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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hey everyone ^-^

Omg let me tell yall about my night last night.
My cusins came over,It was fun up until one of my cusins got on the phone.
She started talking to her freinds,which are dudes.I don't have a problem with that.
In fact I think its funny when your talkin to boys on the phone because they always act crazy.
Thats a good thing.But lord!This one boy was just talkin,talkin,talkin,and talkin!
He would not shutup.My cusin kept tellin him to shutup over and over again.
Which didn't work (ofcourse -.-) Dude just would'nt shut the **** up >.<
Than I was trying to gotta sleep.
OMG!He wouldn't shut up!I had a headache like hell.I thought I'd never get to sleep*yawns*
I'm still tired now (sadly -.-)


(Ugh -.-)

Anyway I watched Deathnote last night.Well sortta I got distracted by the (to much talking >.<)
So you know it dosen't matter I recorded it.I'll jsut watch it sometime later on today I guess I don't know.
Right now I just wanna go to sleep!
I'll visit whose ever sites who update today.So you know,yeah be lookin out for that.
Anyway,I'll post the next zombie loan episode tomorrow I really don't feel like goin to find it right now

But I'll be back later ^-^
Love yas

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