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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Hello my freinds ^-^
Mane freedom(only for a short time -.-)
But freedom.Oh sweet freedom >.<
Mane I'm gone be eatin good tomorrow!My ma made so much stuff already.
Theres about 3 cakes already sittin on the table*drools*
All of a sudden I'm just getting so excited.


No computer hoggs today.Just me and my sis ^-^
And shes sleep,probaly want be for long though.She usaully would be up by this time.
Shes so cute ^--^ I swear I can't stand her sometimes,I even claim that I hate her.But hey thats just how we
roll ^-^
Well I don't know what else much to say.I'm going by everyones site today.We have a lot of cleaning up to
for the dinner tomorrow.I gotta help my poor mommy out.Her hands messed up again T.T
I love my mommy to death T.T

But I'll probaly be trying to put a post code up so I can finally have a post scroll >.< We'll see how that turns out -.-


We'll heres that episode I finally promised.Its still in splits,becasue I can't find any whole episodes.
The site I used to got to doesn't have it anymore (asswholes -.-)

Well enjoy ^-^ and have a Happy Thanksgiving ^-^=

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