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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   is it break yet? no? ok *dies*
OOH! it's taking SOOO long to get to spring break!!! Just today and friday, that's it! I have a TON of projects due today/tomorrow, depending on the class. They include *deep breath* A 10 chapter book on China; a presentation / 3page essay on the education of the rennaisance 16th century italy; a "what it would be like to live in spain" presentation, all in spanish; A 2 page outline on a chapter of plate tectonics in geology; and I think that is it! *dies* told ya, anyways, I'll be counting the micro seconds till today is OVER for GOOD! Btw, The mariner's lost against the Minnesota Twins 4-1...GAH! (dont ask) that's just how I'm feeling....

OH yeah! Yesterday we had a career fair thing at school, so I went to visit Officer West at the Police room, and I was trying to figure out why nobody had called me for the next explorer's meeting, I have to call her tomorrow to find out...anyway -later ppl~

No more modest mouse o.o back to Linkin park with Runaway!

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