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Saturday, November 17, 2007



Mane oh mane I am sooo sorry for not being on in a while >.<
Been on punishment.It sucks!For no reason either,I tell you I bust my ass in school.
It so pays off by the way =^-^=,I keep my room lokking neat and perfect.I still
might have an attitude everyonce in a while.But how could you blame me!
I get treated like a piece of dog mess half the time.I startin to get sick of it!
My brother is a well known slacker,I'm not gone give details but I do way more
better than him.Thats mostly because I try,and I want it!******!!!!!



Anyway Omg!I was so damn sick yesterday!I thoguht I was gone die.No not really -.-.
But I was scared.I was hurting so bad.Like really bad!I wanted to cry,it wouldn't have made things any better though.
So I was (not to be so graphic or bla bla -.-)But I was pukin everywhere.Well not everywhere(sarcatic =w=)
But yu know what I mean all day until around I dunno mybe 4 or 5 I think.I'm feeling better today.I was in pain,
this morning but i'm all good ^-^
You see I have a bit of an illness.It has something to do with my cycle.Belive me don't
fell comfortable saying that,I know many don't wanna hear it -.-.
Just to let you know its nothing fatal _._.

Hey!I hope you all like my new theme,I spent a whole 3 days last week watching a new show I like,Zombie-Loan.
I watched a whole season.It was really short.11 Eps.Hope theres a season 2 -.-
(It better be)

Well guess I'll finish visiting peoples sites.^-^ See yas ^-~
(Oh yeah has anybody else noticed that Imeem is acting like a piece of crap lately not going on autoplay.Or is it just my computer.Hit me back with that one.And can someone lease gimme the code so I can have scroll down post instead.
I've been wanting that for a while now.


Heres a episode ^-^

Well its split because I could'nt find full episodes and crunchyrool doesn't have embed,So tacky >.<
But yeah here it is still though.Sorry if it may be a bit troublesom but hey,I love yas =^-^=

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