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Friday, November 9, 2007


(Omg!Isnt she just the cutest.How adorable is she =^.^=

Omg!I felt so sick today!It was so annoying.I say that alot
don't I ^-^ Yeah well just get used to it!(lol) I know that wasn't
funny.Well it wasn't supposed to be!Sorry a little hype ^-^=
My day was still boring as ever.4th period is sooooooooo
Oh so boring.Dear lord it was so friggin boring.I was so
bored I didn't know what to do.See if I tried to have some
fun than I'd get in trouble I always do,for some reason
or another.
But hey!Thanks everybody for commenting my site!I feel soooo
Loved! I feel touched!
Anywhose,I understand that everybody's busy
and don't get a chance to comment.I'm surprised
I ever get the chance to stop by peoples sites like I do.I think I cut back on my
studying a little bit though.Thats probaly why i'm staring to slack off a bit.
But next week I want be able to because I have one more month before
my the finals and the semester ends.Schools goin by so freakin fast
isnt it.Wierd.....
But yeah like I was sayin.Thanks a bunches.See ya soon ^.^

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