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Monday, December 3, 2007

   The best kind of friend, the worst kind of experiment . . .
So my buddy Stupid Ed started doing this thing over at YouTube where he'll flame my videos for the sake of . . . I dunno, boredom? Humour?

In any case, none of it is ever serious, and I always reply in a similar nonsensical manner. Here are the examples so far:

His: "You fag! Stop posting youtube videos!!! LoLz! Laaaammmmeeeeeee! Don't delete ma Msgz!! OMGzzz!!!"
Mine: "Zomg! Flamz0red! O n0ez!!!"

His: "fag"
Mine: "No I will not have sex with you."

Yesterday someone officially gave a thumbs-down for the second one. We laughed . . . mostly because we honestly thought it would've been sooner. But therein lies the great joke that no one else on YouTube will ever get. I'm very curious to see if anyone ever replies to those to give him a piece of his/her mind . . . I'll feel very sorry for anyone who does . . .

This is a horrible thing for us to amuse ourselves with . . .

. . . . . what, you were expecting something profound? Hah . . . not tonight, no.

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