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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I was just minding my OWN BUSINESS, and WHAM!! My network goes dead...AGAIN!! I am on dial up...AGAIN! Im gonna pull my hair out for this!!! BUT besides that, I go back to school today after my no school yesterday, I am not all that busy, only mowed ONE yard for $25, so maybe not so much spending afterall....ayyg, I dont now what else to say...I'll change the music to LP-BY MYSELF tomorrow~


What DDR Song Are You?
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   GOT My internet back...AND MORE!!!

I just have stepped out of the age of MIDIs and into the age of WMAs!!! You know how I always have MIDIs of Linkin Park on my site when you open it....well, now its WMAs with words and everything! I have all of the music on my laptop from the CDs, and I have a web server...well, I loaded up a few of the songs onto the server, and now all the REAL music has a URL site, which is how I got it on my site!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY!! That and I dont have school on monday for mid-quarter grades...anyways, It's great! The time for loading my main page will NOT increase because WMA's are WAY smallyer files than mp3's, so no worries!! Enjoy the LP, I'll change the song evey couple days or so...

I AM OFF to my sister's bday party..its WHIRLYBALL!!


What DDR Song Are You?
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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   eh, sorry....

I cant believe it...HOW CAN I GO 2 DAYS WITHOUT A N Y INTERNET!?!?!? AYEH!! I managed it for now, but it wont happen again hopfully! I have an idea, as inspired by Panda, How about I do a picture scavenger hunt, you tell me what yuo want, and I'll try to get it on my next couple of posts! Just comment what you want, and I'll do my best!

Thats it for now,

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   quick post before school....

My internet wasnt working last night, so i couldnt post...I got some work for this weekend, should bring in some funds, the mosquitoes are alreasy the size of horseflies, and its only MARCH!! And it's friday so....happy?



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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Some site updates!

Wow! I actually changed my BG and avi, following a very strict, LP ONLY theme...I am trying to convert some more things into an all lp theme, that would be so cool!


I also know that sooner or later, "Person X" and I will unleashing/revealing our long worked on (or to be technical, "havent started yet) : plan, but I can't say ANYthing else or I must be silenced by the "leader" (you know who you are...) so besides those site changes, there is (i say this all the time) NOT MUCH goin on...I gotta get some working in this weekend, I am predicting another $100 cashflow profit, I already balenced my expenses last week, SO if things go right and I dont have to spend any money, I will have a benjamin in my wallet or something like that. HEH! WHO DOESNT LIKE MONEY, PLEASE step forward NOW! *watches no one step up* that's what I thought!

~later future slaves~

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

   hmm...what now...?

I just realized that my first game that I have to umpire is in TWO WEEKS!!! I havent even been to any training's this year..but being my 5th year, It will be pretty ez to warm up! Then I have MY baseball season starting now too! My sister had a good day yesterday, but other than the big ol' Tony Roma's Dinner, nothing much went on...OH YEAH! My mom's jeep has a nail in the right front tire!! WOOT!! Les Schwab will fix it for free at least -_-


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Time Written: 9:48 PM
Mood: ZZzzZZzzzzzzzzzz... (to be continued)

Yeah, Im dead tired, have been all day, I got home at 2 aM after the concert, havent gotten back on track yet...anyways, I am also in dial up, so sorry for the lack of pictures....-_- anyways, off to bed, and early too!

BTW....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER!! 11 YEARS OLD!!! (PS: Rfc, If you are reading this, you still owe me MY bday present and HER'S too from LAST YEAR!!!)


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   long=ish post...

Ok, It's 12:50 AM, and I just got home from the concert!!! Oh, I didnt tell you? Ok I will now!

I saw:





Anyways, it was a 5 hour concert at "el corazon" downtown seattle. So I ha fun except for the girl who tried to pickpocket me, but I was too smart to fall for the "Hey, How are ya? *grab*" trick -_- anyways, everyone around me was smoking like nuts, so now the shirt a was wearing is all smelly >_< anyways, also my dad and I were at Sam's Club shopping and The car parked next to us had a bumper sticker...its said:


w00T! Im gonna be there in april!

And that's about it form my exciting day yesterday! Seeya laterz~


Your Life: The Soundtrack

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Opening creditsPepper---Face Plant
Waking upLinkin Park---Don't Stay
Average dayPepper---7 Weeks
First datePepper---Stone Love
Falling in loveBlack Eyed Peas---Let's Get It Started
Love sceneU2---Vertigo
Fight sceneLinkin Park---By Myself
Breaking upLinkin Park---Pushing Me Away -or- P5ing
Getting back togetherLinkin Park---Numb
Secret loveLinkin Park---Runaway
Life's okayLinkin Park---Session
Mental breakdownLinkin Park---One Step Closer
DrivingLinkin Park---In The End
Learning a lessonLinkin Park---Figure.09
Deep thoughtLinkin Park---Breaking The Habit
FlashbackLinkin Park---Place For My Head
PartyingLinkin Park---With You
Happy danceLinkin Park---Crawling
RegretingLinkin Park---Forgotten
Long night aloneLinkin Park---Nobody's Listening
Death sceneLinkin Park---Papercut
Closing creditsLinkin Park---Faint

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

   ih, sunday already?

wow...that was fast...anyways, yesterday I washed my dad's Jeep, it was BEYOND FILTHY! So now that's shiney! I had NO business this weekend, so I didnt make anymore mula...I had a CPR/First aid training too, I am now renewed for one year: Adult/Child/Infant CPR; and Advanced First Aid! That makes me special, I could save a life! ^^__^^ FOUR EYES!! AHAHRGH!!!


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Saturday, March 12, 2005

   A normal post!


That means CPR training for me thins morning, and other than that, I have a little bit of makeup work from school left, then Im all up to date! Now for your entertainment...1205% FUNNY HALARIOUS MOVIES!!! w00t!

"Final Fantasy Fugitive!" (Click on "Watch this movie" when you get there)


Hope you like them! Seeya later~

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