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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

OH it's too much...yesterday, my Network AND DIAL up were NOT working, hence I couldnt get my HW finished...yadda yadda...ANYWAYS, I got it working about an hour ago, I start listening to my music, and the usual...My MSN shuts off. I start it back up, and then 5 min later, the screen goes black, then regular, but MSN disappeared..again!! Then my hard-drive sounds like a firework show. My virtual memory had gone to 6% and then crashed, so I fixed it in minutes, and here I am now... ANYWAYS, I have another game tonight, The seattle mariners won their home opener 5-1 against Minnesota, and that's about it for now, later people~

PS: A break from the ordinary, You get Modest mouse and FLOAT ON!!

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