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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hey everyone!

Wow my day was a whole lot better than it was yesterday.10xs as much (o.0)
Anyways,I still feel kind of sick.I think i'm coming down with something.
The flu or a cold or something.Anyway I plan on having an okay
day tomorrow no matter what!
Guess we all have our bad to worst days eh ^.^' I know I did.
Well whats on the agenda today:
My freind Smitty you know the one I was talking
about yesterday,apologized.It was the
nicest thing hes ever done for me.
Seriously.He gets on everybody's nerves,but at some
point and time he knows when to quit.Well besides that
I had fun in 6th period,I liked my other 6th period better
But one of my buddies are in there with me so its
all good.I be havin her rollin in there.We stay makin jokes and stuff.
Its fun.Because everybody who knows me knows I act like some kind
of fool.Plus my freinds or anybody else can't stand seeing me mad or upset.
They like it when I smile or crack a joke,or luagh at one of thier jokes.They
live for that,but than again dosen't everybody who has good freinds feel
the same way.I do!
But yeah besides that I had a pretty sweet day.Still boring as hell though.
But schools ment for some typpa bordom.Its like as soon as a teacher
starts yappin thier mouth you want to go beddy bye ^-^= Ya know.
Even fun ones get like that.
But hey this is my second most longest post I written in a while.
Oh by the way thanks for all the people who comment on me.I really
appriciate that!I made it to everyones sites yesterday.Whoot.I was up all night doing that.
I can't wait to get the recognition I finally deserve.So please stop by and commet
when you can I'd preciate the (hell) out of that (>.<)

Well i'm visiting everyones sites today so look forward to it =^-^=


Rock on Haruhi!!!!!!!!

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