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Monday, December 10, 2007

   Checking off . . .
Things Done:

-Strung up Christmas Lights and lit them.
-Kept house in tidy order while rest of house was away.
-Finished reading "World War Z", greatest book ever and I want a Lobo now . . .
-Possibly pissed off a Japanese blogger who shall now bring angry hordes of like-minded types to the gates of theOtaku due to a particular recent poll.
-Did about 30 stomach crunches, 60 reverse sit-ups, 150 squats and 150 heel-raises over the course of Sunday morning.
-Potentially acquired 83% of all physical objects needed for Christmas mail heading overseas.

Things Yet To Do:

-Complete 100% of all continental Christmas shopping/mail.
-Get a Christmas tree.
-Deposit $50 cheque that I've had for the past few weeks.
-Watch last 2 episodes of Zombie Loan.
-Write up this week's DVD releases.
-Start going to Career Planning.
-More sit-ups.
-Write a story about butterflies versus moths. Bees and wasps are done all the time, why not butterflies and moths? We could call the story "Cho-Ga" or something.

List looks alright for now . . . am I missing anything?

EDIT: Here's a fun edit. It's 2am right now. Somewhere outside the house a skunk has decided to either die or get the crap scared out of it. Either way, the house stinks now and it's becoming rather hard to sleep.


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