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Friday, April 8, 2005

   Just when it couldnt get ANY worse....(you know whats coming....)
well, it did get worse....LOTS! When I said I had all those projects due yesterday, that was talking about my 3+ week long projects. so Wed. night, I went to print off all 15 pages of various work of of my computer...yup...My virtual memory crashed, so that meant that EVEN THOUGH I had the files saved, they were gone and unprinted....BAD! I was effing ready to kill my computer, as like THIS guy had to! Yup, that's what I was ready to do to my laptop, but I restrained myself...barely, So i got an extension on only ONE of those projects. The others I had to turn in what I could retype in 2 hours...which want much. Anyways, that is about it ... NOT!

YOU KNOW today is my LAST day of school before SPRING BREAK!!! I also hear that those of you in Chicago may be getting a surprise visit from me...but no promises yet...that goes for RFC and CP...you know who you are if that applied to you. I also have another baseball game, hopefully we will win it and without any errors!


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