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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


And Im not exactly happy cause today I have to go back to school again...man that 11 days went like *imatates race car* that! As for pictures...thanks to my digital cam, i took over 750 pictures!!!!!! It will take me about a week to get them sorted through so I can post them on my site. Also, I am gonna be a bit busier than normal making up the 3 days of school i missed. Anyways, I am back, I will TRY to get to your sites and to read the posts that i missed, but bear with me, this is gonna be a tough week for me! See you all tomorrow.~

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005



OKAY!!! Here's the scoop for the next week! This is my last post before I leave for Hawaii (I WILL NOT BE POSTING/UPDATING FROM 2-17 to 2-28)! Let me go through what I will be doing, as according to the above map......

  • Staying 2 Days in Princeville (north shore)
  • Staying one week in Wailua (East central)
  • staying the last day in Lihue (near airport)

I will be taking two flights TO hawaii, and Three to get back home. I'll have LOADS of pictures and details AFTER i get back!


~Techno Cat~

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   An illusion and a picture, and a ...GOODBYE?

WEll, there's your illusion...

Here's your picture, now for the goodbye?

Yes, it's true...I have deleted my technocat Site...I had to, didnt use it, didnt want to tie up theO's servers....*sigh* and another goodbye will come Wednesday night...when I leave for Hawaii! I will be thinking of all of you, dont worrk about that ^_^

Ah...It's been 3 years since ive been there...My parents went alone last year to escape the wrath of my sister...I had to babysit her....>>_<<


Yesterday was NUTS WEATHER WISE!!! OK, in the morning, it was like freezing temp, but no snow, then in the afternoon like 12-1 PM, it SNOWED LIKE CRAZY!!! 6 inches, then 2 hours later it's like 60 degrees, sunny, not a drop of snow left andd I'm outside car-washing my mom's Jeep and my Bmw in a T-SHIRT!!! WOW crazy weather!

I will talk to you ppl tomorrow!


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Monday, February 14, 2005


Sure i had lots to do this weekend, busy and busy....but HEY! IT'S VALENTINES DAY AND I only have monday, tuesday and wednesday left of school, then i am leaving for hawaii! I want to remind everyone that I will NOT be on myO from Feb. 17th till Feb. 28th. I havent quit, or left you guys, I'm just having fun in the sun! seeya later~!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

   HALF Smile....weekend's almost over...

But hey, this week is only a 3 day week for me! I have monday, tues, and wed. Then I leave at 4:30 in the morning to go to the airport for one of my 5 flights to get there ant back, lotsa connections in cali. And a couple more important annoucments...I am going to delete my technocat account because it is more than i need and i rarely update it...That will be deleted at approx. 11:59 PM tonight. And my last order of notices is that when I am in Hawaii, that is, (feb. 17th to feb. 28th) I WILL NOT BE POSTING OR UPDATING MY OTAKY SITE! THAT IS unless i find a wi-fi cafe to log on, rare but possible, so check your backroom for me updating! Wishing you a happy early valentines day! Who is your crush for tomorow? Anyone?!~~~~

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

   SMILE! It's the weekend!!!1

Yes, that is an actual picture, no comp edits!

Anyways, I'm happy that it's the weekend, but there's no shortage of homework...yippie yahoo blah...Well, I also solved the ongoing problem of starting up the BMW, I just went out and got a new battery for it, like brand new! And there's not much else to say here...guess I'll seeya tomorrow?


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Friday, February 11, 2005

   Ahhh, NOW it's tgif!!!

SO there's your illusion of the day...I had my first Explorer Meeting (AKA Police Briefing) Last night with the Shoreline P.D., was a loong meeting...ehhh, so I missing the next meeting cause im in Hawaii, so I'll be at the next meeting in March, I'll get my application, and they'll interview me and I'll be an offical "you know what." Just don't tell too many people, I dont need so much attecntion just cause I'm 14 and a "cop" OK?
Yes it is friday, but i got LOTS TO DO over the weekend, my BMW's battery wont hold a jump charge, so I gotta get an all new battery, and that's $100 there. I got my china map to color, and yadda yadda...I'll see ya around if i'm on!~~~

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

   ok, almost the weekend.....?

oh am I thinking about that already??? aohggg... Well myO is about to hit 100,000 total members, my asia map is progressing, Hey! When I'm done with it, I'll take a pic (too big to scan) and post it so you can see how hard it was...and for you too, you get optical illusions instead of funny pics! You MAY have seen these before, so have fun anyways!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   Ooh, posting a bit a later...oh well.....

I was really busy yesterday, stuff at home, school projects...yeah, I have/had to make a China map and asia map freehand, no tracing...Due Monday...so I don't know what else to say. I'll just see you later maybe~~

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   Oohhh, wrong move....

Yow, that's plain mean!!

Anyways, a bit slower day, not much goin on, school was normal, yadda yadda..........all unlike yesterday if you havent seen the post yet from yesterday YAHG!!! well...really nothing to say here...I'll see you all tomorrow!


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