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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   Scavenger Hunt Results!

OK! Here are the pics you guys requested!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The All New graphically Modefied PANDAS!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So it's not a LITTER AND IT WILL HURT sign, but hey, it's about littering and paying up if ya do!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's something wierd, crazy and special all in one! OK, so it's just the visualization from Windows Media Player 10...close enough.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here is our GREEN fire hydrant next to our mailbox in our front yard!

That's all for now! Yeah, too bad I didn't prank you guys yesterday, except for some, you know who you are!


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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Would YOU shoplift from here?

Well, I wouldn't anywhere, but especially not here! That mixes with the:


That's harsh, really harsh...

And now on to my post, Yeah!! IT IS FRIDAY!! And that means only 5 more school days till my spring break starts! w00t! Cant wait for that! My school make up stuff is getting done fast, and there's really not much else in that subject.

Hmmm, what to talk about now...oh yeah, I changed the song to Numb.

Also, my earlier idea of having people comment on what they want me to take pics of, yeah, A Photo Scavenger Hunt, just lemme know, Ill get as many (or any in some cases) as I could in one day. I think that's it, so till tomorrow~

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

   theres a face you habent seen in a while!!

yea! Im feeling almost 100% better! school make up was very minimal (yay) and things are looking up! Contrary to many, I still have only 7 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT till spring break!!! Im not sure what I'll be doing, but we'll see then! As for now, that's that, and here's a funny's pic for ya...

Ha, whoops! Whose got bad spelling?!?!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Um, sorry I didnt get to post earlier. Anyways, last night I worked on my periodic table that I had to make form scratch...it really looks good but at the cost of 4 hours of my day... Anyways, going back to school yesterday after that week of being sic was tough, I found that I didn't miss as much as I thought, but still enough to put me in stress mode. I gotta go to school now...gotta, not wanna...~

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   oh when will things change?!?!

Wow...I think i will be able to go to school today, I didnt yesterday and the game I was to umpire got cancelled due to rain, so happy ending there, but now my sister has what I had, so It lives on... I am gonna be slammed with the makeup work I didnt already do, so without further blabbering...comedy!

Yesterday I heard the phone ring. Caller ID said it was another one of those stupid telemarketers...so I decided to play their game...I picked it up and said in a very consistant voice:

"Hello, thanks for calling my house. Your call means absolutely nothing to me, but here's my automated menu anyways. For service in English, Please hang up now *I hung up then* HA I cant even imagine what they were thinking...try that, if someone you dont like calls, say: For service in English, Hang up!

My next act...

So, you know how your favourite fast food places have your nice vanilla milkshakes, so after getting your order to-go, you get back into your car, but when you reached for your car keys, you casually set your shake on the roof of your car. SO you get it, and start driving down the highway. YOu start noticeing people apparently adorring your old '72 plugger car, you don't know why, just as you are thinking about why people are looking at you, the traffic light turns red, so you slam on your brakes, and whoo, your shake comes pouring down your windshield, and you are thinking, DAMN! That was one hell of a bird up there all right! Thanks~


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Monday, March 28, 2005

   here's how stuff is going...

I am feeling better, but dont go easy on that sentence, I still feel like crap, and I gotta go back to school today, NOT looking forward to that in ANY way shape or form, I also am Umpiring the first game of the '05 season tonight, its gonna be friggen FREEZZZING!!! ehg, hope you like breaking the habit, changed it yesterday, and if yuo gotta change, please see yesterdays post if you havent! Thanks, later~

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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Yes, I am actually feeling better after being on my antibiotics for a couple days! One thing I cant understand is WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?!??! I always get these stupid sinus infections...its like on a schedule...so stupid, but Im pluggin through it. I just watched last night's epi of America's Most Wanted...I never really realized how many fugitives there are around Washington, 13 most wanted, and there is even a guy from a case from California and the west coast that has connections to someone on the RCMP's (thats Royal Canadian Mounted Police's) TOP 10 list...an odd connection... If you WANT to, you can find out who's wanted around you...It could help get them arrested, you never know I guess....here's the site:

That's about it for now! ~~


Finally a non-boring survey!

Created by valuemeal2 and taken 65 times on bzoink!

The obligatory boring stuff... sort of
Most hated childhood nickname:Never had one, no one would DARE mess w/ me
Age you were when you hit your current height:Um, well, probably 12 seconds ago I hit exactly 5 ft. 10.02532 inches!
Speaking of height, how tall is your crush/sig other?Um, I'm not sure of that...it's been a while...
Your first favorite color, and how old you were when you liked it:Blue w/ Black, Last year
Favorite kind of cheese:Eh, Cheddar?
Favorite TV show you love to hate:eh what? Oh ok, Um....what?
Favorite kind of hot beverage:Hot chocolate for me
Favorite chord (I'm a music major, I had to put this one in):"Em" I guess...
Favorite musical instrument:Guitar ^ ^
Favorite brand of toothpaste:As long as it cleans, I dont care
Favorite kind of sandwich:um, with food in it.
Favorite method of travel/transportation:Car, it rocks
Favorite means of expression:*thinks* "**" Words!
Favorite Broadway musical:Smokie Joes Cafe (closest thing to a fave)
When's the last time you...?
Ate something you hate?Dirt? and --- never
Did someone a favor?Helped cops arrest a bad guy! That was 3 years ago!
Felt like you'd really accomplished something big?First pilots lesson on July 31st 2003
Missed your parents?not really...never gone away for long
Spent longer than two hours talking to the same person?Chatting to some myO ppl
Wrote/recieved an actual letter (not a bill, not an email)?To the El Salvadoran guy in LA
Felt like everything was going really really well?yeah, most of the time im outta school!!!
Felt like you'd failed?Never
Stopped to smell the roses-- literally?if they smel good
Spent way too much money on something totally dumb?Yeah, $8 for a paper airplane!! >_
Enjoyed doing homework?NEVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   sorry guys, quick post here....

UHG! Ii turned out that i DO have a Sinus infection, so I am on meds...again, and I missed all but one day of school this week...so Im really unlike me, but to keep up with the humor youve missed, here's a good movie about final fantasy, If you like FF, or ESPECIALLY FFX, then yuo MUST watch this movie!

(Click "play this movie" when you get there)

Chocobo MIX--FFX

Hope it works and/or you like it!

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

   cough hack.....

yep, not feeling good again, I didnt go to school yesteraday, but the sorta good news is that it is NOT a sinus infection, at least it doesnt look like one...I am going to school today cause I am watching To Kill A Mockingbird the movie in class and I dont wanna miss it, Im not feeling much better though...I read TKAM for the last few weeks....anyways, that's all folks (heh)



Hey guys, Its 7 am, I am NOT feeling better, but WORSE! I am NOT going to school afterall, and my grandma is gonna give me a ride the the Dr-...Ah, omg...I am scared...look down VVVV!

Last year in History class, our class watched To Kill A mockingburd too, but the thing was I was only there for the first part, as I was now, but I got sick for the rest of the movie! THATS SO COINCIDENTAL?!


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   woo, tired...

I just got back last night....late from a 3.5 hour umpire clinic...yeah, i have to umpire the first game of the season in ONE WEEK!!! I havent warmed up much, so I had to go...this is my 5TH YEAR UMPIREING ALREADY!!! YAY MEEE!!!

NO this is NOT me!

Anyways, I changed the music to By Myself...I am taking any requests, for any music, and ALMOST any band, just tell me what you want!


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