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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hello all ^-^
Sorry I couldn't get on yesterday.I had a shit load of H/w (evil -.-)
Plus I went to Chucky Cheese for my little cusin Jassy ^-^=
Happy birthday Jasmine!
She just turned 5 yesterday.
Shes so cute wit her lil bad ass >.<


We had fun though.One of my cusin thats my age.A couple months older though.Was there we tore them games up!
Though when we got to the little prize place.We looked so damn broke 0.0
10000 to 15000 tickets.What the hell!My daddy spent like 40$ in that place.But it was kind worth it.
That was the best fun I had in so long,I think >,- (Yeah it is ^-^)
I haven't been in chucky cheese,oh so long ^-^
Plus you already know the pizza gone be the shit.We ate like hell,I was to full on my 5th slice though.
But my cusin ate like 10 I think.Hungry as lil boy.
Ey,guess what.I'm so short -.-'
One of my youngest cusins whose 13 had a fucken growth spurt forreal!
Cuase I swear last time I saw the lil bad ass he was shorter than me at least >.<
Now hes like 5'7,I'm 5'3 or 5'4.So do the damn math!
Plus I'm finna be 16 and the fucka is talla than me already..
To hell with this XP


But thats my boy though.I love that mane to death ^-^
I have a question just wondering....
1.How tall are you exactly?
Hmmmm....as for the Zombie-loan ep.2.I'll get on that,but just go on youtube you lazy hefas >.<
Naw I'm just playin.You know I love yall.
Last day before the break tomorrow.YAY!

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