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Saturday, April 9, 2005

OK, first bit of good news is that NO MORE SCHOOL FOR 9 DAYS STRAIGHT!!! Spring break is here!! And an update for the Possible Chicago trip, there is a 40% chance that I WILL be going to there...still waiting for information on the closing (of my grandma's house 4 sale). The other good news is that I won my game today...litterally!

Heres how it went, I caught (as in, catcher) the first 4 innings, I pitched the 5th and 6th and the first two outs in the 7th, did a heck of a job, 5 K's total! (k = strikeout). When I struckout the second guy for the second out in the 7th inning, I threw the ball 75 miles per hour, that's why he struck out cause I fired it! But alas, the bad news, I threw out not my arm, but sprained my right wrist, and couldnt throw anymore, so I went to thrid base (I wouldnt need to throw anywhere because if I got the ball, (the bases were loaded) I just had to step on third) And the second pitch thrown by my reliever was a line drive down the line, luckilly I was covering the line and I dove and caught the ball on the one-hop, and got up, ran it to third and saved the game...mind you that the score at that point was 5-4 we were up, if that ball got by me, two guys would have scored and the other team being the home team, would have won instantly, so i saved the game!!!! Yes, all went well except for my wrist, I am typing sorta slw right now cause it hurts like a s.o.b. So bear with me for a couple days...and Till next time...TC~

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