home today.No bad kids to get on my nerves x3

This will probaly be last last time talking about this becuase its getting so old (-.-)

Its no that there terrible bad.Their just nerve wrecking bad.
Like asking you a thousand questions,playing to much,waining,and the little 1 whose 5,she stays into stuff.

So their not the violent though they can be to each other,type.

I let no one run over me.I have the biggest mouth,so if I want to be heard I will be heard.

I have my limits were I can be to nice to some people and you know that type of stuff.But only limited,I could change over from sweet to the person you really want to say ''hate'' you.

So I atleast think I have some sanity left,I guess.I don't know ^-^'
Its crazy to think about it,but I like you guys so you have no worries ever XDDDDD

Right now I'm suffering from a serious trama headache,I seriously think I have to puke o_0

These glasses are killing my head,I have to wear them because with out them I can't see crap.Their still new so I haven't gotten used to them yet -.-

They're cute,I love them ^-^
My sister and a couple of my freinds say I look like a librarian.Yeah whatever you know,glasses can make anybody look smart.I'm intelligant either way it goes :D

Rather I look it or not,hehehe x3

Yeah I think I'm just gonna make a whole new batch of freinds,I'm on that as we speak.

Mission make new freinds is play.
hahahaha yeah I can be so lame sometimes,Imma very goofy person :3

I have no problem with making new freinds,I'm a seriously freindly person,I wouldn't say that I love people,but I'm a peoples' person.

And as long as you can make me laugh,hey your a freind of mines x3

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hello :)

Yeah so far,I officially hate kids.
I don't think I'm going to have any in the near future,not until i'm in my late 30s atleast.

Gosh this site seems so dead now.Nobody I know really is on except one or 2 or 3 people.

Eh if I could find something to do besides crash on the computer I would too -.-

Fortunatly I'm always doig something with family every weekend I go home.

Since thats the only time I see them.My summer stinks (-.-)

I miss my family all the time and its booooorrrriiinnggg down here.No EXCITMENT!

I want to come home sometimes but my brother always tells me you can't just leave those kids by themself.Man this sucks T,T

Next time I'm not doing this,no matter what kindda luxury I'm in.
These kids are gonna make me lose my sanity >.<
The only bright side is that i'm getting paid -.-

Anways I love ya guys.
*huggs and kisses*

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

   2nd day

Hello ^.^

See I told ya I was coming back,lets throw me a welcoming party,lol.

Nah really you don't have to.
Well I just wok up so my babysitting thing has now begun -.-

I'm not gonna be so nice and generous as I was before.I'm gonna make them see how much they shoulod've appreciated me being so nice.

C'mon their 5 and 8 and they act just as grown as I do.I aint finna spend my summer trynna babysit 2 grown people.What do I look like 60.

Their messing with the right one,cause I'm gonna have a good summer rather they want me to or not.

I would go into details of all the crap they tried to pull,but neh we'll save it for another time >.<

See yas ^-^ *waves*

I'm here if you ned me


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey everybody who still exist on this site.

I'm back,sorry I was gone for soooo long.

I see alotta stuff has changed.

Can't PM,or change my Avi.

Well.....I guess I'll just have to look pass

As long as I can talk to my freinds and change my site around,meh I'm satisfied (^-^)

I hope more ppl decide to come,back because I miss you guys T.T

I apologize for leaving,I've been hella busy.

Plus my internet got cut in like feburary.

So its not all my fault.

But if you do decide to come back,you know i'll drop by your page (x3)

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I can't remember the last time i've actally bn here.To all that still exist i'm here now and damn i'm soorryyy.

I want be here all the time cause its still boring,you can find me on my gaia


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Monday, December 31, 2007


Hello everyone.It feels like I haven't been on since forever.No just kiddin ^-^
I just needed a break thats all ^-^.
Well nuthin happened/.I went over my cusin's house.Ofcourse thaey came over here
to sspend the night with us too.I think that was like friday.Yeah ^-^
I was gonna stay again today but those damn kids made my head hurt
to much with all the damn noise.
But I love my cusin's though.It was good being with them.

Who has school on Thursday?!
I don't.Heheh.We have this whole entire week off.
Than we go back monday.I know who ever has it thurday
Or whatever day you start you only have like 2 days.
Than we have a full week.Bleah.Ahaha whatever so XP

But yeah I don't wanna go back to school.
Schools sucha bore -.-
But we all have to go back sometimes you know >.<
Gah I don't wanna XP

Well looks like I'm done here.I'll be visisting catchin up you know.
Love you guys ^-^

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Chirstmas everybody!
I had sucha good chirstmas!
I got so much stuff nothin but clothes and shoes.
But thats all I want becuase thats all I need.
I always beg for new stuff anyways.
I had no idea we were so spoiled!
We really are!We went to the movies today.
We saw AVP.It was tight!Veruy gory natsy like.
I'd give it a 8 or 9 outta 10 you know ^-^
But it was really nasty XP But it was pretty good.


The day before you know (Sunday)
Me and my brother went to the skating rink.
It was kindda awful!The kids stanked!I could barely dance.
But I was just mostly unprepared.I didn't have any shorts or nuthin.
It was no way in hell I was wearin that short ass thing.
I still pulled boys.Okay not really but I was gonna.
As much as they kept on grabbin my hand trynna make me come there way.
Which I doubted they wanted anything really -.- But still it was some cute ones.


Oh my gosh mane.My brother gotta Magic bullet mixer thingy.
You know the thingy where you can mix shakes and smoothies or whatever.
My brother wild aint it ^-^
Well thats all for now.I love you guys.
Hope you had a cgood Holiday ^-~=

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

God I'm sooo hungry.
Okay my folks are havin a Chirstmas party XD
I know nice ^-^
But I have to wait until after the talent show thingy.
Its a dinner/party/talent show.
Yeah they do it big.Yada yada.
I'm feeling better today.I spent all day doing my hair.
Yeah I just flat it ,curl it,than stick it in a a pony tail.
I have no clue why it takes all friggin day.XP

I'm sorry if I seem really mad or sad.Blaeh XP
I was just pissed that I had to do my site over thats all ^-^
3 More day peple.
I'm countin down.

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