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Thursday, April 14, 2005

   Wallet......meet money!

Yes, today was filled with good, unlike my adventures on Tuesday, lets not go back there...Yesterday, I worked for a few hours, I made a total of $100 from all 4 jobs...$30 at one, then $20, then $27, then $23! That was about...7 hours of work...very tiring indeed-

That's about all that happened today, glad that you all like the pics from yesterday too, new song, go see what it is!

Oh ok, it's Pepper, the band that I saw in concert last month. The song is one of my faves...called "sitting on the Curb!"


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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   aye, bad day in the worst possible way!! Read it all, sorry it's long

OK, this morning, I woke up and did nothing most of the morning. In the afternoon, My mom, sister and I all went to pick up Cinnamon (our Persian Cat, if you recall) from the groomers, where we had her "lion-cut" so she was shaved except for her head, tail and legs. When we came home, about 30 minutes later, we walk into out rec-room from the garage, and my grandma is sitting there, "Your dog jumped all over me!" That would be Kana, our 145 lb Malamute...huge thing, so I'm wondering...WTF IS HE DOING IN THE HOUSE?!?!?!? I open the door to the stairs and looking down at me is da beast...I run upstairs and grab the leash from the hook on the wall, and try to corner him to leash him up, only to trip on what looks like tornado ruins, he got into EVERYTHING!! The garbage was on the kitchen floor, bags of candy EVERYWHERE, 3 boxes of tissues transformed into giant foot wide spitwads, and MORE! I took pics of everything, see below!...so I end up cleaning most of it up...it was really worse than just stated-let the pictures be the judge of that.
Anyways, after that ordeal, i go on about my life on my laptop...then I go into the garage for a minute to get a bottle of water...if that wasnt the #1 most regretted thing done today. I look by our shop closet where we store all of my auto shop supplies...on the cold concrete floor of our garage, at lease 10 liters or 2+ gallons of used motor oil had spilled from it's holding tank... *I EXPLODED!!!*

I go about moving all of the surrounding items out of the garage into the driveway (sorry, no pics of this) and begin the loooong painful cleanup.

6 rubber gloves, 1 large roll of paper towels, 1 bottle of industrial strength grease cutter, 4 cardboard boxes, 3 garbage bags, and 25 minutes later, I am completed...yes, done...But of course now I smell like car mechanic, like used motor oil, like a slob...so it's off to the shower, And here I am now, refreshed and looking back on Andrew's Series of Unfortunate events...

Now to reflect on my post.......



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LATER all~

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   Sorry I didnt get to post yesterday--

I had gone to bed really early, before I had the time to post...and I guess I was so worn out from that day that I got a total of 14.5 hours of sleep! So I woke up at noon yesterday, went to work (btw, made $40!) mowing grass all day, got back, ate, worked in the garden, worked on my computer for a bit, and that brings me to now! I changed the site music to a little something different, look at the top of the page to find out what! Yes, yesterday was Monday Monday Monday, but no school school school!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

   hey! A quiz for once!

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OK, now on to my post, I guess I ended up NOT spraining my wrist but only straining it, because it was back to 100% yesterday! That came in handy cause I planted my entire outside garden and part of the inside one, and I have pics that I'll upload sometime! I think that's about it, I'll be gardening some more today, gotta plant stuff!


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Saturday, April 9, 2005


OK, first bit of good news is that NO MORE SCHOOL FOR 9 DAYS STRAIGHT!!! Spring break is here!! And an update for the Possible Chicago trip, there is a 40% chance that I WILL be going to there...still waiting for information on the closing (of my grandma's house 4 sale). The other good news is that I won my game today...litterally!

Heres how it went, I caught (as in, catcher) the first 4 innings, I pitched the 5th and 6th and the first two outs in the 7th, did a heck of a job, 5 K's total! (k = strikeout). When I struckout the second guy for the second out in the 7th inning, I threw the ball 75 miles per hour, that's why he struck out cause I fired it! But alas, the bad news, I threw out not my arm, but sprained my right wrist, and couldnt throw anymore, so I went to thrid base (I wouldnt need to throw anywhere because if I got the ball, (the bases were loaded) I just had to step on third) And the second pitch thrown by my reliever was a line drive down the line, luckilly I was covering the line and I dove and caught the ball on the one-hop, and got up, ran it to third and saved the game...mind you that the score at that point was 5-4 we were up, if that ball got by me, two guys would have scored and the other team being the home team, would have won instantly, so i saved the game!!!! Yes, all went well except for my wrist, I am typing sorta slw right now cause it hurts like a s.o.b. So bear with me for a couple days...and Till next time...TC~

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   Just when it couldnt get ANY worse....(you know whats coming....)

well, it did get worse....LOTS! When I said I had all those projects due yesterday, that was talking about my 3+ week long projects. so Wed. night, I went to print off all 15 pages of various work of of my computer...yup...My virtual memory crashed, so that meant that EVEN THOUGH I had the files saved, they were gone and unprinted....BAD! I was effing ready to kill my computer, as like THIS guy had to! Yup, that's what I was ready to do to my laptop, but I restrained myself...barely, So i got an extension on only ONE of those projects. The others I had to turn in what I could retype in 2 hours...which want much. Anyways, that is about it ... NOT!

YOU KNOW today is my LAST day of school before SPRING BREAK!!! I also hear that those of you in Chicago may be getting a surprise visit from me...but no promises yet...that goes for RFC and CP...you know who you are if that applied to you. I also have another baseball game, hopefully we will win it and without any errors!


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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   is it break yet? no? ok *dies*

OOH! it's taking SOOO long to get to spring break!!! Just today and friday, that's it! I have a TON of projects due today/tomorrow, depending on the class. They include *deep breath* A 10 chapter book on China; a presentation / 3page essay on the education of the rennaisance 16th century italy; a "what it would be like to live in spain" presentation, all in spanish; A 2 page outline on a chapter of plate tectonics in geology; and I think that is it! *dies* told ya, anyways, I'll be counting the micro seconds till today is OVER for GOOD! Btw, The mariner's lost against the Minnesota Twins 4-1...GAH! (dont ask) that's just how I'm feeling....

OH yeah! Yesterday we had a career fair thing at school, so I went to visit Officer West at the Police room, and I was trying to figure out why nobody had called me for the next explorer's meeting, I have to call her tomorrow to find out...anyway -later ppl~

No more modest mouse o.o back to Linkin park with Runaway!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

   eh, we lost

yup, lost my game last night...errors upon errors killed us... I am so mad, I had to come in and pitch with NO outs and the bases loaded because the other pitcher couldnt throw strikes. ih, it's behind me now. I am going to the Mariner's game tonight, I have a book on China due tomorrow, and my computer and network are surprisingly working as they should. That's all for now, ~LATER~

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


OH it's too much...yesterday, my Network AND DIAL up were NOT working, hence I couldnt get my HW finished...yadda yadda...ANYWAYS, I got it working about an hour ago, I start listening to my music, and the usual...My MSN shuts off. I start it back up, and then 5 min later, the screen goes black, then regular, but MSN disappeared..again!! Then my hard-drive sounds like a firework show. My virtual memory had gone to 6% and then crashed, so I fixed it in minutes, and here I am now... ANYWAYS, I have another game tonight, The seattle mariners won their home opener 5-1 against Minnesota, and that's about it for now, later people~

PS: A break from the ordinary, You get Modest mouse and FLOAT ON!!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

   Well, some new stuff

I won my first baseball game we had today, but it was a practice game, so it didn't count in the standings, that's ok...anyways, I caught the first three innings, pitched the next two (defense made 5 errors while I pitched...it was tough getting out of that) and played shortstop and second base the rest of the game...I got a couple hits, but nothing special!

Other than the game, not much happened...other that the Pope dying, that was a big deal this morning. (1920-2005)

ehh, I'm going to someone's wedding reception tommorow, got to get to a few customer's houses for work (meaning $$$!!) Soo till later~


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